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Tailed Demons

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not a real story just a list of info on the tailed demons since i use them in my storys

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Taild demons

I'll start with the One-Tail first. His name is Shukaku the Sand Spirit and is known as Ichibi no Shukaku, a gigantic raccoon dog with sandy brown fur and light blue markings. Each bijuu can control some kind of element and has a power unique to themselves. Shukaku is able to control an entire desert at will. His body is even made of sand in his true form. His main element is wind, meaning he can manipulate it to some degree, but I'm not too sure how well he can manipulate it. Also, a bijuu is either divine or demonic, which means that they are either a sacred beast or ademon. Shukaku is a demon, meaning he has youki like we do. His territory is the Land of Wind, which is mostly a desert. He actually feels quite at home there."

"Next is the Two-Tails. I believe she calls herself Neko now. She's known as Nibi no Nekomata, a magnificent panther with pitch back fur and blood red markings. Lady Neko also has two titles: the Empress of the Underworld and the Queen of the Dead. She is able to summon and control an entire army of the undead, an ability called necromancy. Her elements are fire, darkness, darkfire and hellfire, the latter two being mystical flames. Darkfire is unique to all nekomatas and hellfire can only be used by Lady Neko and Lord Shinigami. Lady Neko is also a demon like Shukaku. Her territory is the underworld, where the dead reside. She rarely comes up here unless she has a very good reason

"Next is the Three-Tails. If I'm not mistaken, he doesn't have a name. He's known as Sanbi no Kyogame. I don't remember what Lord Sanbi looks like, as I never had the pleasure of meeting him. Anyway, he is able to create illusions using mist, an interesting ability of his. His element is water and he is able to control it as will. Lord Sanbi is a demon and his territory is the Land of Water, but he has been spotted in other places with a large body of water. He is rarely ever spotted by humans and prefers to avoid them."

"Next is the Four-Tails. His name is Byakko is he's known as Yonbi no Raiko, a massive white tiger with golden stripes and is one of the few that can be summoned by humans. He is able to move super fast because of his element of lightning, can also attract lightning to himself whenever he wants and can control both lightning and any metallic object at will. His elements, like I mentioned, are lightning and metal, the latter avery rare element for humans to possess. I'll tell you why when you're all older. Anyway, Lord Byakko is a sacred beast and his territory is the Land of Lightning, but he has a tendency to run across the plains of other countries in his smaller form. He, too, is rarely ever spotted by humans because of the speed he goes at."

"Next is the Five-Tails. Her name is Fenrir and she's known as Gobi no Rouma, a majestic white wolf with the purest fur you will ever see and is another that can be summoned by humans. She is able to create illusions at will and can manipulate the fire, earth, wind, water and lightning elements to her will, but not as good as some of the other bijuu. Her elements are wind, water, which she can manipulate both better than the other three, ice and light, a very powerful element. Lady Gobi is also asacred beast and her territory is the Land of Snow, as she loves the cold climates."

"Next is the Six-Tails. Her name is Seiryuu and she is known as Rokubi no Hiryuu, a beautiful and powerful sky dragon, the queen of all dragons and is yet another that can be summoned by humans. She possesses both telekinesis and telepathy, meaning she can lift objects as heavy as her true form is with her mind and communicate with someone via her thoughts. She can even invade someone's mind if she wanted to! Her elements are fire, wind, in which she can't manipulate as well as Lady Gobi, and dragon fire, which is unique to all dragons. Lady Rokubi is a sacred beast and her territory is the mountains, so actually finding her is very difficult to do."

"Next is the Seven-Tails. Her name is Suzaku and she's known as Nanabi no Houou, an angelic and kindhearted phoenix, the queen of all phoenixes and is another that can be summoned by humans. She possesses clairvoyance, empathy and telepathy. Clairvoyance is the ability to see into the past and future and empathy is the ability to know someone's thoughts and feelings. Like all phoenixes, she can lift heavy loads, have excellent sight, their tears have healing powers, their down has revitalizing powers and they can travel anywhere by fire. Her elements are fire, wind, light and sacred fire, which is unique to all phoenixes. Lady Suzaku is a sacred beast and her territory is the Land of Whirlpools, an island country that has been attacked by the Land of Earth years ago. To this day, she is still very upset over it."

"Next is the Eight-Tails. Sadly, I don't know much of this bijuu except that it's a he, looks like a giant demonic bull with tentacle-like tails, can manipulate gravity and resides in the Land of Earth."

"And finally, the Nine-Tails." He doesn't have a real name, as he usually goes by his title of Kyuubi no Youko, avery powerful youko and the first kitsune to ever reach youko status, which is by gaining nine tails. Like some of the others, he can be also summoned by humans, but only by those he allows to summon him. He is able to control most elements by using his tails, at least in his true form. He also has a near infinite supply of youki, meaning he's a demon, and his youki is negatively charged, unlike other energies that are positively charged. This means he can actually cancel out or repel the other energies by simply overpowering it. His elements are fire, earth, water, wood, metal, light, darkness, void, which is unique to him and him alone, and foxfire, which is unique to all kitsunes. Lord Kyuubi's territory is the Land of Fire and he has been protecting this country for centuries."

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