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There is no me and you anymore

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Things finally get lovedovey.

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Hey guys! This is my first Panic fiction. I hope you like it! Please give me some reviews on what yoú think, if you have any ideas or something :) Love / Oli.

Chapter 1: There is no me and you anymore...

“I need to tell you something. But I'm scared that it will ruin everything. You know I love you, right.”
I just stayed silent, waiting for the continue.
“It's just that I have always felt that we have a special connection, a connection that I don't have with anyone else. As I said.... I love you. Not only as a friend. I love you more then anything in the world. There aren't enough words to describe how I feel. I am just really scared right now that this will destroy our friendship, in case that you don't feel the same way. Which I will completely understand. But I just can't keep these feelings inside me anymore. So.... now you know.”

I probably looked stupid as hell. My eyes were just staring at this absolutely perfect human being and my mouth fell open. My heart was racing and my mind was in a very chaotic state. In one way, this was just how I had been imagined it. But in another way, I would never ever have thought that this perfect person ever could love someone like me. I wasn't that smart, or that pretty and I have no special talent. The only thing I was ever good at was being funny...
Lately we had been spending a lot of time together, more then usual, and he had been very helpful during my move. But still, I only thought he was trying to be nice.

I didn't know what to say. I was still in chock. But I saw that this awkward silence was really killing him. So instead of thinking, I acted on an impulse. I took his hands in mine, leaned forward and kissed him.

After the kiss I leaned back and looked in to his beautiful eyes. He looked rather confused.
“I love you too, more then anything. Always have, always will.

I laid down beside him on the grass and we stayed there together watching the stars. He took me in his arms and kissed me on the cheek. In one way it was like it always had been. Just me and him and the stars. The only difference now was that there wasn't any me and him anymore it was us. Just us and the stars.
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