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Interlude: Brothers Connect

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"You know, there should be some kind of law against poking fun at a guy via pixies!" The brothers connect via e-mail. The world is no longer safe.

Category: Full Metal Alchemist - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure - Characters: Alphonse Elric, Edward Elric, Maes Hughes - Warnings: [!!!] [V] - Published: 2006/04/23 - Updated: 2006/04/23 - 1206 words

"Brothers Connect"
Arc One; Chapter Fifteen
Balance of Power

WARNING: Post Series, Post Movie SPOILER HEAVY and slightly AU

A/N Short chapter, We know. Also apologies for the time it's taken to get this up. It's that time of year for two of us (finals and all), plus real life invaded (damnitall).

We've just about got the next two chapters completed, so they should be up in less than a week. (Odd thing about writing by committee, we tend to write at different speeds, so after discussing what needs to happen, we decide which scenes we'll each take, and sometimes some of them end up done sooner than others... which is why sometimes you'll get more than one chapter at a time)

About the chapter, it's just as it says, and interlude between other action. The brothers connect via email, but it certainly doesn't stop them from their usual banter...

May 28, 2006


You broke your arm?! I swear if you were here right now, I'd kill you. Both for that and the jerk comment. But I suppose I should let you live, since these guys have gone to so much trouble finding you. Just don't get hurt anymore, or I will kick your ass.

Now I get to add comments about the food and stuff, since Reilly is actually watching over my shoulder as I type, instead of me dictating to Hughes. I have got to get you to try Gumbo, it's the best. But you'll have to have milk with it, or it'll burn like hell. They have this stuff called soymilk here, it's actually pretty good. And not secreted from a cow!

I'm getting glared at, so I'll end it here. Love you, little brother.



May 29, 2006


How does killing me solve the fact I have a broken arm, or the fact that you can be a jerk sometimes?

And since when do you drink MILK??? I should go look for flying pigs...

Love you too, Brother.


P.S. You know I can still beat you. Always have, always will.

P.S.S. Why were you dictating to Hughes? You didn't break something did you?



I am not a jerk! I'm nice... most of the time. And could you just take care of yourself? You're not made of metal, you know.

Before you start asking who I am and what I did with Ed, let me just say that the entire reason I hate milk is because it's glorified pus secreted from cow boobs, so if there's a plant substitute, I'm all for it. You know that.

Who knows? Maybe I'll get taller than Hughes after drinking it!

And you know pigs wouldn't fly well. A dog/bird cross would work better.


P.S. I've been practicing, I bet I could kick your ass now. Especially with you being in a hospital for weeks.

P.S.S. Break something?! What's that supposed to mean? Are you saying I'm careless? You know, it's not my fault that computers are vulnerable to static electricity.


May 30, 2006


Oh thanks, now you've put me off my milk. That was not a visual I needed. And you are too a jerk when I'm not around. And I am taking care of myself! It's not my fault some idiot plowed into me with a mini-van. Ray said the police found an abandoned mini-van that matched my injuries, so...

And if you get taller, I'll be happy; you'll finally stop sniping at people who call you small.

That's why I said flying pigs; they're highly unlikely, about as much as you liking milk. So there.


P.S. I've been doing my forms too, so I can still beat you.

P.S.S. Touchy. I never said anything like that. So what did you do to get in trouble, this time?



Wonderful, my mission to keep my little brother 'little' is succeeding... ahem, did I type that? Oops.

And who're you calling so small they could drown in a puddle? Don't forget, I'm still taller than you! Be happy that I'm drinking soymilk!

You know, there should be some kind of law against poking fun at a guy via pixies!


P.S. I am not a jerk.

P.S.S. Hey! I've been the perfect guest, damnit! It was a freak accident. Just a little weirdness. Nothing to worry about.


May 31, 2006


There will be a day when I am taller than you! That day will come! Just you wait!

And I am happy you're drinking soymilk. You're taking care of yourself without me being there!

sigh We always dream of the day when our little ones leave the nest, but when they finally grow up, it's bittersweet.

Poking at you via pixies is safer; you can't try to beat me by computer screen (not that you ever could).


P.S. You are too.

P.S.S. Freak accident? Weirdness? That kind of thing never happens around you, Brother. It sounds like you have some explaining to do when we see each other again.



You are sooooo dead. Just you wait until I get you somewhere where I can beat the crap out of you. I AM NOT LITTLE!!!

Be glad there's over a hundred miles between us right now.

Oh, as a note, we're plotting "Operation: Rescue Terminator Junior" tonight, as Ducky calls it. I'll e-mail you with the details later; right now, I hear painting calling my name. I am so bored.


P.S. Am not.

P.S.S. There's nothing to explain, Al. And I'll ignore the sarcasm, this time.



We're coming to get you in two nights. June 2nd. Be ready and tell the walking wall we'll be coming.

Love you, Brother. Love you so much.



June 1, 2006


I'll be sure to tell Ray that you're on the way. He's getting worried about my still being here, I think.

And yes you are little. Being just a centimeter taller than me won't last long. :D Don't forget, I still have some growing left to do, but you're pretty much done.

Remember what Mom always said; only boring people are bored. Though I could add; except in hospitals.

Love you, too, Ed.


P.S. That second e-mail wasn't details, it was vague plans. So there.

P.S.S. What sarcasm?




Ahem. Only boring people are bored, except in hospitals and when in a new time period. So there.

...I have a bit of news for you. I'll tell you when we see each other again.


P.S. What's with the :D ? I don't get it.


June 2, 2006


I will say it to your face. As soon as you get it to me. You're really slow when it comes to rescuing me, you always have been.

Ooo, news! I hope it's good. Do we get to have a kitten?

See you tonight!


P.S. Jeeze Brother, don't you know anything? The :D is a sideways smiling face. The colon is the eyes, and the D is the mouth. It's an evil grin, like your fanged one. Gene taught it to me! :D
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