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Another Lil Filler!

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Gerard's P.O.V

Lilli climbed over me and off the bed, not looking at any of us.
"I need a drink" she muttered before stalking off. Rachel's tears had just about stopped.
"What happened to them?" she whispered. I sat up, leaning back on my hands.
"What happened to who?" Frank said softly. Rachel just glared at him. I watched them intently, tying not to grin. It was better than t.v!
"One...died, one got knocked out and the other one is, or maybe was now...a prisoner of war" rachel shuddered and once more I was trying to supress the grin that threatened to spread across my face.

A thundering growl echoed through the room, bouncing off the walls.
"She's back" Frank grinned at me.
"Ya don't say" I replied sourly.
"Jealous much?" he teased.
"You wanna keep your dick?" I growled. Frank drew his knees close to his chest.
"I really wanna keep it thanks" he grinned, adding a sly wink to Rachel. She blushed and turned away whilst I grimaced.

Giggling and more roars rattled around.
"I should make sure they're not destroying the place" I sighed, sliding off the bed and stretching out. My joints popping loudly.
"Weeell it is them after all" Frank giggled. I just gave a small smile before leaving.
"You realy are jealous" he sang. I slammed the door shut behind me and stomped away moodily to the sound of Frank's laughter.

As demanded by Tiger Vampire Girl!!!

xoxo Vampire Hatter!
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