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How Do You Love Someone? INTROS

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not rlly for naruto,but since i put this story in naruto category,might as well put this.same thing i did for The Way U Are,but for this story.

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Ok,so I did this for my new story,The Way U Are,as well.This story is one I've worked on most,so I'll go ahead and make you see who the characters really are.


She is the main girl of the story.She is really confused about life nowadays,not that she's never been.She meets hottie superstar Stark James,and begins to learn the meaning of life and love.But on the way to finally learning it,she has to go through many things.
A picture for her if you'd like is:

To me,she has that innocent,cute look of her a face,so I picked this girl to be Raeleni.Ignore the make-up and shirt,I know it's not really Raeleni's style.I only need her face,for you guys to mostly concentrate on more.SO,this is Raeleni.Any complaints,I'll change her looks if you'd like.


So this is Stark James,superstar hottie that Raeleni falls in love with.He also falls in love with her,but it takes him a while to figure it out.He is an open guy,that is mostly carelesss,lazy,with good looks and a fine body.He used to think that life was just for fun and that having sex with hot chicks was what life was about,until he met Raeleni.
A picture I'd say of him would be:

Hope thats a good picture for how I described him,hopefully.


He is the highschool sweetheart o Raeleni.He and her has met again,and he stil hasn't gotten over her,so he goes after her.Which sets him in a compatition with Stark.He is sweet,and kind,and truly believes his love for Raeleni is stronger than Stark's.
A picture of him is:

Please tell me that this is the right guy for Brian,and how I described him.It took me a long time to find the picture.


She is the rich girl who wants Stark.She acts like a nice girl in front of her parents,but is real a clubbing,drinking,popular girl.She is in competition with Raeleni,for Stark.She really hates Raeleni,and wishes for things bad to happen to Raeleni.So,she is basically a bitch.
A picture for her would be:

I hope it is okay with the picture I chose for Clarissa.She seemed to match the Clarissa in my story,and how I described her.

And so,these are the characters of How Do You Lve Someone?
I hope it is okay,with the choices I made on how I made them look.If any complaints,just review me and I'll change it something else.Anymore ideas as well,if you'd like to review.Just to make the story more interesting and stuff.

I put this picture because it represents Stark and Raeleni.
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