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Penny For Your Thoughts?

by death_b4_disco 2 reviews

I need you opinions annnnndddd... COMPETITION TIME!

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So, I have a few ideas I need to put across to you first, to check that you're comfortable with them.

First, I thought about doin a flash back to the night before Gee's party. Thing is, that would include sex. And basically, I may have said before... I have no experience there basically! (tehe) Anyway, I didn't want anyone to get uncomfortable so tell me what you think about... that.

Second thing, Lesbians, I never thought I'd say this but; I need a lesbian, or a female who doesn't mind kissing a girl. ANYWAY, that where you guys come in!

I would like you guys to create a character. All I'm going to tell you is she has to be female and in Rhi and Gee's college year, she will end up being lesbian, or bi. So you need to work out;

Other stuff:

Fill that out, if you want to include a drawing of your character, I would love that! When you're done, send it to with your user-name as well.

Before you ask, I'm not gonna keep your email addresses or anything, its just so people can't get other peoples idea's, that way they're all original!

So, tell be you're ideas on the 'sex' thing through reviews and email me your entries!

Until then,

P.s; I apologise for the 'sex talk'
P.P.S someone rated the last chapter as 'hot', I still wonder how a girl sitting on her dads knee is hot... Incest? noooo waayy mate.
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