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Story 3 - Chapter 1

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Geography Matters - Chapter 1

Gerard and Frank always sat in the same seat for geography. The one right infront of Mr.Davies's desk. I bet I can tell what you're thinking. No, Gerard and Frank are both straight. But Mr.Davies is probably the funniest teacher in the school. Not funny as in always cracking jokes and making every student laugh. No there was just something about Mr.Davies that made Gerard and Frank giggle. Things that he did just made them laugh, even though nobody else got the joke. That was why they enjoyed geography so much.
Frank took the seat by the window and Gerard sat next to him. Mr.Davies took his place at the front of the room to begin the lesson. "Right, could I have the attention of the class please?"
Frank giggled "Just wait..."
Mr.Davies carried on talking about population but Gerard and Frank sat quietly, not paying the slighest bit of attention. They were waiting for Mr.Davies to do something funny.
Nobody giggled except Gerard and Frank when Mr.Davies itched his neck. Something about it made them want to laugh. Mr.Davies shot evils at Gerard and Frank, so they pulled straight faces. But as soon as he looked away they giggled again.
Mr.Davies handed out the geography sheets and sat at his desk.
"I love geography!" Frank muttered loud enough for Mr.Davies to hear. He wasn't kidding, he did love geography.
"I love it more!" Gerard argued. He wasn't kidding either.
"I'm glad to hear it boys, however I did pick up on you two being sarcastic." Mr.Davies got up and walked away.
Gerard turned to Frank "I was being sarcastic, were you?"
"No. What's his problem?"
Gerard laughed and turned back to his work but when Mr.Davies returned Frank said "Sir! We weren't joking, we love geography."
"Last year you hated it." Mr.Davies said truthfully "Did it just... Grow on you?"
Gerard looked at his work, hiding his face with his hair and giggled.
Frank smiled "Yeah. When I grow up, I wanna be a geography teacher just like you!" Now that was a joke.
Mr.Davies took it seriously though "Glad to hear it Frank. Now just improve your levels and you're on your way!"
As soon as he left, both boys burst into helpless laughter.
"Ahhhh I love geography." Gerard said, smiling.
"Ahhhh I love it more. Remember Gee." Frank laughed "I'm gonna be just like Mr.Davies!"
They carried on laughing, until Mr.Davies returned.

End Of Story 3
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