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Emily POV

the next day jakob's dad gave us a ride to school. "Thanks Mr. Armstrong" i said getting out. "Anytime" he repied and dorve away as me and jakob went to sit beneath the tree before class started. then a girl with brow hair and glasses walked up "Hey Jakob" she said fluttering her eyes. i looke at Jakob as he said "Hi alexa". He looked at me and said "Oh, This is Emily" i shook her hand and she glared at me and walked away. "What the fuck is her problem?!" i exclaimed looking at him. he ezplained how he and alexa dated for a long time, i sat there, feeling weak, and broken.

Faby POV

me and joey walked to school the next day. the school day passed quietly and slowly, After school we went to the local park and he pushed me on the swing. i giggled and jumped off when i got high as i could. he was waiting for me when i jumped off. he intertwined his fingers in mine and we ran around the park laughing.
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