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Slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails

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Trying Bert's P.O.V, probs an epic fail but hey-ho. I'm tryiiing! Enjoi biatches! xo

Bert's P.O.V

Everyone fraoze as I walked in, their eye's transfixed on me. I basked in the glow of their attention and ice-cold glares. I'd brought a little present for Gerard and the others but no-one payed attention to him. And who is that georgeous vampire sitting on the bar? She was staring at me too but in a completely different way. Infatuation maybe? Mmmm I fucking hope so...She's just so...oh shit! Focus now, beautiful vampires later!

I kept on walking till I reached the bar, my 'present' following like the obedient little bitch I'd trained him to be. I jumped up onto the bar and turned around to adress everyone there. The music stopped abruptly which made me giggle.
"Listen up mother-fuckers! I'm looking for some vampires and I have reason to believe they are here" Everyone looked at me with mild intrest. The woman vampire looked away, rolling her eyes amd sipped her drink again. A little trickled from the corner of her lips and she quickly licked it away...all part of her plan to secretly seduce me of-course. Her eyes locked with mine for a few seconds but she quickly broke it. A light blush creeping over her slighty tanned skin. I smirked to myself before noticing the "puppy" pretty much drooling over her.
"I'm looking for Ger-"
"We're here Bert" came Gerard's voice from the other end of the room.
"THEY'RE RIGHT THERE! SOMEONE GET THEM!" screamed a vampire, I knew to be called Fiona, appearing from seemingly no where. Everyone turned to glare at her and a few vampires chased her out the bar. I couldn't help but giggle at that.

Gerard walked towards me, keeping Lilli-anna firmly behind him. The "puppy" perked up and stared at the two figures making their way across. He seemed to know them.
"Master, master! It's, i-it's-"
"Cool it Mikey" I said without breaking eye contact with Gerard. I could see his fangs visable beneath his top lip. A quiet growl rumbled from deep within his chest. It was quite a sexy noise...what can I say? I appreciate all walks of life. Especially that hot little vampire the...Damn! Why are the pretty ones always on the good side?!
"Master?" asked Mikey, my own little "puppy".
"What is it puppy?" I sighed.
"I-I think I know them" I didn't say anything but waited for them to come to me. I jumped down.
"Sush now pup. We'll see"

They stood in-front of me, all in a line, that strang human filth standing behind them. It's like they're making some sort of a stand against me. "Master" Way kept edging in-front of that hot little piece of ass of his, Lilli-anna.
Hmmm and that other hot piece of ass, Georgia was it? The things I would...ahem...never mind. My eyes briefly flickered to Lilli-anna's and wrinkled her nose at my dirty brain. Oh yeah...she likes it...
Lilli snorted. "You wish you disgusting little creep" I just smirked.
"Fuck yeah I wish" A small satisfied smirk played on Gerard's lips. Jea-lous!
"What are you doing here Bert?" spat the midget, Frank.
"Glad you asked Frankie-doodle. I brought you guys a present" I love it when they look all confused.
"Mikey" I smirked, calling him to come out from hiding behind me. Gerard turned porcelain white as Mikey stepped out. Lilli-anna looked very worried. Obviously she'd never told Gerard her little secret. This is gonna be fun.
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