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Chapter Four

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Leighton stood by the lockers talking to Chelsea. When Miley came walking down the hallway alone, she became surprised and confused. "Something's wrong." She said to Chelsea, gawking at Miley ambling down the hall. Miley because immensely self- conscious when she realized that Leighton and Chelsea were staring at her. It was immposible to ignore them. Turning around randomly, she caught a glimpse of Ryan walking in. Her heart felt as if needles were piercing through it. Ryan noticed Miley looking at him down the hall. It broke his heart to see her. He was dying to just run over there and make up with her, but he knew he couldn't. They both exchanged depressing glances and went on their own ways.
Chelsea onlooked what just happened between Ryan and Miley. Looking over at Leighton, she knew Leighton saw it too. Something was definately wrong and they both wanted to know what.
Leighton went after Miley, confused. "Miley!" She called. When Miley turned around, she looked at Leighton sadly. "What's going on between you and Ryan?"
Miley put her head down, reluctant to tell Leighton what happened. She felt even more under pressure as Chelsea came by them. An outlet was needed, besides Brendon, so she decided to let it all out. "H-He broke up with me." She wiped away an upcoming tear. Both Leighton and Chelsea looked at Miley with awe. "He what?!" She was totally taken aback. "But you guys were in love." She pointed out.
"Aparently not enough." Miley's heart pounded with great pain. It killed her to think about Ryan. She wasn't even ready to face him.c Leighton was steamed at Ryan. She resented him for what he kept doing to her best friend. Right now, she would have punched him if she had the chance. Suddenly, the bell rang and the crowd despersed to their classes. "Come on Chels...we have biology...with Ryan." She smiled evily and they began heading to class.
"Please don't say anything to him!" Miley called after them before heading to her next class.
Chelsea and Leighton entered class and spotted Ryan right away. Grinning, they both sat around him at the table. He looked a bit uneasy which made them smirk. "Hello Ryan!"
"Uh hi..." Ryan answered shyly. He wasn't used to talking to many people around school besides Miley and some guy friends.
Leighton shot him a dirty look. "So we hear that you broke up with Miley?" She eyed him as he nodded. "Well since she's our best friend, we don't like how you stepped on her heart like that. You totally tore her apart." Leighton tried to make him feel guilty.
"I thought you didn't like us being together..." Ryan said quietly.
"Actually we don't like you two together at all. But what we hate even more is when you break her heart." Chelsea spat at him, feeling a rare form of rage build up inside of her.
"I didn't mean to break her heart..." Ryan retorted, still in a very low voice. He didn't want to admit it, but he was afraid of Leighton because of her agression, so he tried his best to avoid any trouble.
Leighton glared at him. "Listen up asshole. The sweet, shy boy act doesn't work on us. We know what you're really like inside: an emotional and suicidal mess. You don't deserve a girl as great as Miley so leave her the hell alone. She is broken inside all because of you and to be honest, we are sick of you." She whispered to him, seethingly.
"Well can you please stop treating me like dirt? I'm sorry I hurt don't know how it kills me inside. I'm sorry, okay?" He said in a slightly louder voice. It felt good to stick up for himself against Leighton.
"You know what? I'm sick of you pretending like you're not hurting her. You're a cynical little devil." Leighton raged. Taking a full soda can from the current class experiment, she pulled his collar and poured all the soda down his shirt. She giggled a bit. Chelsea's mouth formed an 'O' and she laughed.
Ryan stood up, his white shirt now brown from the color of Pepsi. He was embarassed and angry and upset all at the same time. The cool, sticky sugar drink made it way all the way down his chest. "What the hell?"
"Leighton!" Miss Hudgens scolded at Leighton after witnessing her pour soda down Ryan's shirt. "Principals office now!"
"That was so worth it." Leighton smirked at Ryan before leaving.
Ryan looked down at his soda stained shirt. Tears started to form in his eyes. He hated being treated like garbage, it made him start to really feel that way. Getting up out of his seat, he ran into the hallway.

Chelsea watched Ryan escape the classroom, extremely upset. She knew he was very hurt by what Leighton said and did to him. A sprinkle of guilt struck her. Sighing, she layed back in her seat.

Miley moped solemnly through the halls. As she turned by a corner, she spotted Ryan walking. They passed eachother, silently, both looking lost and broken. Ryan looked sickly and tears were forming in his eyes. His shirt was stained. Miley looked puzzled as he headed the opposite way. Ryan's heart ached even more. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes. His body walked quietly along the tiled floors and the only sound he could hear was the voices of teachers preaching in their classes. Resisting the urge to embrace Miley and tell her he wants her back, he quickened his pace, not looking back.

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