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Smut for Georgie ;)

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But only cause she threatened me with Mr Shovel.

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And now ladels and jellyspoons (lmao...just me...oookaay then. XD). The moment Georgia has been most waiting for. Smuuuuuuuuuttttt tiiiiiiiiiime!!!

Georgia's P.O.V

I quietly slipped after Bert...what? He's really fucking hot! I heard a small quiet sob come from down the corridor. People used to stay here sometimes. If we liked them or whatever. I heard another sob coming from the door, directly to my left. I gently pushed open the door. He glanced up, thick black tears rolling gently down his face and then quickly turned around away from me.
"Fuck off" he growled.
"Well see that would work with anyone else but with me no such luck. I'm very fucking stubborn" I heard him huff.
"Fine, do whatever the fuck you like" That's when I went a little crazy and yanked him around to kiss him. He gave this sexy little gasp and pushed his toungue into my mouth. Oh god he tastes so fucking good. His hands grasped my hips tightly, pulling me down on top of him, onto the bed. Holly fuck, he's hard already! His lips traveled down my neck, nipping playfully. I couldn't help but moan and I felt him smirk against my neck. Okay, so maybe he was using me a bit. But as long as he didn't stop I really didn't care. He broke the skin at the crook of neck after biting particularly hard. His toungue caressed the area, gathering up the little beads of blood. Bert ground his hips into mine Fuck this, I need him...NOW!

I literally ripped his shirt off, the buttons scattering across the room. I stopped for a moment to take in the sight before me. How the hell can one guy be so damn beautiful?! He smirked before slipping off my vest top. I blushed slightly, feeling a bit self-concious. He flipped us over so I was now on my back. He gently kissed down my chest and stomach, occaisionally leaving marks. I couldn't help but whimper as heat coursed through my empty viens. If I was still alive my heart would be beating ridiculously fast.

He then slid of jeans and looked me up and down. I've felt so exposed in all my life which is kinda weird cause I am He took off my underwear too.
"Aren't you a bit over-dressed?" I panted. He made me so damn hot. Bert ripped off his clothes and then plunged straight into me. I cried out as he filled me completely before slamming back in. I really do fucking love vampire strength. He slammed into me again, the bed banging against the wall loudly. No doubt echoing down the corridor. He panted above me, placing a sloppy kiss on my lips. The bedboard repeatedly banged against the headboard, filling me completely each time. He was now slamming into my impossibly fast and I was so damn close.
"Fuck fuck fuck Georgia!" he screamed. I felt him realese into me triggering my own as well as a string of swear words from me. I swear I've never came so hard in my life.

We collapsed together in a sweaty tangle of bodies.
"We gotta do that again" giggled Bert, kissing me once more.

Hope ya enjoyed it and I hope it didn't suck majorally.

xoxo Mad Hatter
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