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July 3, 1978

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Joe runs a few errands

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July 3, 1978
Boston, MA
10:45 AM

I'm back in Boston and nothing has changed. My neighbors still have their annoying dog that barks for the entire day and my other neighbors still like to blast music early in the morning and late at night. Elissa is still at her parents house. She hasn't called me lately. Her parents don't like her talking on the phone. Weird huh? Anyway, the flight back to Boston yesterday was so awkward. Steven got in an argument with Cyrinda on and off the plane. He says he loves her. Bullshit. Anyway, I'm getting ready to head out. I'm going to have breakfast and run some errands. You know, paying the gas bill, electric bill... You know...

Joe's POV
I opened the door and stepped outside. It was nice and warm outside. Now this is my type of weather! I took my pack of Marlboro cigarettes out of my shirt pocket and pulled out a cigarette from my pack. I took my lighter out of my jean pocket and lit my cigarette. I exhaled it and walked down the steps and to my car. I saw a car pull up. It's Stevens car. I sighed and stopped walking. The car turned off and a door opened and closed. 
"Hey!" Steven yelled. Oh great...
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