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Good Souls Get Burned

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It seems that Jake is the main target of the demon's advances, how is Cienna dealing?

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Cienna's POV

"A storm is coming in, it's not safe to leave today." Gramps told me, I don't care, as long as I can get the hell off this island. I stood up and brushed the sand from my pants, the clouds were moving in quickly and menacingly. They almost predicted the events to come, scary and electrifying.

"Then we sleep in shifts." I said simply, he nodded and turned to walk towards the house with me. We walked into the living room to find Jake was watching TV with Haley and their cousins, Haley looked at me and gave me a nervous smile and glanced at her brother who was probably still in shock from what happened... whatever happened.

"How you feeling?" I asked him, he turned to me quickly as if he was expecting someone else and a look of relief set on his face,

"Better, thanks" he smiled, secretly scared out of his mind. The adults were sitting on the patio discussing what had happened to Mai and Jake, I couldn't help but listen in to their conversation on their theories if poltergeists and demons. Cathy seemed to be the most affected by the incident but in a completely different sense,

"Thanks to that... thing, there are no more plates to serve with!" she yelled furiously, her image of perfect hostess was dwindling under the pressure. Some of the children snickered silently at her deliriousness over not having any plates, some older adults smiled while turned in the opposite direction.

"Just make sandwiches, dear" great aunt Chiu suggested, Cathy stormed off back into the kitchen.

We ate egg salad sandwiches and we set up camp in the large living room, after what happened no one wanted to take chances sleeping alone. I took the first shift, there was no way I would get to sleep tonight.

Around 11:00pm, everyone had settled down for the night and I was reading a novel I had never had the chance to pick up.

"Are you scared?" a small voice called out to me in the darkness, I fumbled with the flashlight and shone it over the sleeping members. A hand reached out and covered the head of the flashlight, I didn't need the flashlight to see in the dark but the children felt safer with it on and the adults preferred the comfort it gave them. I peered into Jake's pale, sleepy face as he sat up in front of me.

"It's me." he whispered, his voice was contorted to an almost unnatural pitch for an adolescant boy and he looked as though all the blood had drained from his entire body, the blank look on his face combined with the voice and his pale appearance sent a shockwave of shivers down my spine.

"Jesus, don't do that!" I whispered harshly,

"Are you?" he asked again, his face eager. Something didn't feel right about the way he smelled, the way he looked, the way he sounded that made my blood stop in its tracks. I decided to play it cool and shrugged nonchalantly,

"Nah, just a bit creeped out... and annoyed." I kept my voice even and returned to my book indifferently, he didn't move and kept his gaze on me,

"Well I am." his voice dropped dramatically, he was very sombre and continued to look at me blankly. I could feel the heat in my chest rise and my cheeks burn. I wanted to hit him, I wanted to tackle him and start beating him senseless... I wanted to kill him. He layed back down and I could soon hear his deep breathing mix with all the other sleepers. I soon decided that what had just happened was just a crazy dream or mind trick, he never woke up or sounded like a crazy person and sure as hell I never thought about killing him, I still felt guilty about it though.

It wasn't 15 minutes later that I heard It.

The storm raged outside, I thought at one point the roof would fly off but Greg assured me they've had worse and the roof would survive. Somewhere at the other end of the house I could hear a light, constant tapping sound. I dismissed it as a tree branch hitting a window but it soon grew louder until I heard footsteps from down the hall. I looked up and saw the dark silhouette against the light from the window behind it, it didn't move and I stared warily at it. The air shattered with a blood curdling scream, covering my ears I twisted to the crowd of sleeping people to see them all sitting up, stunned from the high pitch scream filling the room.

It stopped just as quickly as it began, I uncovered my ears and lifted my head to see the children crying and screaming hysterically while the adults darted in shock, Jake sat there dazed and confused. blood trickled from his ears from the debilitating sound, he was being shaken by Fu who was yelling his name. He probably can't hear him.

Glass shattered from my left, a pictured had flew off the wall onto the middle of the floor. Everyone stared at it expectantly until it caught fire. I grabbed a scratchy blanket from the back of the couch and started to smother the fire, the flames subdued quickly from the lack of oxygen but left a huge ugly burn mark on the hardwood floor, Cathy isn't going to be happy.

Jake's POV

I heard a high pitched scream and someone was calling me, I was already sitting up and Fu was shaking me and yelling my name when I came to. My family was scattered around in a panic, Haley was clutching mom and Gramps was comforting them but was looking at me. I turned around and saw Cienna picking up a burnt blanket, what happened?

"Jake! Are you OK?" Fu had been talking to me for a while now, I nodded and rubbed my hand along my neck. When I removed my hand there was blood, I stared at it suspiciously,

"Your ears are bleeding!" Clara (my 11 year old cousin) yelled at me, I nodded. They were? I felt unreal, not there, as if I was watching what was happening to another family, a family that had nothing to do with me. The chaos continued around me until everyone decided try and get more sleep.

I woke up again around 7:30 am, I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and was shocked to see a huge, ugly burn mark on Cathy's hardwood floor a few feet away from where I was sleeping. She's not gonna be too happy. I climbed over a few sleeping bodies and around the baricade of ottomans and walked towards the washroom. The towels inside were tossed around and the toilet paper was strewn in every direction possible, someone must have been pissed. I looked in the mirror as I passed by and noticed the faint blood stains on my neck, it looked like it was wiped off but the light red trail was still there. I washed my face and neck and I walked out of the bathroom to the dining room where most of my family (save for a few left over sleepers) were eating breakfast. I sat next to Cienna who looked at me guiltily and turned away, what's wrong with her?

We packed up after breakfast and headed out, Cathy seemed happy to have gotten rid of us. It's a shame, we never got to really enjoy our vacation. I hoped that our leaving would force the demon to stop terrorising my family but I knew there was very little chance of it just gowing away now that it's become more powerful.

We got back to my house around 8pm, no one said anything about what happened on the island, in fact no one spoke for hours now unless it was necessary. I went up to my room and fell face first on my bed, Cienna hardly talked to me all day. I was a bit worried that this whole situation might be getting to her more than she let on. Exhausted, I got changed for bed and fell asleep before 10:00.

I woke up in a cold sweat, I was drenched and my sheets weren't much different, my pillow was shredded to pieces and even my PJ top was torn. I sat up and stared at the bomb site that was once my room, fabric littered my floor and sprinkled the furniture. I don't remember having a bad dream or my dragon powers acting up. I got up and changed into a fresh pair of PJ bottoms, I was too warm for a shirt. I turned back to my bed, it looked like someone threw my bed in a pool! Guess I'm sleeping on the couch, I grabbed a duvet from the hallway linen closet and made my way downstairs, the wall clock in the kitchen said it was 12:38.

I knocked on Cienna's door and heard a slight groan from within, I opened the door slightly and peeked my head in the doorway,

"Can I borrow a pillow? Mine's... dirty." I half explained, good job Jake, she wasn't awake enough to ask any questions so she reached over and threw a stray pillow at the open door, missing epically. I reached in and dragged the pillow towards the door and thanked her quietly.

"Don't eat that, it wasn't being nice to the pig." she warned oblivious to what she just said, I ducked out and headed towards the couch and set up my makeshift bed. It wasn't the ideal sleeping arrangement, the couch has been around this house since before I was even thought of so it's got some wear and tear but otherwise acceptable to sleep on as a last resort. I threw the pillow at the end and dragged the heavy duvet behind me as I dropped heavily onto the tan sofa.

Pain suddenly ripped through my chest and insane pressure squeezed my head until I thought it would pop off, I rolled off the couch and landed heavily onto the floor. I struggled to breathe as I rolled onto my sides. It felt like I had drunk some acid and it was now dissolving my insides slowly, while being stabbed in the head repeatedly. I finally managed a loud enough scream to get someone's attention.

Mom, Dad and Danika were at my side in minutes but the pain kept scorching my insides. Dad rushed for the phone and called 911 while mom and Danika tried to get me to sit up so I could breathe better, I didn't know how much longer I could hold on for, the blood rushed and roared in my ears but I could still, in the distance, hear a low, meniacle chuckle.

OK, This has absolutely nothing to do with the story but I feel the need to share my ninja skills with the world. Today, while I was walking home from the chinese restaurant down the street with my dad, we were crossing a parking lot and I saw a bird fly overhead. I looked up and saw it take a crap midflight, I screamed and ran back but my dad kept walking. The poo landed right where I would have been if I didn't see the bird crap! Am I a ninja or what!

Anyway, blah blah blah Jake's on acid! and the demon thing thinks his trip is funny... just kidding, don't take it seriously :/
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