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Are You Scared Yet?

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Despite the obvious, there's something seriously wrong with Jake. The influence of this creature is too much?

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I'm no doctor of medicine chick so I'm just gonna skip all the technical stuff. Sorry to disappoint but what can you do when your medical school knowledge is drinking diet coke and eating menthos is NOT a good idea?

Micheal's POV

I walked back into the emergency where Jacob was being treated,

"Jacob Long, 14. No chronic or recently treated illness or infection. The mom says that he suffered what was thought to be a heat stroke a day or so ago on a trip to the keys." I announced to the crew. I looked at the boy on the table, he was young but seemed to be in great shape and was very built. I noticed dark blue-purple spots were forming on his skin, I inspected them

"He's had those since we got him." another nurse informed me.

"Bruises?" I inquired, the nurse nodded slightly.

"Should I get social services?" she asked me, I didn't think that his parents seemed to be the kind to be abusive, yet appearances could be deceiving. I nodded and she picked up the wall phone to dial for Karyn, the social worker.

"There doesn't seem to be anything wrong, besides the obvious. We should run some tests though." the lead doctor concluded. The nurses detached the ventilator and attached a bag to the tube so he could breathe on the way to the ICU. We wheeled him out into the hall and were greeted by his parents, his mother was a wreck (as most where when their children where being wheeled out of the emergency rooms). I stopped for a minute and allowed them to see their son before we sent him in for some tests.

The separation was hard for them but we managed to get him in the elevator without a huge scene. I brought him up to the second floor for a CT scan and set him up on the machine before exiting into the observation room. The test seemed normal, there was nothing noteable except for a small irritation around the top of the skull, I dismissed it as him hitting his head during the ride here. Half way through the test he started to wake up and move around,

"Jake, you're at the hospital. I'm running a very important test right now, stay still please. We'll get you out soon." I spoke into the intercom, he only struggled more and small grunts escaped despite the breathing tube in his throat. I pressed the emergency termination button on the panel and rushed into the room with two technicians. I prepared a syringe of sedatives and easily found the port on the inside of his arm, just as I was about to administer the drugs he grabbed my wrist. I tried to pull away but his grip was too strong, in fact, the longer he held on the harder his grip became.

He had fully come out of the giant machine and flipped me onto my back to the cold tile floor. He sat up and removed the setup of wires and tubes attached to his body, the technicians tried to stop him but he pushed them away easily. He stood up sturdily and finished removing the tubes until he was completely free. I looked around from my place on the floor and saw the full extent of the damage done to the others.

They were passed out on the floor and some blood marked their faces, I looked up at him as he stood in front of me. He leaned down and picked me up by the collar of my shirt until I was face to face with him. I stared into his crimson red eyes, they weren't like that before, and he stared blankly into mine,

"What are you doing?" I cried, I remembered the syringe in my hand and tried to stab it into his arm. He grabbed it about an inch above his sking and flung it across the room where it shattered against the wall. With his other hand, he reached over and pinched a nerve on my shoulder. I blacked out.

Cienna's POV

We rushed out the door and morphed into our dragon forms, Haley jumped on my back and we flew as fast as we could to the hospital. Gramps stopped mid air and looked frantically around,

"What is it?" I demamnded,

"Which hospital would they have sent him?" he asked, how was I suppose to know? There were two hospitals he could have been sent to; St. Mary's or Manhattan Central.

"You go check St. Mary's and I'll go check Central." he ordered, we split up and flew our separate ways. It took me 5 minutes to fly to St. Mary's Hospital,

"Do you see your parents' car anywhere, Haley?" I called over my shoulder, she leaned over my side and searched the cars below the emerg. parkinglot.

"There! That's our car!" she yelled, I nosedived to a dark area near the entrance so we wouldn't be seen. I morphed back into my human form, making sure the coast was clear I ran out of the shrubbery that was camouflaging us from the humans and dragged Haley through the entrance and into a waiting room, Haley easily found her mother.

"Mommy!" Haley yelled as she ran towards Susan who was buying a cheap coffee from a tiny concession stand, she spun at the sound of her daughters excited voice and caught Haley as she torpedoed full speed towards her. I ran over as she looked at me curiously,

"Susan, where's Jake?" I asked sharply, her eyes widened as she realized something (most likely magic related) was wrong.

"They brought him upstairs to run some tests... what is it?" she dropped her voice, people were starting to stare.

"Remember that thing from the island? It's after Jake. It followed us back! It might be influencing him." I tried to explain, she shook her head incoherently. I didn't have time to explain further, I pulled out my phone and called Fu's cell,

"Talk to the Fu." he answered on the first ring,

"Hey, Fu. I found Jake at St. Mary's, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong that we know of. I'm going to look for him, something doesn't feel right." This was like a secret code between us. Everytime Jake or I had a 'bad feeling' there was always something that was going to happen. Although it was only a closed circuit connection between Jake and I we became more sensitive to other events so our 'hunches' were always taken seriously by Gramps and Fu even if they never happened.

"Try to hold back if you can until we get there, you'll need all the help you can get." he was right, as a paired dragon I was more vulnerable without my partner, who happened to be Jake, the one I'm hunting down. I'm still pretty weak compared to him despite my progress which, I think is why Gramps is holding Jake back in training a bit, so I could catch up in case something like this happens... so I have a chance of surviving against him.

I heard alarms go off and pages for security to the Radiology unit, I'm guessing that's my stop. I ran to the directory and found the radiology unit on the second floor, realizing it would be faster to take the stairs I sprinted through the heavy doors and up the concrete stairs. The alarms got louder the closer I got to the second floor, I walked throught the doors and saw patients being evacuated and security officers running to the scene.

I followed them around a corner but jumped back in time to see a guard get taken out by a flying food cart, I flattened myself against the wall and peeked around the corner. Jake was standing at the end of the hallway with his head down in his hands,

"Jake!" I called out to him. His head jerked up and he looked at me, a smile crept across his face but didn't reach his eyes, which were now unrecognizeable and distorted in colour and shade.

"Are you scared yet?" he asked in that horrifying, high pitched voice. Some kind computer went flying at my head and I ducked behind the wall before it knocked my head off, my close calls are running out. Silence flooded the hallway until all I could hear was the hammering of my heart and the slow, deliberate footsteps coming down the hall behind me, how am I going to fight this without hurting Jake? Without getting myself killed?

I looked around for something to defend myself with, I won't use my dragon powers if he's not going to use his, I didn't want to give him any ideas. I grabbed what looked like a pipe and braced myself for when he turns the corner, as I looked around the corner he grabbed me by the throat and threw me down the hall. I fell through a door, knocking it off its hinges and landed in a dark, empty room, I looked up and saw him walking towards the empty doorjamb,

"Jake, don't do this." I pleaded, his eyes flashed with emotion then went dull again. He continued to walk towards me, I sat up and tried to defend myself but before I could even have an idea on how I would be doing that, he had me by the throat again and lifted me up to where my feet dangled over the busted down door,

"Gehenna tou pyros,gehenna tou pyros," he chanted, "Now you can know what it's like to burn in in hell... HellFire." he hissed. he slowly started to squeeze my throat. God Danika, fight him! But I couldn't, I just couldn't.

"You don't want to kill me..." I strained. Suddenly, I hear glass shatter in the background. He dropped me and turned to the newcomer, I fell to the ground and gasped for breath. I looked up and saw Gramps and Fu.
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