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M'kay - I am aware I have been neglecting this
I seem to have lost my 'arsed' as in most of the time I cant be arsed.
Which, if your panicking, always happens to me - im not great at keeping motivated - ask my bass teacher.
So, I am asking for ideas basically to keep me motivated.
Also, you wont get that many updates in the next few weeks for the rest of this week im in London.
June 11/12 im seeing p!nk in bolton (and staying over)
June 18th I have a citizenship exam (I mega need to revise for that - I suck at half of it)
June 21st I have a maths exam (I SUCK at module 3 so I super need to revise)
June 22nd I have a biology exam - but im good at science.

I have to do art and english coursework... so Im saying be patient - I have the next chapter semi written up ready to give to you when I come back from London.
Also, Im taking my 'old skool' writing stuff (biro and notepaper) on the coach to London with me.
So, hopefully you will have more story.

and thirdly - I HAVE A FESSION
So, before This story came about - I have another story.. and Alexa is based on a character called Angel 'Sky' Moore
And I have a character, Frankie, based on Frank Iero.
Its good - I got an A - in september
But my teacher wants to read that so that is being 'cleaned up' ready for me to let her read it.
Do you guys wanna veto it before I give her it?
Bear in mind it is the basis for this and may have cross overs ALSO it is intended to be the first in a series of novels and is about 1/4 done - and stands at 30,000 words.

so be patient, and you may be rewarded with Suddenly Visible - my A grade story

love, Rose

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