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July 4, 1978 (Part 2)

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Joe talks about being in jail.

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July 4, 1978
Joes POV

Earlier today, I got in a fight. I beat the shit out of Steven and got put in the back of a police car. Then I got thrown in a jail cell, which I have been in for almost thirty minutes. Everybody is mad at me. Actually, I don't know if Elissa is mad at me. In fact, I don't think she is mad at me. She's probably happy. I wonder if she's going to bail me out. Oh hey, I hear footsteps. I wonder who it is.A police officer walked up. 
"Someone would like to talk to you." He announced. I wonder who it is. 
"Joe?" It was Elissa. 
"Oh hey! Man am I glad to see you!" I walked up. "So what happened after the police took me away?"
"Well, you knocked some teeth out of Stevens mouth. Reporters came by. People took pictures. Steven went insane and left. Brad, Tom and Joey played a little song for the crowd. The crowd wasn't disappointed. Everybody saw what happened." She paused and asked me "Why did you fight Steven?"
I stayed quiet. I don't want to tell her. 
I shrugged "One word: Revenge."
"Oh. Well... That's nice?" She looked confused. "I just bailed you out."
She did? I saw the officer walk up and open the cell. He smiled at me as I stepped out. Finally...

I'm walking out if the station with Elissa at my side. She told me she heard Steven tell a friend that he was going to get me back. You're probably asking yourself: Is he scared? The answer is no. I'm not scared of Steven. Why would I? 

Later that day
It's 7 pm and I'm outside with Elissa having a drink with our friends. We're going to light some fireworks later today. It's so weird. It's almost like I never got arrested. I haven't heard from Steven or anything about him. I guess he was bluffing about getting revenge on me. Typical. 

I grabbed another bottle of beer and opened it. I took a sip and payed attention to my friend who was telling a joke. I laughed and saw a car speeding down the street. Then a car pulled up in front of the driveway. I stared at the car and waited for somebody to get out. I was beginning to get impatient because that car had stayed in the same spot for over a minute. I was just about to get up when the car turned off and someone stepped out.  
It's Cyrinda. 
"Joe, I need to talk to you!" She called out. I got up from my seat and walked towards her.
"What's up?"
"Steven, that's what!" She stuttered a little when she said that. "Joe, I'd watch out if I were you!"
"What? Why?" I noticed she had some blood stains under neath her nose. "What did he do to you?"
"He hit me, again. Look, he said something about killing you. When you guys got in a fight, you embarrassed him by beating him up. When he gets embarrassed, he does something really bad to the person that embarrassed him. Joe, please watch out. Please!" She sounded scared. 
"I'll watch out okay baby? Please calm down. You're scaring me."
Her breathing quickened "I can't. Joe I'm worried about you. Please watch out. I saw the look Steven had in his eyes. Please Joe!"
I saw a car speed down the street. The car stopped in front of Cyrindas car. The car turned off and the door opened. It was Steven and he had a black object clutched in his hands.
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