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'You have to choose! Her or me' Ray/Bob

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A:N I think It's safe to say. I'm back to writing on here :D I've posted this on Green Day's slash and on here. I've changed it because it was really popular on there and I wanted to see what you guys think on it :D It began as a really long one shot. but Sitting in MCDonalds today, I ended up splitting it up so here it is :)

It was a pleasantly hot day in New Jersey, the sun beating down on the rooftops. One particular rooftop was occupied by two boys, one lying on his stomach and catching some sun, whilst the other was lying on his side and admiring the other boy.

He danced his fingers along the others back, frowning at the heat it radiated.

‘You could use some more sun cream’ the boy, Ray, commented.

The other boy, Bob, grumbled something and rolled over onto his back, putting his arms behind his head.

‘Too comfortable’ he yawned, pulling one arm out and finding Rays hand.

He closed his eyes again with a small smile, just enjoying the sun and the quiet. The roof, small as it was, was their own little spot. It was a safe place of escape for a few hours, away from parents and friends and one particular girlfriend. Up here on his roof, Bob didn’t have to share Ray with anybody. Up here Ray belonged to him, and that was why Bob loved it so much.

He felt Ray moving beside him and frowned, though it quickly turned into a smile when he felt a weight on top of him. Rays lips covered his own and Bob kissed back lazily, biting his lip to hold back a smirk as Rays lips trailed down to his neck.

He pressed kisses down the toned skin, paying special attention to the soft skin above Bobs shoulder. That was his spot, and Rian knew it.

‘Seriously Ray...again?’

Even for hormonal teenagers it was getting ridiculous. Bob had only just recovered from their last round, barely half an hour ago.

‘Cant help it’ Ray smirked, trailing kisses back up to Bob's lips. ‘Please?’

He jutted his bottom lip out a bit and forced his best puppy eyes, trying not to grin as Bob softened beneath him. Bob sighed and wrapped his hands around Rays neck, giving in and bringing their lips together again.

They both knew that Bob couldn’t say no to him. It was a lost battle before it even started.

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