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Left Alone

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Just some swearing. I upload majority of this on dA. Sorry this suckkkkksssss. Sorry its so lengthy.

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"Um…" I don't really know how to do this. Oh strap me down and spoon feed me. Ok. Just have them sit down. Tell them, the bust a move and run for it. My sister just glances over as I just shy away. Come one Stevie, just say it and run. "Um… Dad….Lynda… I kind of want to tell you two something…" My dad just looks over.
"What is it?" My sister just looks at me as well. I start to grow nervous, as I begin to sweat slightly, and grow somewhat stiff. A knot formed in my stomach as I knew what was to come next was just about the end of me. Lets see if I was right.
"Well…. I've been thinking this over for the past few years actually…. And well… Er…. I really don't know how else to put this…..but…. I'm gay." Yep. I was right. My death sentence. My sister just narrows her eyes; she has this look in her eyes like she's lost all hope in me. This look of disappointment on my fathers face. Oh, its just me and my luck. I can understand more so why My dad would be upset; I mean. Who wants there son to be well; gay? I'm more so disappointed in my Sister. I'd expect a little more sympathy. Guess not.
"…. How long did you say now, Steven?" My father asked, his voice fairly stern and emotionless. I just swallowed and rubbed the back of my head.
"…About two maybe three years…?" I wasn't quite sure. The funny thing is; when you start think your attracted to the same sex; you start to go through this phobia stage of Homosexuals, Lesbians, and Bisexuals. I do not know why. You just do. But Then my sister walks over to me, I start to back up. This is the last thing I need. Her rubbing the whole matter-of-fact in my face. She narrows her eyes, looks me dead in the face, and scowls.
"…Get the fuck out of here, I hope you burn in hell." Was all she said. She then grabs what's next to her(which happens to be a plate) as I flinch and try and run away. It it's the wall, exactly half an inch away from my head. I gulped, and backed away more so towards the door.
"Lynda…." I really don't know what the fuck to say to be honest. I mean I just came out the closet, it was just about out of no where and I'm sure that's the last thing they wanted here. Thank god my mother wasn't still alive, or this would've been absolute hell. I give a very nervous smile, as my dad just shakes his head and walks away. Great. Now I'm facing the fire breathing dragon by myself. I was more so about to fucking piss myself of fear. Ok, Run. If I fucking can. She starts to walk towards me as I immediately head for the door, open it up and right before I get the steps; I'm yanked backwards. Ow. That fucking hurt. I was then being wrestled to the ground by my own sister. I was never much of a fighter or a tough guy. I was more of a skin n' bones person. So I end up rolling us over; and apparently we were so close to the steps as Soon as I roll us over she rolls down the steps. Oh shit. I'm so fucked now. My hands flew to my mouth as I saw blood on the ground.
"Lynda….? ….You…ok…? …Need help…?" I get up and walk down the steps, and just me trying to be nice, I get tripped so I hit the ground. Fucker. I groan as I sit up and rub my head and then I'm kicked in the shoulder. I just about yowl like a dog as I edge away and making squeaking sounds in the process. I soon gather myself onto my feet. Lynda bleeding from the side of her head. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either. She was snarling like a rabid wolf, as I just turn around and begin to run away. She grabs the collar of my coat; of course. I easily slip out of my jacket as I just high tail it. I have no fuck – all clue where I'm going; as long as its out. Out of my fucking life.

I find myself in a bar, just trying to stay warm. It was late fall, and winter was coming quickly. I should've fought for my shitty denim jacket. It was the only fucking thing of a jacket I had. Oh well. I look at the clock; I've been here for five hours. I might as well go see if I can find a fucking roof for the night. As I start to walk out this ridiculously tall, blonde haired kid walks in. I kind of stop right before I fully get to the door. I kind of squeaked, as he didn't pay any heed to me and my annoyance. Didn't bother me as soon as I open the door I bump into someone. I just screech slightly and back away. I start apologizing over and over to the poor person I just ran into.
"Oh, fuck me. I'm sorry man." I said one last time, as the person finally excepted my apology. I sighed as I finally walked out and looked around. I started to walk towards the gas station just get a pack of cigarettes; I was out. I walk in and just grab the cheapest pack, and buy them. I shove the pack of cigs in my pocket as I turn around. It was the blonde haired guy again. I squeaked(I squeak to much). He raises an eyebrow.
"Um… Do you mind moving aside?" He ask as I nod and say sorry quickly as I step aside. He himself bought a pack, as I stepped outside. I pulled out a cigarette, put it in my mouth and then face palmed. Fuck. My lighter was in my jacket, and I don't have anymore money on me. Oh good crist. I then felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned my head to find the same kid standing next to me. "Um…. Hi?" I said, slightly confused.
"Need a light?" He asked as I nodded shyly. "Um… I suppose." He flicked a switch as I just knelt forward slightly then huffed out smoke. I gave a slight smiled. "Thanks." He nodded then returned the smile. "Yep. Anytime; hey um; I'm sort of looking for a singer…." Ok. The fuck was that? That's a change in events.
"Your asking the wrong person, I can't sing." I said as I just blew out smoke again as the wind blew. I shuddered, as he sighs. A girl happens to walk by, she was actually decent, so I gave a cat purr as she walked by and I got the finger. Ah. At least one thing stayed the same. I still got the finger for trying. The kid laughed. "That was rather real; anyways, I'm Tom." He says I turn to face him again. I inhaled and exhaled smoke. "I'm Steven." I said plainly as I looked around. It was growing dark, as the purplish tint started branch across the pink, blueish, sky. Some stars poking through, and you could faintly see the moon. I sighed. I spat the end of the cigarette onto the ground and stepped on it.
"…You doing anything tonight?" He asked, as I start to grow confused again.
"No….? I actually was going to find a place to crash, why?" He kind of lowers his head, as he himself then lights a cigarette.
"….If you don't have anywhere to go, you can actually stay a night with me and a friend of mine." I look at him in surprise. I blink like an idiot.
"Really?" I ask, as I'm sure I actually blushed as the wind blew again.
"Yeah, plus. You seem cold." I laughed. Maybe being kicked isn't so bad.
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