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July 8, 1978

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Joe talks about Steven, Elissa and reminisce the past (did I spell that right? Haha)

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July 8, 1978
Joes POV

I'm sitting on a chair in my backyard, thinking about Steven. Do you know what he asked me a few days ago? He asked me to have sex with him! Well, he didn't go "Hey man, do you wanna have sex with me?" It was more like this "Can you do all the things you did to Cyrinda, to me?" I felt bad when I said no. I didn't say "No! You cannot have sex with me you fag!" I don't remember what exactly I said but it was nothing like that! Haha. When he asked me that, I was expecting to hear "Haha just kidding!" so I waited for a few seconds. When he didn't say that, I was speechless. I thought he wasn't that type of person but then again, he was drunk when he asked. Anyway, after I turned him down, he walked away with his tail between his legs. Since that day, he hadn't called me or stopped by to hang out. Cyrinda called me a day after that day and she didn't mention Steven. Ok I lied, she did mention him but it had nothing to do with Stevens' question. She told me that Steven was moping around the house, acting like he was going through a bad break up. You know what I find strange? Steven told me he wasn't dating Cyrinda anymore, that they were through. But like I said earlier, he was really drunk that day so maybe he didn't really mean to say all that. 

I have another problem: Elissa wants to start a family. Oh, man. I don't want to start a family now. I love kids but not now. Later, but not now. Before Elissa and I have sex, she always reminds me "Don't use a condom and don't pull out!" I wish she would just stop asking. I'd love to tell her I don't want kids, but then she would get that look on her face and then she would seek ways to get revenge on me. When she would never get things going get way, she would hurt the person who turned her down. I love her but she scares me sometimes! 

I'm sitting on the chair, relaxing and listening to the birds chrip. It's 98 degrees out here. The weather is calm and there's no clouds out here. Maybe I should go fishing later today. I haven't went fishing in a long, long time. I remember when I first went fishing. 

I was 6 years old when I first went fishing. My dad promised me he would take me once he got off work. I remember sitting outside, underneath the shade. My mom put a lot of sunscreen on me and was outside, watering her roses. My sister, Anne, was playing with our dog. By the way, she's a year younger than me. Anyway, I waited and waited for my dad to come home. I began to suspect he wasn't going to take me fishing. That really got me upset. I was just about to cry when I saw my dad pull in the driveway. I jumped up and yelled out in excitement "DAD'S HOME! DAD'S HOME! DAD'S HOME!" I ran to his car and jumped up and down with my hands up in the air. My dad got out the car, went inside and grabbed our fishing rods while I did my dance. Once my dad and I got in the car and drive to the spot where my dad fishes, I knew I was going to come back home with a huge smile on my face. I did come home with a smile on my face. I caught a fish, had fun with my dad and I was munching on my ice cream sandwich. I kept saying in excitement, "This is the best day ever!" I have a few pictures from that day. 

I shot up from my chair went I heard the front door slam. "JOE GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE! NOW!" I heard Elissa yell from the top of her lungs. I got up from the chair and wobbled a little. I'm scared. My legs didn't want to take me inside the house. I looked down at my pants because I thought I had wet my pants from Elissa yelling. I finally got my legs working. I walked inside the house and looked at Elissa. The expression on her face almost gave me a heart attack. No, I am not implying that she looks ugly. She just looked really angry. In about 5 seconds, she will release her wrath and start screaming at me for no reason. 5.... 4.... 3.... 2.... 1....
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