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But I Caught You Running

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Yay, teh seocnd part. Iz failz. I dislike this x.x You totally see the Johnny Cash Relation >D

Category: Aerosmith - Rating: R - Genres: Angst - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2010-06-10 - Updated: 2010-06-11 - 656 words

Ok. So now what do I do with Joe asleep, and dripping wet? I really don't know, and I have no physical strength what so ever, so I'm screwed there. I wonder what drove Joe to come by, especially at four in the morning. This of course led me to think and ponder on many aimless things that could all be false explanations. Joe seemed perfectly fine all leaned up aganist me, but problem was;
A) I'm standing, and my feet were growing tired.
B) I just can't leave him like this, in wet clothes.
C) It'd be wise to get him to a bed.
Ok Mister Stupendous, try and do something without screwing up. So I sat him back in the chair and looked around, the light in the other room slightly breeching into the dining room. The slits of light almost slithered like snakes, among the walls and the floor. I stood there and wondered. My gaze fell back on Joe. He looked rather peaceful asleep, and but he seemed to hold something beyond one's knowledge. I sighed and looked back into the lit hallway. How in sam's hell am I going to pull this off? I would really hate to wake him. Oh fuck it. I pulled Joe to his feet, as I stood behind him. Supporting him, I pushed him forward, and did what you would so with anybody if they were out cold. That walking, thing that strangely works. I somehow got him up the stairs and laid down on the bed. Thank god I never had Erin actually stay with me, or this would be worse then it already is. I got him on the bed, as I just started to pull draws open. I need something that won't choke him, fuck me for being a scrawny bitch. I finally come across a shirt ten sizes to big, and find a pair of sweats..... He could live without underwear. Right? I manage to unclothe him, but then stopped. I went and got a towel and dried him off, I'm way to use to seeing him stark naked it's not even funny. He could honestly just strip infront of me, and I could just shrug. I eventually got him redressed, as I got him under the covers as I sat at the edge of the bed. How the hell didn't he wake up? He must've been having one of those sleepless weeks. But it kept gnawing on me why he showed up on my door step, pissing down rain, at four in the morning. The thought just wouldn't leave my mind, like a fly stuck to honey. I lanced over my shoulder at Joe. I felt sorry for him in a sense. It also seemed like he hoofed it here too which was a good while. I was fighting the thought if I should go curl up with him, or just go sleep in the guest room. I gave it half a second like planning something six feet infront of your face. I choose to risk my hide, and got under the covers and curled up against him. It felt right, no matter how many shams I tried to force myself to believe in it never worked, and never sewed together well. It like something more and true when I was with him, I have no godly idea why it just did. I know Joe was more faithful to his wife and kids then I could ever be. I mean as soon as he met Billie, he dropped me like a pile of bricks. It hurt, and it still did. But again, why was he here? What brought him here? He was honestly in my opinion more close to Tom then he ever was with me. Well, I guess I'd ask him in the morning or afternoon and ask why. Why, why, why? Then I'd most likely just, cry, cry, cry.
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