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Amy hooks up with Jon Bon Jovi and Nikki has an accident...

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The blonde next to me raised his sunglasses to get a good look at my face. I blushed slightly at my forwardness, but I was really in the mood for love. To my delight, my date slowly put his sunglasses onto the table holding our drinks and came over to sit by me. We sat together in silence for a few moments before he pointed at the couch across from our separate lounge chairs, "Maybe we should sit there? We'd have more room. Besides, you're all dry down so it's not like we'll get the fabric wet."
Why hadn't I thought of that before? It was definitely easier to be intimate on a couch than on a small lounge chair. Nodding eagerly, I replied, "Yeah, good idea. I don't see why I didn't think of that." Most guys probably would've been under the impression that I was kind of stupid right now, but the guy next to me didn't seem to think so. He just smiled down at me like I was the most beautiful girl in the world. I felt rather taken back by this kind of attention. Nobody had ever looked at me that way before.
The two of us hurried over to the couch and sank down on it. I almost slipped on the slick tile flooring on my way over to the couch. I was really glad I hadn't fallen. That would've been a big embarrassment! As soon as the two of us were settled down on the couch, I turned to the guy next to me and gently place my hands on either sides of his chin before giving him a long, sensual kiss. After we parted for breath, my date did me the same favor and gave me an even longer, passionate kiss.
We sat just kissing for a while before going any farther. When I felt like we should be going a little farther, I flopped onto my back on the couch and peered over at my date to see what he would do. Taking the hint, he laid down on the couch next to me and started stroking my hair back from my face. It was rather messy from the wind and seemed to be all over the place. Once my hair was out of the way, I felt my date start sprinkling kisses all down my neck and down my body. He stopped when his lips started trailing down my chest and gave me a questioning look.
At that moment, the only thing I found myself interested in was this guy taking my bikini top off. I took my date's hand and slowly brought it up to the back of my neck where the tie to my bikini top was. I was really shocked by my own audacity. I was usually shy and conservative when it came to doing things like this. Even with Vince, I had been nervous and had insisted on him keeping his distance to some extent. But with this guy, I felt completely the opposite. He couldn't get my top off fast enough in my opinion.
A rush of adrenaline made it's way through my body as the blonde played with my bikini straps for a moment before slowly undoing the tie. Once my top was off, he tossed it aside and let his hands trail lightly over my naked chest. Normally, I would've been embarrassed in my half-naked situation, but again, today was different. Maybe I was still drunk from yesterday or something. Or maybe I was just so sex-starved that I was turning into some slut.
I started squirming with delight as the man next to me licked around my nipples lightly with just the tip of his tongue. Every movement he made was slow and deliberate. It was so sensual that it was literally driving me mad. I just wanted him to suck down on me or strip me down all the way. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally got around to sucking on my nipples. I moaned with pleasure and arched my back as his lips tightened around the sensitive places on my chest.
I had expected him to finish undressing me after this, but to my surprise, he didn't make any further advances. Instead, he went back to kissing my neck. A little surprised and confused, I asked, "Um...don't you want to go all the way? I don't mind..." It was again a very awkward question, but I did feel like it needed to be asked.
"It's hard not to," my date said, pushing an unruly strand of blonde hair out of his face. "But seriously, you don't want to lose your virginity this way. You should give it away to someone you're going to be with for a really long time or possibility your future husband. I don't think I'd feel right taking your virginity away."
"Seriously, I'm fine! I don't mind it," I pleaded earnestly. This was the closest I'd ever gotten to making love with someone. How come the one time I was willing to give my virginity away, the guy wasn't willing to take it? If this guy didn't fuck me now, I would probably never end up making love with someone. That immediately dampened my mood and an invisible storm cloud seemed to form above my head. Being alone for the rest of my life was certainly not a pleasurable thought.
"I know you're fine with it," my date said gently, rubbing my back ever so gently, "but believe me, honey, I know best in this situation." I stuck out my lip in a little pout and looked up into his aquamarine eyes with my pleading hazel ones. The guy next to me seemed to be fighting a little battle within his mind because his mouth formed a thin line and he looked deep in thought. Finally, he added, "How about I make a deal with you? If we see each other again someday, I'll do what you want then. That way, you'll have had plenty of time to think about your decision. Does that work?"
I really just wanted him to shut up and fuck me now, but since that wasn't going to happen, I decided I was just going to have to take his deal whether I liked it or not. After all, it was the best I was going to get. For some random reason, a yawn slipped out of the side of my mouth. I hadn't realized I was tired, but after spending fitful nights in a hard hotel bed, I found myself fatigued.
"You're tired," the blonde stated, watching me carefully. "Let's take a nap, hm?" A nap with a hot guy on a couch in Atlanta sounded pretty good. I agreed and curled my body against his. It didn't take long before I fell asleep. When I did fall asleep, I found myself in bliss. There was absolutely nothing better than lying next to a cute guy half-naked with his arm wrapped tightly around it.
"Amy?" a voice said in my ear a little while later. I blinked and smiled over at the guy. He continued, "Vince is calling you." My smile immediately turned into a frown. Vince calling me was certainly not a good sign. I hastily sat up and pulled my hair over one shoulder while my date helped tie my bikini top back on. Only a few minutes later, Vince found his way to our little enclosure.
"Hi Amy," Vince said, waving one of his hands at me. In the other hand was a cell phone. "We need to get going now. We have to shoot the video for the Girls, Girls, Girls video tomorrow." Against my will, I stood up and took a few steps forward towards Vince. To my delight, my hot date followed right behind me. He was so close that I could feel his breath on my neck.
When we reached the door to the club, I realized this was our goodbye. Blinking back the tears that were starting to fill my eyes, I threw my arms around my date's neck and kissed him one last time. He kissed me back, nibbling lightly on my lower lip before we separated. Trying to repress my sorrow at our goodbye, I said, "Thanks for such a good time. I'll never forget you."
"Neither will I," the blonde replied. "And remember what I said: sometimes short term relationships are better with long ones." And with that said, the two of us went our separate ways. My date went back to Bon Jovi while I went back to Los Angeles with Vince and my own heavy heart.

~ ~ ~ ~

Eleven hours later, Vince and I were standing at the baggage claim in the Los Angeles airport. The flight back home from Atlanta had been a sad one for me. I was already missing the guy who had been my lover for two days. He had warned me that all we had together was a short term relationship that had ended now that we were apart, but I couldn't help but think there was more between the two of us. Someday, I would see that guy again. I didn't care what it took. I just knew I had to see him again.
"Hey," Vince said, breaking into my thoughts. "Why do you look so sad? You're all tense and quiet. Smile for me, girl!" I hadn't realized I had been so quiet until Vince had mentioned it. He was probably right though. I had kept quiet during the whole plane flight with my head buried in some novel. And right now, I could feel my mouth in the shape of a thin line.
I attempted a smile at Vince, "I'm not sad really. Just thinking about some things. Hey, isn't that your bag?" I pointed at a black suit case that looked very familiar. Vince gave it one look and then hauled it off the baggage claim rack. Now that he had his bags, we could head home. I had found my little bag a long time ago and had just been waiting for Vince to claim his.
The two of us headed towards the entrance to the airport. Even though it was late at night, the airport was very busy. It took a long time for Vince and me to thread our way through the crowd and get outside. When we finally stepped out into the cool night air, we were greeted by a surprise. A familiar slim dark-haired figure came running towards us and threw an arm over my shoulder; Tommy!
"Hi Tommy!" I said with surprise. I hadn't had any idea that Tommy was planning to meet us at the airport. "Why are you here?" Tommy feigned mock sorrow as he said, "What? You don't want me here? I thought you'd be glad to see me!" I laughed at Tommy and punched his arm lightly as we walked towards Tommy's Corvette that was positioned in a parking space just a little ways away.
"Of course I'm happy to see you, Tommy," I told him with a smile. "I just didn't know you were coming here. So what's up? How have you and all the Crue members been? Did I miss anything while I was gone?" I hate a bad tendency to overload people with questions, but I couldn't help it! There were so many things I wanted to know!
"Let's see..." Tommy said as he thought carefully. "I don't think you missed much while you were gone. Nikki definitely hasn't been doing too well though. West Tech Security sent a guard to Nikki's house last week. Nikki came running out of his house completely naked and waved a shotgun in the guard's face because he thought the guard was bugging his house. Then a few days after that, we got some complaints because Nikki has been seen crawling naked in his garden at least twice a week. He's really starting to freak the neighbors out. He sees midgets and Mexicans running around his house."
I stared at Tommy in horror as he finished giving me the update on Nikki. I hadn't really expected Nikki to have gotten cured from his drug addiction during the course of my trip, but I certainly hadn't expected Nikki to have gotten this much worse. No matter how much people tried to get him to clean up, Nikki just got worse. Frowning, I asked Tommy, "Is Nikki trying to clean up anymore?"
Tommy shook his head, "Not really. He's really lost it at this point. You haven't even heard the whole story yet. Nikki andVanity were spending the night in Nikki's house a few days ago. Nikki heard voices and people moving about his house. He freaked out and fired his shotgun and then barricaded the door. The next day, Nikki founded out that the 'voices' he had been hearing was just his radio. So now his radio has a big hole through the center. Also, Vanity asked Nikki to marry her that night."
"Vanity!" I gasped, looking at Tommy with wide eyes. I hadn't expected this! Tommy nodded solemnly to my exclamation and continued, "Yup! Not wanting to start an argument with her, Nikki said yes. So I guess they're engaged at this point. Nikki told me that he secretly thinks he's going to be at his own funeral before the wedding takes place though."
I shook my head with sorrow and commented, "Nikki shouldn't think like that. He really could get cleaned up if he made an effort to do so. Anyways, let's talk about something a little more cheerful. How have you and Mick been?" Tommy, seeming glad to be off the subject of Nikki as well, replied, "Good! Mick's been spending a lot of time collecting guns and I've been riding my dirt bike and spending time with Heather. You should come over to our house sometime, Amy. You and Heather would get along well."
I didn't reply to that. Spending time with the lovey dovey couple probably wouldn't be something I would do anytime soon. Deciding to keep the conversation going, Tommy turned back to Vince and me while we approached his vehicle and asked, "So what about you guys? How was your trip? I'm sure your break was better than Nikki's."
"It was great!" Vince answered for both of us. "It was really nice to have a break from touring and stuff. I'm anxious to get started on the Girls Girls Girls video though. Amy had a nice vacation too. She hooked up with Jon Bon Jovi for a few days there." I raised my eyebrows at Vince and asked curiously, "Wait, what did you say? You know that guy I was hanging out with from the club?"
Vince laughed at my question and said, "You don't even know who you were hanging out with? That guy you were hanging out with was Jon. He's the vocalist from Bon Jovi. I thought you knew that?" I shook my head and processed this information. So I had hooked up with the singer from Bon Jovi. Who would've known?
"So I was thinking," Vince went on, "Why don't we use The Body Shop to shoot our Girls Girls Girls video? It's a really nice strip club, don't you think?" I only half listened to this conversation. My thoughts were mostly on Jon. Tommy replied to Vince's question, "How about the Seventh Veil instead? The Body Shop is an all-nude venue, which is something they probably won't want for the video. Besides, there's no alcohol there."
Vince considered Tommy's idea and then nodded, "Okay, that makes sense. The Seventh Veil is a pretty nice club too." Impulsively, I piped up, "Hey guys, could we tour with Bon Jovi sometime?" Tommy and Vince exchanged looks and laughed. Tommy tightened his grip on my shoulder and said, "It's obvious you're in love, girl."

~ ~ ~ ~

About two months later, I found myself in Tuscon, Arizona with the most unlikely person to be traveling with. The Crue had released their new Girls, Girls, Girls album only a month ago and were now going on a tour for it. The new Girls album had been a success, but we had dealt with several inconveniences from it. First of all, the video that had been shot of the song Girls, Girls, Girls was immediately banned. Vince had gotten his way, and the video had ended up being recorded at The Body Shop. The topless girls dancing in the background was considered inappropriate and all the hard work in making the video had been wasted.
Making the video in itself had proved to be a challenge. Vince kept getting distracted by all the girls. His new girlfriend, Sharise, was there and the two of them kept exchanging romantic looks. Nikki had a hard time just making it through the whole video. He had ended up taking a bunch of painkillers and ended up drinking a lot of whiskey. Mick wasn't doing very well either. The Crue had needed one more song for the new album. Mick had been the one to write the new song. It had been called "Sumthin' for Nuthin'".
Although Mick was the one who actually wrote the new song, he secretly hated it. Before recording the song for the album, Mick had gone home and drank a bottle of Jack Daniels. The soloing at the end of the song ended up dropping off because a drunk Mick had fallen off his stool during the recording. I was really starting to worry about Mick. He was becoming more and more like Nikki.
Before the Crue had set off on the tour, several things had to be done. Vince sold his house and decided to rent an apartment in Hollywood. He said that he didn't see the point in owning a house if no one was going to live there for the next few months. I could totally see his point. After all, it wasn't like Vince had a family or anything anymore now that he had divorced Beth Lynn. Before going on the tour, Nikki had somehow managed to write some more songs. Gene Simmons had come over to Nikki's house in his new Rolls Royce and the two of them wrote songs together. I was honestly surprised that Nikki was still able to write songs. At this point, he always seemed to be way too fucked up to function properly, let alone write songs.
Mick had attempted to clean up a bit before the tour started. He cut his alcohol consumption in half, but secretly stored large bottles of "Mars Ade" in his car for the tour. Mars Ade was something that Mick had come up with by himself. It was his own personal mixture of tequila, orange juice, and grenadine. Mick was still having problems though. Somehow, despite all the successes of the new album, Mick was broke. Vince and Nikki occasionally helped him out, but Mick really needed to learn how to stop wasting his money on whatever he was spending it on.
Anyways, here we were at the first Crue show of the Girls, Girls, Girls tour. I was sitting in the back row, crossing my fingers that the show would go well. Tommy had been kind of anxious about this tour. Tommy was playing part in a spinning drum cage and that kept making him dizzy. It was almost hard to not get dizzy myself just from watching Tommy spinning around. Nikki wasn't looking too good either. He was deathly pale and was standing much too still at one side of the stage.
Finally, Vince came out and spoke a few words about the album before the tour started. After that, the show was on! I felt a tap on my shoulder as a familiar voice asked me, "So...what's wrong with Nikki? He doesn't look so good." I turned and replied, "Eh, he's probably suffering from too much heroin or a lack of heroin."
Oh, I forgot to tell you who I was spending this tour with. Axl Rose had actually offered to come to the first show of the Crue tour with me! I was really surprised by his offer, but of course I accepted it. Axl never told me why he wanted to come to the Crue show, so I was left to fantasize his motivations for myself. Personally, I hoped he had decided to come along because of me. But again, I still didn't think he had broken up with Erin, so who knew?
As the Crue show continued flawlessly, I felt Axl reach over the seats and grip my hand. I looked over at him questioningly, wondering if he wanted to tell me something. Axl just grinned back over at me, looking way too sexy with his shiny auburn hair falling in one of his eyes. A shiver of excitement ran through my body as Axl continued to hold my hand. I quickly forgot about this though because that was the moment when the Crue show started to go wrong.
Unable to continue, Nikki ended up vomiting on the side of the stage during Tommy's solo. Tommy shot Nikki an irritated look, but continued to keep on playing. Somehow, Vanity had also ended up dancing in the photo pit during the Crue's set. From here on, the rest of the show didn't go so well. There weren't anymore mess ups, but that didn't mean that the Crue sounded as good as they normally did. In my opinion, this was one of their worst shows yet.
When the Crue show finally ended, I turned to Axl and said in a wry voice, "So? What did you think?" Axl scratched his chin thoughtfully for a few minutes before answering me. When he did finally answer me, he was smiling, "Do you think Motley would do a tour around North America? Guns 'n Roses would love to do support shows with them."

~ ~ ~ ~

After the Crue show in Tuscan, Vince and Axl did some talking for a while and finally agreed on doing a tour together later in the year. I was surprised that Vince had agreed to the tour. After all, Vince really had used to hate Axl. But after the two had spent some more time together, they had kind of warmed up to each other and had become friends. The rest of the Crue didn't seem to be able to function properly after the show, so it was up to Vince to deal with the Guns 'n Roses supporting shows.
Some woman had brought the Crue members drugs and drinks to take backstage. There was white wine and zombie dust for Nikki, a cocktail and zombie dust for Tommy, vodka for Mick, and a sleeping pill for Vince that he hadn't taken yet. In case you're wondering what zombie dust is, it's a mix of Halcyon and cocaine.
Finally, after the show was over, we went to our hotel room and continued on the tour. The tour wasn't nearly as much as a success as the new album was. The Crue members were really not functioning well because they were way too fucked up. The only one who stayed quiet was Mick, but I knew he was only quiet because he was in pain.
Mick had a degenerative bone disease and was also suffering from severe depression. He had gone to a few randomly picked out doctors during the tour. They had given him anti-depressants and anesthetics, but nothing seemed to help. The only relief to Mick was alcohol. He took six shots of Vodka and a can of Coke before going on stage before shows. After that, he would drink a glass of straight vodka from the side of the stage after the show. Even after the show was over, Mick still wasn't done. He would still need to drink a glass of his special Mars Ade after the show.
During an interview, Vanity had told the press that she and Nikki were going to get married. Nikki didn't really seem to have an opinion on this. He wasn't excited about the marriage, but he wasn't upset about it either. I had heard him telling Vince that he was a little worried about their marriage though. He felt it was mainly based on entertainment and drugs, not true love. To be honest, I totally agreed with Nikki. I kind of thought Nikki was too fucked up to even feel an emotion like love anymore. Regardless, Nikki had had the letter V tattooed on his upper right arm for Vanity. Vanity herself wasn't doing all that great though. She had lost a kidney due to her constant drug abuse and she was starting to lose her sight and hearing.
Somehow, Tommy had even managed to get a little wild during the tour as well. He had hooked back up with Whitesnake's David Coverdale's girlfriend. Want to know who the girl was? Well, it was Tawny Kitean, the girl Tommy had dated before getting married to Heather. Somehow, Tommy managed to forget that he was happily married now and proceeded to have sex with Tawny.
Traveling from one place to another on the tour wasn't too delightful either. Whenever we reached an airport, there was always a line of girls waiting for the band members there. Most of them were sluts or whores, but did the Crue members care? Of course not! They were just happy to have an endless supply of girls. The tour soon became known as the "Airport Blowjob Tour" since the Crue members would always end up taking the girls into the bathrooms at the private airports.
Nikki had somewhat abused his tech, Tim Luzzi, during the tour as well. Tim was forced to go onstage every night in a priest's robe and stand there onstage while Nikki grabbed his haired, tilted his hair back, and made him drink Jack Daniels. I felt pretty sorry for Tim. It was plain that Tim didn't really enjoy this job, but he had to do it.
Despite everything going wrong in the tour, Mick was able to meet a girl. Her name was Emi Canyn from Nasty Habit. Unfortunately, the Crue members were not at all in support of this relationship. They had some stupid rule that they weren't suppose to sleep with anyone who works for the band. I found this to be a really ridiculous rule, but what could I say? Tommy, Nikki, and Vince were very hard to argue with when they were drunk and drugged up.
Sadly, the Crue decided to let Mick know that they disapproved of his relationship during the tour. Mick and Emi were constantly ridiculed and the Crue members even poured their drinks on them. Poor Emi and Mick were soaking wet. At the airport, the Crue members had always managed to smear food and other undesirable things onto the two lover's suitcases.
Mick wasn't taking this abuse very well. He was already stressed out anything and feeling depressed, but this just seemed to push him over the line. He told me that he was felt disillusioned and disgusted with the other band members. I told him that the other band members were being assholes and that he should just ignore them. Of course, it was pretty hard to ignore them when they were around all the time though. I mean, it wasn't like they were just going to go away or anything. I was in support of Mick's relationship with Emi and tried to do everything I could to help make it last for him. Mick really needed a girlfriend. After all, this was the first girl he had dated since Linda had left him over a year ago.
Mick listened to me to some extent, but it was hard to tell if he was really paying attention to what I was saying or not. Most of the time, he just sat and nodded when I said something without making any comment at all. On the way home from the airport, Mick confessed to me that he was thinking about walking out of Motley Crue. I immediately protested to that idea and did my best to tell Mick that would be a bad decision. At the end of our discussion, I thought I had Mick convinced not to leave the Crue. Still, I couldn't be positive about anything though. Mick was still way too silent and didn't let me know what he was thinking.
While on the airplane going home, Nikki wrote a new song called "A is for Asshole." Even Nikki's song lyrics were started to get fucked up. Something told me that this band was really started to fall apart.

~ ~ ~ ~

The Crue and I were staying in New York five weeks later. The Crue members were still pretty fucked up, and I had a feeling this show wasn't going to go very well. Right now, I was standing outside the dressing room in Rochester while the Crue changed into their stage gear and dput on their makeup. After that, the five of us were going to head out to get some dinner. Well, four of us would be getting dinner. I wasn't hungry at all. I would just hang out while the Crue ate and drank.
Finally, the door to the dressing room popped open and Vince emerged from the dressing room with a nasty look on his face. I bit my lip as I saw his full lips turned down in a scowl. Something was obviously wrong. The rest of the Crue traveled out of the dressing room a little ways behind Vince. It was like they were too scared of getting to close to Vince or something.
"Uh...what's wrong?" I asked as Vince approached. The rest of the Crue members caught up to us and formed a circle around Vince. I had to admit that all the guys looked pretty attractive with all their makeup. Vince's platinum blonde hair was perfectly smooth while he wore eyeliner and shiny pink lip gloss. Tommy also looked pretty good as well. He had had his hair teased up and was wearing dark eyeliner and bright red lipstick. As if noticing my gaze, Tommy looked down and winked at me.
"Someone stole my clothes and wallet," Vince finally replied bitterly. He looked back at the dressing room with disgust. "Seriously, they need to get better security around this place." I immediately felt really sorry for Vince. Having your wallet stolen was never a good thing. If someone stole my wallet, I would be freaking out and calling the police.
"How much money was in your wallet?" I asked Vince casually as the five of us strode off to the restaurant we were going to across the street. Vince grimaced at my question and muttered, "Five thousand dollars." God, that was a lot! Poor Vince. He didn't deserve to have all that money stolen from him. We walked the rest of the way to the restaurant in silence. Vince was in a foul mood and the rest of the Crue members knew better than to say something that might piss him off even more.
Five minutes later, we finally reached the restaurant. It was a small, dark building with a romantic atmosphere to it. Everyone immediately cheered up once we were inside. Even Vince's scowl disappeared when several pretty girls asked if they could sit with us at the table. I would've said no, but of course, Vince told them that they were more than welcome at our table. The girls took seats next to Vince and leaned up against him while he wrapped an arm around the two girls closest to him.
Rolling my eyes, I exchanged a look with Tommy. Tommy shrugged and gave me a look that read, "Vince will be Vince!" The service at the restaurant was pretty quick and we soon had drinks and appetizers. Nikki went straight for the Jack Daniels while Mick started downing a glass of vodka. Vince was a little too distracted by the girls to think about eating right now.
Abruptly, two figures appeared next to our table and waved at us. The first figure was tall with curly black hair and olive skin. The second figure was even taller than the first and had brown hair that reached his shoulders and a warm, charming smile. I didn't recognize them at all, but apparently Tommy did. Tommy motioned for the two men to sit at our table while he exclaimed, "Joe and Steven! What a pleasure! I didn't expect to see you guys here. What's up?"
The two guys took a seat at our table and smiled around at everyone. I instantly liked the two even though I didn't know who they were. The second guy, who was apparently Steven, answered Tommy's question, "Not much really. We just thought we'd come along to see your show. Hey, we made a song written after Vince."
That comment finally got Vince's attention. He jerked up from where he had been messing with the girls and looked up at Joe and Steven. As if seeing them for the first time that night, he greeted then, "Oh hey guys. What were you saying about writing a song after me?" I couldn't help but show my surprise. Since when had a band made a song up after Vince?
"Well," Joe explained, "Steven thought it was pretty interesting how you can attract so many chicks by looking like a chick yourself." Joe pointed to all the girls surrounding Vince. Vince smiled back blissfully. Having an unlimited supply of girls was always enough to make his day. I couldn't resist rolling my eyes again.
"So," Steven continued, "We made up a song called 'Dude (Looks Like a Lady)'. We used the word 'dude' because you guys from Motely always seem to call people that. So yeah, that's our story of how Vince Neil inspired us to write a song." Vince beamed proudly. His bad mood had been eliminated even after his stolen five thousand dollar incident.
Vince soon ended up talking to Joe and Steven about some upcoming tour. Hoping nobody would notice me, I slid my chair closer to Tommy and whispered in his ear, "Hey Tommy, who are Joe and Steve? Are they from a band around here or something?" Tommy gave me a pathetic look and whispered back, "God, you don't know who Joe and Steven are? We've still got a lot to teach you then, girl! Joe Perry and Steven Tyler are from Aerosmith. You do know the band Aerosmith, right?"
I nodded. Everyone knew Aerosmith. Aerosmith was one of the greatest rock bands ever! Luckily, Steven and Joe didn't hear me whispering to Tommy so they still had no idea that I hadn't known who they were. The seven of us continued chatting for a while until our food arrived. Most everyone had ordered hamburgers. When Vince got his, he immediately reached for the Gulden’s Dijon mustard and some ketchup. Suddenly, his expression changed as he look at the mustard.
"Fuck!" Vince cursed as he glowered at the mustard. "I wanted Frenchie's, not Gulden's Dijon!" Obviously pissed off and in a bad mood again, Vince slammed the mustard jar up against the wall. The glass chair exploded into several pieces and several pieces embedded themselves in Vince's hand. Howling with pain, Vince hobbled back towards the table while Tommy called an ambulance. Now I know that you're thinking that Vince probably didn't need an ambulance, but he really did. The glass shards had severed several tendons and his hand was bleeding like crazy.
When the ambulance finally arrived, Vince was shipped off while the rest of us finished our meal in silence. There was obviously going to be no show tonight now without Vince. Steven and Joe had left as soon as Vince had been injured. When the meal was finally over, the remaining four of us made our way back outside to the car. On the car door, we found a little note. Tommy read it aloud, "You're going to crash and burn...we can help you."
"Hm, that must be from Joe and Steven," Mick remarked thoughtfully. Tommy and Nikki collapsed into a fit of laughter. Between laughs, Nikki exclaimed, "Who do they think they are? We aren't crashing and burning. We're on our way to becoming the biggest band of the day!" I'd like to think Nikki was right, but deep down inside, I felt that Steven and Joe were being accurate. The Crue was crashing and burning. They really did need help.

~ ~ ~ ~

Only two months later, the Motley Crue and Guns 'n Roses tour started. The tour had started off with a blast. Everyone was getting along well and it seemed like we were going to have a pretty fun time during the tour. Unfortunately, Slash and Nikki were becoming a little too close for my liking. Don't get me wrong - it's not that I didn't like Slash. Slash was a really cool guy and he could be really nice at times. The only big problem was his drug addiction.
Slash was just as bad if not worse than Nikki with drugs. Only last night, Slash and Nikki had decided to spend their entire night at the bar since there wasn't a show to attend. Duff, Steven, Axl, Vince, and Tommy went off to some club instead. Mick and I stayed at the hotel room so we could get a little peace and quiet. Mick didn't talk to me much no matter how hard I tried to make conversation with him. He just sat at a little stool and peered out of the window while he chugged down his Mars Ade.
Anyways, I'm getting off topic, so back to Nikki and Slash. The two of them had been taking shots all night long. Once they were both wasted, they decided it would be a good idea to have a wrestling match. That obviously was a pretty stupid idea. I mean, having two drunken guys wrestling around on the floor definitely hints towards someone getting hurt. Nikki ended up falling on top of Slash during the wrestling match. Unfortunately, Nikki and Slash both ended up passing out at that point. When the rest of the Crue came back to the hotel, they had to pick Slash and Nikki up from the floor and bring them up to our hotel rooms.
The next morning, Slash called the doctor when he felt lots of pain in his neck. Apparently, Nikki had given him four dislocated vertebrae. Slash was already hurt and we had barely begun the tour. Tonight hadn't gone much better. During dinner, Slash had ended up throwing up a whole bowl of spaghetti. Believe me, it wasn't a pretty sight. Seeing and smelling vomit all over the floor and walls is really disgusting. Slash tried to make the best of the situation and ordered another shot.
Now, Nikki, Tommy, Mick, and me were all hanging out in Doc McGhee's hotel room. Slash had ended up passing out during dinner and had to be hauled back up to the room he was sharing with Steven. After dinner, Axl invited us to go to a club with them. All of us turned down the offer except for Nikki and Vince.
Only fifteen minutes later, Nikki had arrived back in our hotel room with a scowl on his face. After asking him what was wrong and why he wasn't at the club, Nikki had explained that the owners of the club wouldn't let him in because he had cut the bra off of a girl last time he had visited the club. It was reasonable of the owners not to let him in, but Nikki was furious anyhow.
I watched sleepily as Tommy and Nikki sat twiddling their thumbs on Doc's bed while Mick sat in the corner drinking either Mars Ade or vodka. It had been silent in the room ever since Nikki had arrived back from the club. All of us were pretty bored, but nobody knew what to do. Mick didn't look like he felt like doing much of anything anyways by the way his face was green.
"I'm so fucking bored," Nikki complained loudly, looking around the room for something to do. Tommy nodded his agreement to NIkki's sentence. Feeling irritable, I replied, "I think we're all bored. It's not like there's anything to do around here though. Maybe we should all just head to bed and call it an early night. I'm sure we could all use some extra sleep."
I suggested this in an attempt to keep Nikki out of trouble. After all, if Nikki was in bed, there was no way for him to end up getting into a fight with Slash or anything dangerous like that. Unfortunately, my suggestion wasn't appreciated at all. Nikki and Tommy gave me are-you-crazy looks after I suggested going to bed earlier.
Sighing, I shrugged, "Don't look at me like that. It was just a suggestion." Nikki didn't make any reply to me. Instead, his eyes lit up and he jumped off of the bed, pulling Tommy along with him. Looking really excited, Nikki exclaimed, "Hey Tommy! I have a good idea!" Tommy looked over at Nikki with curiosity and raised an eyebrow, "Really? What is it man?"
"Let's cut Doc's bed in half!" Nikki suggested, pulling a knife out of his pocket. "That way it will collapse when he tries to go to sleep tonight!" Tommy smiled at Nikki as if Nikki had just come up with the most brilliant idea in the world, "Yeah, great idea!" I watched them with wide eyes as Nikki started to cut Doc's bed straight down the center.
It was pretty obvious that Tommy was just as wasted as Nikki tonight. I mean seriously, who comes up with ideas to cut up other people's beds? Only people who are really whacked. Deciding that it wasn't worth arguing about, I watched in silence as the bed was chopped in half. I decided it was a good thing that it was the bed that was being chopped in half and not a person.
Once Doc's bed was split, Nikki's eyes roamed over the room. Suddenly, his eyes focused on the other bed in the room. The bed belonged to Fred Saunders, Motley's security chief. Running over to the bed, Nikki called to Tommy, "Hey Tommy, open the window, will you? Let's throw Fred's bed out the window! Isn't that the best fuckin' idea you've heard in a long time?"
"Fuck yeah!" Tommy agreed, nodding his head vigorously as he ran over and opened the window. While Nikki tried to lift the bed up, Tommy cranked the window open. Nikki fidgeted around with the bed for a few minutes before letting out a howl of pain. I ran over to where Nikki was standing and asked, "What's wrong?"
"I just hit my eye on the bed post," Nikki explained, rubbing his hurt eye. Something told me that Nikki was going to have a black eye tomorrow. Frowning, Nikki stalked back into the middle of the room and sat down on an empty chair, "Screw the throwing the bed out the window idea. It's not worth the trouble."
Shrugging, Tommy agreed and went to sit back down next to Nikki. We were all sitting in a circle trying to figure out a new source of entertainment when I heard footsteps from across the room. Turning around, I saw Mick standing by the open window. He was scrunching his body up as if he was about to attempt to jump threw the window. Mick wouldn't actually try to do that...would he? Apparently he would. Before Mick could do anything stupid, Tommy and I raced across the floor and pulled Mick back from the window. Mick started to protest, but passed out in our arms before he could say much of anything. Tommy and I exchanged a mutual look of sorrow. Mick really had lost it this time.

~ ~ ~ ~

Luckily, that ended up the number of incidents for the Guns 'n Roses support show tour, but the next tour in Japan didn't start out so well. Every single member of the Crue kept causing trouble. I did my best to help them, but there was only so much you could do to help out a group of drunken guys who don't have any intention to listen to anyone offering them reasonable advice.
The first incident was at a Roppongi restaurant with Vince. The two of us had been having a pretty nice dinner. Vince didn't want the other Crue members around, but had for who-knows-why reasons invited me along with him. We talked and chatted almost like old times when we were still a couple. For some reason, I didn't look at Vince the same way I used to though. Compared to Jon Bon Jovi, Vince just wasn't the god-like figure to me that he used to be.
Anyways, still on probation, Vince somehow managed to down an entire pitcher of Kamikaze cocktail. I had warned him about getting drunk, but he was in much too good of a mood to stop drinking. Unfortunately, his good mood didn't last very long. When Vince thought a group of Yakuza mafia gangsters were talking about him, he flipped over an entire table on them. The gansters immediately pulled out their guns and aimed them at Vince from the overturned table. By this point, Vince had passed out on the floor. Fred Saunders had to roll Vince out of the restaurant and load him into the car with me following behind them.
After that, I decided to join Mick, Tommy, and Nikki to go to The Lexington Queen club. I wasn't a huge fan of going to clubs, but it was Nikki's birthday and I didn't want to stay at the hotel all alone. Nikki, for once, started out sober. He made funny jokes in the car and acted like a normal person for a while. Mick even seemed to be having a little bit of a good time. He talked with the rest of us, smiled a little bit, and came out of the shell he was usually stuffed inside.
However, once we got to the club, the situation got much worse. Everyone started drinking like crazy, and before I knew it, I was stuck with three very wasted guys. That's when the trouble started. Without any warning, Nikki looked at Tommy with a funny expression and punched him in the head. Tommy, who had been on the verge of passing out, immediately fell over from hsi chair and onto the floor. Unfortunately, the fist fights had only just begun. Nikki's next target was an American tourist. All of the sudden feeling rage towards him, Nikki smashed the guy hard in the nose. The poor tourist fell over backwards and hit his head against a steel pole. There was an ugly cracking sound and blood began to spill out all over the guy's eyes. At that point, two police came over to take Nikki away. It was probably a good thing they did because Nikki was way out of control.
I motioned to Mick and both of us headed towards the exit of the club. I was about to say something to Mick, but then I realized that he was wearing the owner of the club's Godzilla mask. I had given Mick a what-the-fuck look and had asked, "Um, Mick? That isn't yours. Maybe we should go back into the club and give it back."
Sadly, Mick would not listen to reason. He was much too drunk to want to listen to anything I had to say. Instead, he ran down the street with his pants pulled down to terrorize the people out on the street. Knowing that the situation was hopeless, I called a taxi and rode back to the hotel by myself, seeing no point in hanging around for any of the other Crue members.
After that, I went back to the hotel and knocked lightly on Doc McGhee's hotel room. The door opened wide and Doc asked curiously, "Oh, hi Amy! It's a surprise to see you here. Come on in." I gratefully stepped inside and took a seat on one of the chairs inside the room. I wasn't really sure what I was doing in Doc's room, but I just knew I had to be around someone sober for a while. The Crue member's antics were started to get on my nerves.
Doc had some paperwork to attend to, so we mainly sat together in silence. That was okay with me though. I was just glad for a normal person's company. It was also nice not to have to convince Doc not to try to jump out of the window or cut the hotel room bed in half. Sighing, I leaned back against a chair and closed my eyes.
"So how're the guys doing?" Doc finally spoke, his eyes never leaving the paperwork he was working on. Shrugging, I told him the truth, "Uh, not so good. Vince passed out at a restaurant earlier after overturning a table, Tommy and Nikki got into a fist fight, and Mick is running up and down the streets terrorizing people."
Doc raised an eyebrow, but didn't look too surprised. Only a few seconds later, there was a loud banging on the door. Doc irritably set the paper work aside and went to get the door. When he opened it up, we found a drunk Vince standing there. Without saying hi, Vince stated, "I think you should fire the travel agent. You know that Yakuza's girlfriend that I had in my room earlier?" Nobody said anything, but Vince continued on, "Well, I was trying to make out with her, but apparently Sharise had arrived in my room without my knowledge. I mean seriously, couldn't the fuckin' travel agent done something about that?"
Doc sighed loudly, punched Vince in the face, and then slammed the door. I was surprised to see Doc act like that, but I could totally see why he was annoyed with Vince. Jon had definitely been right about Vince. He wasn't going to be able to stay with only one girl for a long time. I just hoped poor Sharise hadn't caught Vince in an embrace with the Yakuza's girl.
Noticing my surprised expression, Doc commented, "Sorry, Amy, but it had to be done. Vince needs some sense knocked into him." I nodded, completely agreeing. Unfortunately, I wasn't sure if Vince was going to get any sense knocked into him anytime soon. He was just as crazy as ever.

~ ~ ~ ~

After the Japanese tour finally ended, all of us headed back to Los Angeles, well, everyone except for Nikki that is. Our plane flight on the way home didn't go very well for several reasons. We had just boarded the plane and had gotten settled when Nikki started complaining about how there was nothing to do and about how he felt sick. Unfortunately, nobody could do anything about any of this, so we were all stuck listening to Nikki bitch for the long plane ride back to LA.
Finally, Nikki got so bored that he decided to mock Mick's girlfriend, Emi. Emi was apparently a very religious girl. I had never really had much to do with religion myself, but I didn't hold Emi's religious practices against her or anything. After all, people should be able to believe what they want to. Unfortunately, the Crue still didn't like Mick dated Emi and they certainly did everything possible to show him their disapproval. I didn't get what was so bad about Emi. I mean, she was a nice girl and not a skanky mud wrestler.
"Hey Emi!" Nikki called from across the row of seats to where Emi and Mick were sitting together quietly. Emi seemed to be doing Mick a world of good. Whenever Emi was around, Mick did his best not to drink and stayed sober for the most part. Emi, who hadn't been paying attention to Nikki at all, suddenly looked over at him and raised an eyebrow, "Yeah?"
Nikki, disregarding the rules of the airplane, stood up and stood in the center of the plane aisle. Nikki dropped his pants down and started begging for God to strike him down. Thinking this was a cruel way to taunt poor Emi, I thought about saying something, but decided against it. Emi started crying with large water droplets running down her cheeks. Mick wrapped his arm around her carefully and pulled her against him protectively. The glower he gave Nikki would've been enough to make me drop to my knees and start apologizing for the felony. Instead, Nikki continued to ridicule Emi, smiling all the while.
Finally getting enough of Nikki's crazy antics, Doc McGhee cleared his throat loudly and ordered sternly, "Sit down, Nikki. We really don't need to cause a riot right now. Anyways, what's everyone planning to do once we get back to LA? You have a few months before we go on another tour again so you'll have a lot of free time."
"I know what I'm gonna do," Tommy told us with a dreamy look on his face. We all turned towards Tommy to see what it was that he was going to do. Tommy went on, "I'm gonna head back to my new house and get ready for a nice Christmas with Heather." Not remembering Tommy ever saying that he was going to get a new house, I asked, "New house? Since when when did you buy a new house? I thought you just got a new house. Oh wait, maybe that was Vince. I don't remember."
"Vince sold his house," Tommy corrected me with a little smile on his face. "Heather bought a new house for us while I was gone. It's an awesome house. It was worth three million dollars. I even got a sixty-thousand dollar exclusive membership to a golf club that's on the hill next to our house. It's gonna be great!"
I squinted my eyes at Tommy, thinking that something wasn't right here. In all the years that I had known Tommy, I had never heard him mention golfing before. Raising an eyebrow, I asked him, "Since when have you been into golf? I thought you were more into riding your dirt bike around and doing stuff like that." Tommy shrugged and blushed.
Doc took the conversation back into his own hands and turned to Mick and Emi. Emi had calmed down slightly now that Nikki was sitting down again, but she still looked irritated and her eyes were red and puffy. Doc asked the couple, "So what about you two? What are your plans once we get back to Los Angeles this afternoon?"
"We're just gonna spend some quality time at home," Mick replied, squeezing Emi's shoulders. The irritation on Emi's face disappeared completely and she smiled brilliantly up at Mick. The couple really did seem perfect together. Mick went on, "I'm not gonna have anything to do with the band for a few months, okay? It's too much of a hassle."
Doc nodded seriously and agreed, "Alright, Mick. I can see you need a break. The break will probably do you some good. What about you, Vince?" Everyone turned towards Vince who was sitting to my right. Vince looked kind of tired from all the previous nights of partying, but when Doc asked him the question, he jerked his head up and tried to be alert as he said, "I'm gonna go spend some time with Sharise. You guys all know her, right? She's the mud wrestler from the Tropicana."
Ah yes, of course I remembered Sharise. She was the one that had been in Vince's hotel room when he was trying to make out with the Yankuza's girlfriend. Hiding a little smirk, I asked in a serious voice, "Did she ever catch you making out with that Chinese girl that night in your hotel room?" Vince's smile wavered and then he grinned at me, "Luckily not."
Leaving only one person left, Doc finally turned his attention to Nikki and questioned, "You still haven't told us what your plans are going to be, Nikki." Nikki looked over his shoulder at Doc and said flatly, "I'm not gonna stay in LA. It's too boring there. I'm heading to board a plane for Asia. I'm gonna do a solo tour there for a while."
"What?" Doc asked in surprise, obviously not happy to hear this news. "I thought you were going to go home and work on cleaning up a bit. I don't think this tour is a good idea. Besides, don't you need to pack some stuff before you head off to Asia? This is a really last minute decision, Nikki. I don't really approve of it."
"I don't care if you approve of it," Nikki snapped back. "I've been planning to go on this trip for a long time. You aren't gonna stop me now. Besides, I've got all I need in this little bag right here." Nikki motioned to a black bag on his lap and unzipped it. He showed us the contents in it. All I could see in it were a large pack of condoms.
Doc ran a hand nervously over his head and said, "I guess I can't convince you not to go on this tour, Nikki. I'm gonna go with you though. I don't trust you to come home from Asia if I don't come with you." Nikki shrugged, obviously oblivious to Doc's suggestion. Poor Doc. So due to Nikki's antics, he was going to be forced to go to Asia. I just hoped that Nikki would be able to keep his cool there and not get anymore fucked up than he already was.

~ ~ ~ ~

Two months later, Tommy and I were sitting in my living room. The two of us were talking and catching up and just having fun like people our age should do. Tommy was telling me about his Christmas plans with Heather and about how he was planning on hosting a big Christmas party for her. I was happy for Tommy and Heather, but I was pretty jealous as well. I wished with all my heart that I had a guy like Tommy to plan a Christmas party for me.
The two of us were still chit chatting when a ringing sound came from next to us. Wondering what the noise was, I raised an eyebrow at Tommy. Tommy quickly dug around in his pocket and held his phone up, "I guess someone's calling me. I wonder who it is. You don't mind it I answer it a second, do you?"
By now, I was curious to see who was on the phone as well, so I shook my head and watched Tommy as he flipped open the phone and said, "Hello?" Tommy sat in silence for a few moments while whoever was on the other side of the phone blabbed to him. Unable to contain my curiosity, I raised an eyebrow at Tommy and mouthed, "Who is it?"
"Vince," Tommy mouthed back, rolling his eyes. To be honest, I was surprised that Vince had found time to call Tommy. Ever since we had gotten back from the Japanese tour, Vince had spent most of his days in the Tropicana, The Body Shop, or the Seventh Veil. When he wasn't in a strip club or bar, Vince spent all the rest of the time with Sharise.
Suddenly, without any warning at all, Tommy exclaimed, "You aren't fucking serious! You've got to be kidding me!" I jumped at Tommy's loud exclamation and looked at him nervously. Something was obviously wrong. I wanted to know what it was right this minute, but I obviously couldn't interrupt Vince's and Tommy's conversation. Instead, I was forced to wait in suspense as Tommy and Vince talked for another five minutes. Well, mostly Vince did the talking. Tommy just sat in his chair speechless.
When Tommy finally hung up the phone, I wasted no time in asking him what was going on, "Tommy, what was all that about?" Tommy flipped his phone shut and leaned against the couch with his eyes closed for a long minute. He looked almost sick. Finally, he gave me a grave look and said, "Nikki's dead, Amy."
I was completely speechless for a few minutes. Nikki? Dead? That just didn't make any sense! I was about to tell Tommy to stop joking around with me, but then I remembered that was Tommy's reaction to Vince's news. Besides, if truth be told, it wasn't that much of a surprise that Nikki was dead. He hadn't been looking too good for a long time. Fate had just ended up catching up to him.
When I finally found my voice, I asked, "How did it happen?" Gulping and trying to hold back tears, Tommy said, "Well, Nikki got back from the tour in Asia. I guess he felt lonely or something because he immediately called Slash from Guns 'n Roses and Robbin Crosby. You remember Robbin, right? He's from Ratt."
I nodded and Tommy continued, "Anyways, the three of them went out and spent the entire night in clubs. Once they were done, they decided to go back to the hotel rooms and do some drugs. Slash had passed out by that time, so Nikki went into Steven Adler's room instead. Robbin's drug dealer had just got some Persian heroin, so he followed Nikki into the room. After typing and shooting him up, the dealer said the Nikki turned completely blue. Nikki ran to Slash's room right after that, pounded on the door, and then collapsed. The only people around the hotel at the point in time where Sally, Slash's girlfriend, and Steven. They tried banging on his chest and mouth-to-mouth to get him to revive. Unfortunately, Slash woke up and smashed the glass shower screen all over them. After solving that distraction by punching Slash, Sally called 911. The paramedics came to take Nikki to the hospital, was too late. Nikki's dead."
I listened to the sad tale as if I was living in a dream. I just couldn't believe that Nikki was really dead. True, Nikki could be crazy sometimes, but not having Nikki around anymore would just not be right. The band couldn't go on without Nikki. Nikki was part of our family. The Crue had been together for six years now and I had been friends with Nikki for even longer than that.
Not really sure what to say, I said, "So who else knows besides Vince?" Tommy counted off the people on his fingers and said, "Well, Doc knows. Someone called Mick too I think. He was suppose to cancel the European tour that started next year. Without Nikki, that isn't really possible." Up to this point, I had pretty much kept control over myself. However, now I felt the tears start streaming down my cheeks and down my face in a steady stream.
Tommy was comforting and held me in his arms as I cried for my best friend who had ended up killing himself over heroin. When my tears finally dried up, I said, "Let's call Nikki." Tommy gave me a look that read what-the-fuck before replying, "Um, Amy? I know you're upset, but there's no point in calling Nikki's house. We all know he's not there."
Still not able to accept the news that Nikki was really dead, I yanked the phone from Tommy's hand and said, "I don't care! I...I just have to try calling him." Tommy gave me a sympathetic look as I smashed Nikki's phone number angrily into the phone. After several long rings, the voice message system clicked on. I was about to shut the phone when I suddenly heard what the answering machine said. Nikki's voice called out to us, "Hey, it's Nikki. I’m not home because I’m dead.”
Tommy and I stared at each other wide-eyed. There was no way that Nikki would've recorded that message before he went to the paramedics. Was there a possibility Nikki Sixx was still alive after all?

A million thoughts swirled through my head. I knew somewhere deep inside of me that Nikki couldn't really be dead. It seemed that if he was really dead, a part of me would've died as well. Since that hadn't happened, I just knew Nikki was alive. Hearing Nikki's voice mail message seemed to prove my thoughts. I immediately knew what I had to do. I had to go to Nikki's house right away and see if he was really dead or not. Without a second though, I jumped up from the couch and started towards the door.
Tommy was right behind me. As I pulled open the front door, Tommy asked, "Amy, where are we going? You do know that Nikki isn't home, right? He's at the hospital or he's dead. I mean, I'm not trying to be pessimistic here or anything, but I just don't want you to get your hopes up. Nikki probably made that voice message before going to Slash's place."
Trying to ignore Tommy, I jumped into the front seat of my jetta and revved up the car impatiently as Tommy climbed in the passenger seat next to me. Backing up as quickly as I could, I said, "Don't you think Nikki's voice message is a little too coincidental though? Nikki has to be alive. He just has to be." I said the words as firmly and with as much confidence as I could. It was as if I thought I could will Nikki to stay alive if I truly believed he was alive.
Tommy hesitated as I drove as quickly as I could towards Nikki's old, gothic house that his ex-girlfriend, Nicole, had picked out for him. As we drove along, Tommy finally said, "Yes, the timing off Nikki's death and the phone message do seem pretty ironic. I just think that maybe we should plan on Nikki being dead so we aren't getting our hopes up, you know?"
"Mm," I said, not really telling him yes or no. After all, I was hoping with all my being that Nikki was alive, so there was really no point in telling me not to get my hopes up at this point. Tommy, obviously realizing that his talk wasn't sinking in, sighed and shut up for the rest of the trip to Nikki's place. I was glad for his silence. In my mind, I was revisiting all the past times Nikki and I had had together. I remembered graduating with him and then our single kiss from years ago.
Finally, we arrived at Nikki's house. The place looked dark and threatening, but I didn't care. Wasting no time, I parked the car in the driveway and jumped out with Tommy at my heels. I didn't even bother knocking as I reached the front door. Instead, I pushed it open and barged in like I was a member of the FBI or something like that.
All the lights in the house were off and it looked kind of desolate and dreary. Tommy and I quickly split up and decided to search for Nikki at opposite ends of the house. Tommy went right and I went left. On the left side of the house, I searched the kitchen, living room, and even the bedroom. No Nikki. Just when I was about to give up, I say a small door that was almost hidden by the corner of the bedroom. Noticing that the door was propped slightly open, I quickly took notice of it and crept towards the door. Hoping I wasn't going to find Nikki's dead body inside, I popped the door open and stepped inside.
To my utmost horror and surprise, I saw Nikki's limp body lying on the floor. There was still a needle dangling from his arm and there was blood all over the rug. I again had the feeling of being at a crime scene. Praying with all my might that Nikki wasn't dead and just passed out, I sank to my knees next to him and turned him over so I could see his face. Pressing my ear to his heart, I listened for a heartbeat. Hearing the faintest beating, I called Tommy's name as loudly as I could.
At my scream, Tommy came running and Nikkis stirred a bit. Hoping that maybe he was going to wake up, I swatted his hair away from his eyes and asked in as calm of a voice as I could, "Nikki? Nikki, can you hear me? If you can, please say something. Just...try to wake up, okay? You can't die. You just can't!"
One of Nikki's eyelids fluttered ever so slightly and his green gaze met mine for a moment. He stared at me blearily, as if trying to make out who I was. By this time, Tommy had arrived in the bathroom and bent over Nikki next to me. At the sight of Tommy, Nikki shut his eyes again and groaned loudly. In a weak voice, he murmured, "Amy? Is that you?"
"Nikki!" I cried out, tears of joy dribbling down my face, "Nikki, you're alive! And yes, it's me. How are you? What are you doing here? How did you get out of the hospital?" I had so many questions for Nikki and they seemed to pop out of my mouth one after another. My tears kept coming faster and faster. It was so relieving to find Nikki alive at the moment.
"How did I get out of the hospital?" Nikki asked blankly. It looked like he didn't even remember being at the hospital. After thinking for a few moments, his eyes suddenly lite up with recognition and he started to laugh. The sad thing was that his laugh turned into a choke. When Nikki finally stopped choking, he replied, "I just stepped right out of the hospital. The security there isn't too good. I found some teenage girls in the park. They were crying because they thought I was dead. I asked them for a ride home and they consented. I don't really remember what happened after that. I think I shot up some more heroin. I dunno really..."
Nikki's sentence trailed off and with that, so did his consciousness. Tommy and I watched in horror as Nikki's eyes shut again. Looking at Tommy, I asked hysterically, "What do we do now? Call 911?" Tommy thought hastily for a minute and then shook his head, "Nah, we call Doug and Doc and see what they suggested we can do. I'll do that right now."
Tommy stepped out of the door and immediately started punching Doc's phone number into the phone. After I watched him go, I turned helplessly back to Nikki. Resting my head against his chest, I murmured, "Help is coming, Nikki. Just hang on for my sake."
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