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Chapter Four

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The next morning,I was woken up by a strange wet feeling on my face.
I moaned,and my eyes slowly opened to make eye contact with a tongue.
"Ahhhh!",I yelped and shot up.My eyes found the baby wolf in my bed barking happily,and my mind slowly processed it.
The like a slap on a face,which I unconsciously rubbed my cheek as if I actually got one,my remembered everything.
Last night,I went to the forest,was almost eatan alive,found baby wolf,Zero found me,and then came back home.
"Oh,man.How am I going to hide you?I should ave left you with your mommy.She must really hate my guts right now.",I said.
"Miss,are you awake now?",I heard.
"Yeah.What's wrong,Helen?",I asked.
"You're very late for school.",she said.
"Huh?",I murmured stupidly.With a look at my clock,I went jumping out of my bed to my bathroom.
I should do this more often because it only took me five minutes to get ready.Usually,it takes me almost thirty.
Walking out of my room,I gave a nervous smile at Helen.
"Helen,sorry,but I can't let you come in my room.I want nobody to come in my room,not even you or dad,kay?",I asked.She nodded and I followed her downstairs.
I ran for the door and into the car,and told the chaufeur to speed it up.

I sighed in relief as I made the class in time.
"Well,hello,Miss Katalina.Now,there won't be any wierd 'opinions' for me today?",said Mr.Louie.
I sighed and sat down with the best fake smile I can make.
"No.Strictly the answers you want,Mr.Louie.",I forced.He smiled and nodded with aprroval.I sighed and opened my notebook.
"So,looks like your daddy got you out of trouble once again,huh?"
I looked up to see Diva Leader with those things that go around for your broken neck,(whatever they were called,haha),and a bandage on her nose.
I almost broke out laughing.
"I don't want no more trouble.Leave me alone.",I said.
"Whatever,Queen Of Losers,I'll get you.You and your 'ghetto' friends.",she said and her and her posse walked away laughing.
I sighed in absolute disbelief and just began writing what Mr.Louie began to say.

I looked up to see Melinda and smiled.
"Hi.",I said.
"Alright,I got a list of things to work on with you.",she said.
"Say what?",I asked.
She smirked and dug into her lunch.Zero came up and sat beside her,opening his soda can.
"So,got a name for junior back at home?",he asked.I smiled remembering him saving me.
"No,not yet.I'll figure it out.",I said.
"Junior?".Melinda asked.
"Yeah,slave here found a baby wolf in the forest last night.",he said.
"Cool.Mind if I come over to see it.I gotta pick you up anyhow.",Melinda said.
"For what?",I asked.
"You'll see.Just be dressed and bring gym clothes.",Melinda said.I nodded a bit wierded out.
"So,I noticed yesterday that you were trying to hide us when we came over.",Zero said.
"Yeah,what was with that?I mean,I would've asked before but I was so caught up on that T.V.",she said with a laugh.
"'s just my dad.I'll explain some other time.",I murmured poking at my sphagetthi with my fork.
"Alright,whatev's.Gosh,they got such fancy food here!",Melinda said excitedly.
"Way to change the subject.",Zero muttered.Melinda scoffed and nudged him.I smiled and watched them fight,thinking.
I wonder if I could really be their friends.I mean...if nobody here likes me,why would they?
Gosh,life is so weird!
"Dude,it would be so funny if one of the girls in this cafeteria found a snake in their purse.",Melinda said.Suddenly,screams went throughout the cafeteria.I turned to see Diva Leader running for her life.
"You put a snake in her purse?",Zero asked.
"Yeah.",Melinda said very cooly with a drunk-looking smirk.
"Fake?",he asked.
It got weirder...
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