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my first slipknot fanfic be nice lol

"Flight 201 destined to New York now boarding" I heard a female voice form a loud speaker

Here I am running away, running away from pain, he did it the last thing I though he could do guess i judged him wrong and trusted him to much gave the best of me to him what a mistake. I took my flight to New York a whole different place to try and start a new life i hope i can. my friend Neyla comes along with me to help get through the whole moving thing and cause she has a place in New York she is my best friend the only person i can put mi life on.

5 years later......

I wake up in the morning to start my every day shitty life man it sucks and I hate it I don't know why I haven't done anything about it guess because it implies an actual effort that I am not willing to make. I get ready for work my friend Neyla still sleeps damn I envy her she is been trying to live her life quite nicely don't now how she does it even though we live together we have a very different way of perception. I got out of the house walked down the street same as yesterday and many other days I see many cars pass by teens skipping class an others trying to get on time good an evil passing slowly by me and all I can think of after five years is about him the one that destroyed my life damn at this point I don't really know if its real love what I still feel or obsession or even hate but I feel shitty about it I take a bus to work after waiting a couple of minutes in the bus stop.

Finally I got to work, my pathetic work. I am a waitress how pathetic is that well let me tell you a lot I sink in my thoughts as I hear a voice calling my name. “Joan, Joan!” the voice said “oh I am sorry Mr. Pendanski”. Mr. Pendanski is my boss a fucking old guy. “Yes Mr. pendanski" I said to him with a hypocrite voice “Get to work Joan there’s a customer calling move girl” he said as he pointed to the customer that was calling for service. “Yes Mr Pendanski right away” I told him. “Well move!” he said as he clapped his hands in motion for me to move damn I hate the old guy.

I walked towards the customer with a fucking happy face that anyone that new me would say It was fake, and it was. “Yes good morning may I take your order” I said in the most politely way I could say. “Can you bring an order of burritos and a large regular coffee please” the guy said “Yes of course right away”. I went to the kitchen to put the order in line and take someone’s plate to another table while the rest were ready. I took a milk shake and a slice of cake I looked over the order to see for which table it was and so I did I was heading to the table and got distracted suddenly a felt someone bust in to me everything went flying in the air if you would have seen it in slow motion it would have been funny and as gravity started to do its job everything finally landed on top of the guy that busted in to me. I tried so desperately to clean him off in that same instant our eyes matched and I saw the most beautiful blue eyes that I had ever seen I got lost in them like a navigator could get lost in the sea. I came back to earth when a heard a rough voice say “You are fired girl! It’s the second time that this happens to you” Mr. Pendanski said in a very angry voice “But, but” I said almost wanting to cry “No buts Ms. Sullivan get your things and get out of my restaurant” I had no choice but to do as he said I went to the back part of the restaurant to gather my things and I left while the manager apologized with the guy.

After I walked a few steps I saw by the corner of my eye that the guy came out right after me then it happen the thing I didn’t want to happen he called me. “Hey, hey Ms. Sullivan” I heard him say in a very calmed way so I didn’t know what he exactly wanted “Hey if you want me to pay any of your clothes or whatever let me tell you that I don’t have a cent” I told him damn wanted to jump on him an scream at him that this was his fucking fault but I held my self back didn’t want to get in more trouble “No it’s not that I .. just want to apologize for the accident look I am really sorry” he said in a sweet voice. “Yeah well feel sorry for yourself now if you don’t mind I‘ve got to go” I said to him in a huffy way and as I stared to walk again “Wait, wait” I heard him say “Now what” I huffed at him “Umm… let me help you” he said as he came closer to me “What!? help me? well I don’t know how the hell you’re going to help me” I said to him in between little sarcastic laughs “Look first of all I am Sid, Sid Wilson” he said as he stretched his hand to make a polite contact with mine which I denied looking at him in an angry way “Can you just get straight to it” I said “Well let me get you a job I have some friends that I can talk to and can get you in quite fast” the offer seem interesting but… damn I didn’t want anything from him who am I fooling I need the job an well that’s the least he can do after what he caused “Okay then here is my phone number and call me when you get the job" I said to him as a handed him a little piece of white paper.
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