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'Has anyone seen my mobile?'

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Gerard's video shoot and where is Jasmines mobile?

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Gerards POV

He's ruined it. My new song. It's disgusting. The first version was like this -
'I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone'
But now... It's ruined. I mean how is 'I am not afraid to strike you dead, I am not afraid to kill you here now' inspiring at all? It's actually rather repulsing.
I gave my mobile to Frank "Can you upload that to the computer please?"
"Yeah, sure."
"Hey man, don't lose that. It's got my entire life on it!" I told him.
"Yeah dude, you can trust me."

Jasmines POV

I got a chance to know the new girl in PE. We were both put in goal for Football. I started asking her questions and talking to her.
"So, where are you from?"
"New York."
"Really? Wow! My name's Jasmine by the way. I don't know how many Jasmines were in your old class but there are seven Jasmines in our class. I wanted to change my name to Sapphire or Ruby or Lola or something more exciting..."
"Natasha." She said, squeleing as she dodged another football.
"Yeah, I guess that could work." I replied, misunderstanding.
"No, my name's Natasha." She said, nearly falling over.
"Well, that's a cool name. Nobody in our class is called that!"
When we were doing laps and she lagged behind, not wanting to mess up her hair I jogged with her "So, why did you move here?"
"My Dad, he travels for his job and my Mum wanted us to settle down."
"Well that's cool."
After class she decided to hang round with me. I was happy because I wanted to be her friend and be like her SO bad. But ofcourse I couldn't make that obvious.
"So, do you like this Gerard Way guy?" she asked.
I already knew she didn't like him so I shook my head "No, he can't sing and his lyrics are pathetic."
Natasha giggled "I've never heard him but the way these girls go on about him! It's sort of pathetic."
"Yeah." I smiled "He's a total loser.

Gerards POV

"Video shoot today!" Jeff reminded me for the fifteenth time "Come on, let's get going."
"You've still got my mobile?" I asked Frank
"Yeah, ofcourse!"

Jasmines POV

After school that day, I decided to bring Natasha home with me. I opened the door and was greeted with my mum holding alot of signs saying PROTECT OUR HOUSE and things like that. Sad really.
Natasha walked in and my Mum smiled at her "Hello, who's this?"
"Oh, my new friend Natasha. She just moved her from New York."
"Hello." Natasha greeted "What are the signs for?"
"Don't get her started she'll just carry on and on all day." Then I remember the Gerard Way posters in my room "Actually, you DO want to here about it. Mum, tell her while I... Do something."
I sat Natasha next to my mum and ran upstairs. I ripped the Gerard Way posters off my walls and shoved them under my bed. Then I pulled my tee shirts out of my wardrobe, incase Natasha was going to look at my clothes and shoved them quickly under my bed.
I ran downstairs and saw my Mum deep in conversation with Natasha. I grabbed Natasha's arm and said "Okay, she gets it now."
We ran up the stairs "Actually, that was rather intresting." I laughed, hoping she didn't mean it.
We sat in my room, talking for a while about nothing in paticular. Then I got a phone call from my friend Emily. I picked up my bright pink mobile and answered.
"Gerard Ways video shoot starts in ten minutes! Where are you!?"
"Where is it?"
"Down the road, hurry!"
She hung up and I went to grab my bag... Then remember Natasha.
"Hey, wanna go out?" I asked.
"Sure, where?"
"Well, I know it's totally lame but Gerard Way is shooting his new video down the road..."
"Let's go." Natasha said.
"Yeah, we can laugh at how pathetic everyone acts to Gerard Way." She started acting like a Fan Girl "GERARD! GERARD! OVER HERE! I LOVE YOU!"
I laughed and grabbed my bag "Yeah, let's go."
Eight minutes later, me and Natasha were standing behind some metal bars, watching Gerard Way walk around, waiting for the cameras to start rolling. Damn, he's SO cute!
Finally, the cameras started rolling. They were going to pick girls later to dance in the background.
I noticed everyone around us screaming like Natasha had back in my bedroom. Natasha giggle and started faking to love him "GERARD! GERARD, I LOVE YOU!"
I jumped up and down, screaming aswell but I wasn't acting. Gerard Way started singing and half of us sang along. Natasha looked surpirsed that I knew the lyrics but I shrugged and said my friends were forever playing his CDs. She laughed and mimed singing along aswell.
"Stop! Stop! Stop the music!" Gerard suddenly said, shaking his head "I can't do this, I'm sorry."
Shocked fans began to pile out as they aborted the photo shoot until next week. I started walking out aswell but colided into Gerard Ways guitar player.
"I'm sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going!" I said, picking up all my things and shoving them back in my bag. He picked up his things and shoved them in his bag aswell, frantic not to get left behind.
Finally, we got all our stuff and he walked away "Why didn't you pick up?" I heard a voice from behind me and turned to see Sophie, Emily and Katie standing behind us "I've called you like ten times!"
I went delving in my bag "Has anybody seen my phone?" I asked. Suddenly I pulled out one of those new, expensive phones "Uhh guys, this isn't my phone!"

Franks POV

"Dude, have you put my songs on that laptop yet?" Gerard asked me, looking worried.
"Just about to."
"Hey man, I'm sorry."
I looked up at him "Why?"
"For that rockstar attitude thing earliar. It wasn't cool so... I'm sorry." He smiled at me, turned and walked out.
I delved into my bag to get Gerards mobile... But brought out a bright pink one instead. Crap!
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