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the plot thickens

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is it wise to antagonize a vampire

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Chapter 5
The plot thickens

Harrells view
Continuing to match gazes with the old human, I took in the circumstances of my current situation, outnumbered, alone in a strange environment with a unknown hostility level, and currently unarmed left me with but one course of action, a path in which I detested taking, at least with humans involved in the equation...diplomacy.

General view

The lingering silence after Harrells appearance coated the great hall like a blanket of death, not even the breathing of the students was heard as the Headmaster locked gazes with him, the professors unsure of what to do waited for instruction from Dumbledore, who was lightly fingering his wand that he had placed upon the table when he stood in outrage when the goblet of fire spewed forth Harry Potters name. The silence would have lingered for an unknown amount of time had Harrell not broken it
“Pardon the intrusion” he began while taking a pose of noble refinement, “but it would appear that I have stumbled upon a ceremony in which I was not cordially invited too, and therefore unsure of why my presence was summoned here” Harrell continued sweeping his gaze over the more apparent threats, the Professors, then stopping his gaze upon Dumbledore once more “perhaps you might be of some minimal assistance to explain such a phenomenon?”
Quickly shaking off the surprise he felt Dumbledore swiftly reverted to his famous ‘grandfatherly aura’ complete with twinkling eyes.
“Of course, but I believe such matters would be best discussed in private Mr.....?”
“Lord Harrell” he growled out, losing a hold on his temper from being spoken to like a child “and I didn’t ask for what you believed, you old fool, I asked for a explanation” quickly taking a small breath to real in his temper, as Harrell noticed the other Professors reaching for something beneath their robes “however as this is most obviously your domain I shall do as you ask for now” Harrell finished emphasizing the end to convey that he wouldn’t be ordered to do anything, he didn’t wish to.
Briefly startled by Harrells replying tone, Dumbledore shook off his shock reapplied his grandfather facade, and gestured Harrell towards a door just behind the staff table, where the students had seen the champions of all three schools enter after their names had been called.
Pausing for only a moment Harrell strode toward the staff table, smirking as the sound of hundreds of students began to speculate about him, which for him was excellent, because speculation eventually led to rumours, and rumours led to superstition which ultimately led to fear, tools Harrell was more the fluent in using to his advantage. Finally coming to stand before the door behind the staff table Harrell paused for a moment to gaze at Dumbledore, sending an unspoken message within his gaze that treachery would be met with violence, and then preceded through the threshold into the awaiting chamber.
The room was pleasantly warm, a large fireplace breathed forth flames of gold that illuminated the various trophies and furniture placed throughout the room as well as three individuals, two males and one female. The first male was well built, slight in the shoulders sandy blond hair and a face on the cusp of adulthood, but still holding some baby fat.
The second male was strongly familiar to Harrell, but couldn’t figure out why, his build was athletic, almost lanky really but not quite, a strong jaw that was almost stone like and dark hair that wasn’t quite brown but not entirely black, it was the eyes that caused the most feeling of familraty, dark and bottomless, almost insect like.
The female was well formed, with silvery blond hair and a figure most girls on the verge of womanhood would murder for, deep blue eyes gazed at him with a strange mixture of shock, fear and a small flare of hate, which was mirrored by the quivering of her arms and legs, not quite fear, but not entirely rage, and exuding a aura of sensuality all at the same time, fortunately for Harrell growing up in a Nosgoth ruled by vampires he was immune to such...meagre attempts at sensual allurement.
Done with his observations, Harrell swiftly occupied an armchair sitting in the shadow of the fire, allowing his emerald gaze to glow out of the shadows, smirking at the various levels of unease that took hold of the rooms other three occupants, and waited for his apparent host to arrive.
A few minutes later they he arrived with three others in tow, a rather large women, a spindly and shaggy male the oozed deceit and another male wearing a suit of some kind and seeming quite fidgety. Casting his gaze around the room Dumbledore quickly spotted the two globes of emerald fire floating in the shadows, giving away Harrells presents.
“Ah Harry, I see you have already met your fellow champions Cedric Diggory, Viktor Krum and Fleur Delacour” he addressed Harrell pointing to each of the original occupants of the room in the order he had observed them “and these are the Headmaster and Headmistress of Mr. Krum and Miss Delacour respectively Headmaster Karkaroff an Headmistress Maxime, and this gentlemen here is Mr. Bagman, the organizer of this year’s triwizard tournament”
“Dumbledore I must protest!” burst Karkaroff “I was not aware that the English definition of tri was changed to mean four, nor was I aware that the fourth school would be sending a dark creature” he finshed while stabbing a finger at the shadow covered Harrell.
“ I must agree with Karkaroff on this Dumblydoor” spoke up Maxime “ though I have no concern with the Childs” here Harrell bristled so much that his face scales shook “ bloodline I do protest that a fourth school was not announced to me as well.”
“Nor was I aware of such a situation and I assure you that a fourth school is not involved in this tournament I assure you my fellow heads” placated Dumbledore “however the situation stands as such that the goblet for unknown reasons has chosen a fourth champion, and as I’m sure your all well aware that once a name has been chosen by the Goblet of Fire a magical contract is created, and therefore will force Mr. potter to compete with the other champions, isn’t that right Ludo?”
“Yes” spoke up Mr. Bagman “once a name is brought forth the named must compete, to the end, there is no escaping a magical contract once initiated, whether knowingly or not” he finished with an air of finality.
“This is a outrage” cried Fleur “ how can you let this compete in such a noble compition, when his kind are known for being nothing more than cruel and deceiving” she finished in a shriek, causing Harrells interest to be peaked, what had vampires done to this girl that would infuriate her so? It would be amusing to find out one way or another, besides as far as he could tell there were no other vampires.....or maybe there is.
“Miss Delacour” began harshly “ while in this school you should do well to put such views away while you compete, wars have been started over less insults then that” quickly turning to Harrell he continued “ now Harry is there anything you would like to be clarified before we continue?” Dumbledore questioned.
“Yesss there is” Harrell began exaggerating the s to show his announce at these humans petty dispute “ where am I, what in the depths of the abyss is a ‘triwizard tournament’ and why do you keep referring to me as ‘Harry’ or Mr. Potter two names that have no meaning to me what ssso ever.”
“Perhaps I could answer that Harrell” spoke a voice from the doorway in which everyone entered. Swiftly all eyes turned toward the door way in which a powerful figure stood, wearing clothing more suited toward medieval courts covered by a red over coat. His skin was a deep forest green that many would find sickly, his hands where cloven just as Harrells are, his face however was what truly made the humans in the room blood run cold, four green spikes jutted from his chin in some inhuman representation of a beard and his ears where frills running from the back of his head to just before the crown of it, and when he spoke prominate fangs where revealed.
“Hello Vorador” greeted Harrell with bored amusement “it has been so long”
“Yes Harrell, yes it has”

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