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My Chemical Romance

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Gerard finds his old band members as this story comes to a close.

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Jasmine's POV

I wish you had seen my mother's face when Gerard Way showed up at HER rally. It brought a huge crowd and she got the chance to say a few words about the house first. Her speech was pretty boring, but the best part was telling my other friends.
"He really likes us!" I told them "That's why he agreed to play at Mum's rally, FOR FREE! I bet we'll even be in his next music video!"
"Did you read his new lyrics?" Katie asked "They're MUCH better than the old ones!"
"I sent out the new lyrics to everyone." Natasha said, coming up behind me "And I was the one who dyed and cut his hair."
"Oh, it's you." Emily pouted, putting her hand on her hip "What do you want?"
"Em!" I cried, shocked "Natasha's a really good friend of mine now but so are you guys! And I don't want to have to choose between you both!"
Emily started to say something but Sophie interutped "No, she's right. We never really gave Natasha a chance. We're sorry." Sophie held out her hand for Natasha to shake and I held my breath incase Natasha was rude.
But to my surprise, Natasha took her hand shook it back "Yay, because from what I hear, you guys are really rather awesome!"
Well that made them smile.

Gerard's POV

That was it. And it was all thanks to Jasmine and Natasha. I was about to sing some songs that meant something to me. I knew which song I was going to sing aswell.
I walked round the back of the house, but Frank caught up with me and grabbed my arm "Dude, how did you know where I was?" I asked, scared that Jeff would suddenly pop out of nowhere.
"I had a hunch!" He replied, grabbing my shoulders "If you do this, you'll be giving up EVERYTHING that you worked for."
Suddenly, Ray, Bob and Mikey appeared. I smiled "We're My Chemical Romance. Always have been, always will be."
I hugged them all and then Bob said "Just this once... Could we play togethor, with the name My Chemical Romance?"
I smiled "There's nothing I want more. Let's go for it!"
We walked out onto the stage and I announced into the microphone "I have a confession to make. The lyrics I've been singing... Well, they mean nothing to me. I wrote myself ones that were meaningful, but they got changed and edited. But that was the only thing wrong with my career. I have been a solo artist, when all I want is to be in my band like the old days... Back when we were My Chemical Romance. Are you ready to give us a chance?" From the chears we recieved, I think they were "Well, these are my bands members and the best friends in the world. Mikey Way my brother, Ray Toro, Bob Bryar and the best till last, Frank Iero."
Then we started playing "Long ago... Just like the hearse you..." Helena. My Grandmothers song and I hoped she was listening wherever she was.
After that song I yelled "SAVE THIS HOUSE!" and got the entire crowd to chant it to until the building firm agreed that the house was going to stay put.
I smiled and sung another song for them 'Famous Last Words'

Jasmine's POV

My Chemical Romance now-a-days are huge. They've got a new manager, one who lets them have their hair anyway they want and sing whatever they want. The only changes are the one's agreed by the band.
Gerard chose to grow his hair long and dye it black again. It does suit him like that though.
As for me and my friends, we got the chance to appear in his music video! An offer we couldn't refuse. So now for his video, Teenagers, we are the cheerleaders in the background.
I got my mobile back, but after me and Gerard exchanged phone numbers. We keep in touch quite a lot and he always has something intresting to say.
Natasha changed aswell. Her sparkles and eye-liner were replaced by football kits and ponytails. On the first day she hated PE, now she couldn't get enough of it. She also hated Gerard Way when she got here, but now she's a huge My Chemical Romance fan and I have nothing more to hide.
As for Jeff, he found another recording artist. Somebody called Miley Cyrus I think. Hehe, good luck Miley...
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