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FOBGeek aka. Jason

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Roxy makes a new friend over the internet and Gerard still seems keen to meet up with her.

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In the end, I chose to stay on the chatroom all day. Not just waiting for Gerard to come on, but I think I'd grown addicted to the chatroom. I was suddenly chatting to a bunch of, well, nobodys!

MCRGirl - Hello!
FOBGeek - Hi.
MCRGirl - What's your name?
FOBGeek - Jason, yours?
MCRGirl - Roxy, Roxy Barefield.
FOBGeek - Cool last name.
MCRGirl - Yeah, I know right bruv (:

I didn't leave my room the entire weekend, I didn't get dressed or anything. Well obviously I left to go to the bathroom but my mom brought my meals in on a tray so I could chat to my friends while eating. I started talking to Jason a lot more aswell.

FOBGeek - 'sup 'sup MCRNerd (:
MCRGirl - 'sup 'sup FOBGeek ;D
FOBGeek - So whatcha been up to?
MCRGirl - Website chatting all day actually ;D
FOBGeek - You've been online all day?
MCRGirl - And probably will be most of the night at this rate (;
FOBGeek - Fair enough. But here is the question you must answer...
MCRGirl - Hit me.
FOBGeek - hits Nah, I'm kidding. Question is, have you ever watched Twilight?
MCRGirl - No.
FOBGeek - (: You are officially my best friend.
MCRGirl - I don't really see what the fuss is all about.
FOBGeek - My sister loves it. She has Robert Pattinson posters all over her walls.

We carried on talking for a while, discussing how we would change the film Twilight. I've never watched it but Jason managed to break it down for me into simple terms. I don't think I'll be watching that film any time soon.

FOBGeek - (: lol
MCRGirl - One sec, someone else is talking to me in private chat. BRB.

MCRBoy - Hi.
MCRGirl - Oh. Hi.
MCRBoy - You never showed up.
MCRGirl - Well, you didn't give me a time and even if you had I already told you... I'm just not comfartable meeting up with people over the internet.
MCRBoy - But you know me! We've met plenty of times!
MCRGirl - Once Gerard.
MCRBoy - So?
MCRGirl - Sorry, I'm talking to someone else on private chat. Someone who doesn't keep pressuring me into meeting up with them!
MCRBoy - They're tricking you like NotEmo did!

FOBGeek - Who was that?
MCRGirl - Some guy called MCRBoy.
FOBGeek - That's his real name? (:
MCRGirl - No doofbag, his real name is Gerard Way (:
FOBGeek - Liar, liar, pants on fire ;D
MCRGirl - No joke! He told me so.
FOBGeek - But I just asked him and he denyed it? =S
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