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You Are Never Coming Home

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Someone dies :O But whooo??? Well actually 2 ppl die. :O

Georgie's P.O.V

I could see Myrnin and Bert talking the other side of the bar. I couldn't help but worry. Myrnin eventually found me, declaring his "undying love" for me. Needless to say that went down like a lead balloon.

"Georgia, I still love you. Lets get together and fornicate"
Bert burst out laughing from the corner of the room.
"I think you'll find Merlin-"
"Myrnin!" ah crap...probably shouldn't have corrected him...
"Whatever" Bert snapped at me before continuing.
"She's with me now so run along Marvin"
"It's Myrnin, also me and
my fine woman here are joined together in holy matramony."
I groaned inwardly, trust him to bring that up.You makeone mistake and you pay for it for the next 200 hundred odd years.
"I'm not your wife Myrnin" I sighed.
"Indeed you are"

Bert was pissed off beyond believe about that. Kinda funny really. I turned away for 2 seconds to see where Mikey was. He couldn't remember anything about us which was good.It would reallymess the poor kid up. Bert's already completely brainwashed him. Kid follows one of us about waiting to be told what to do. He's slowly learning how to be independent. It'll be a long process though.

But back to the point, as soon as I turned around Bert crumpled to the floor.
"Myrnin" I sighed.
"Can I eat him?"
"NO!" came an annoyed reply from a few people, including myself.
"Not even a little nibble?" he grinned, showing off his exceptionally long fangs.
"You know what fine" Mynin's head dissapeared behind the bar. Oh good god!!! He still has those vampire bunny slippers. I gave one last sigh and then watched Mikey playing with Ray's fro. Well more pulling it really.

Lilli-anna's P.O.V

If I were alive the pain would kill me. I felt as though my heart had been ripped out and stamped on while the rest of me was tossed through a meat grinder. All day every day this went on. I missed Gerard like crazy, wellmore than crazy like...fuck I don't know. I missed how much of a whiny bitch he was and how he always managedto piss me off more than I thought possible.

I ventured from my room for once. I couldn't stand looking at those four walls any longer. The bar was quiet, then again it was day time. Bert was being sucked dry of blood by Myrnin as Georgie rolled her eyes. I gave a small smile. Just like old times.
"THE STUPID BASTARD IS DEAD. REJOYCE!!!" Who the fuck?! Stupid fucking Fiona.

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