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Roxy goes home and talks to MCRBoy and FOBGeek some more. 3PM, 3PM, 3PM...

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Frank gave me a lift home. We chatted about random crap until we got back to my place. I was really worried when I got to the door but as I entered, Mum didn't say anything about anyone strange hanging around.
I went straight onto the chatroom.
And guess who was online?

MCRBoy - Where were you earliar?
MCRGirl - Stay out of my house.
MCRBoy - Don't tell me what to do. Now tell me. Where were you?
MCRGirl - None of your business.
MCRBoy - Excuse me for playing dumb. Because I know where you were.
MCRGirl - Oh yeah? Where?
MCRBoy - At Shakeaway with Frank Iero aka. ChickenLittle
MCRGirl - How do you know?
MCRBoy - Well if I told you, it would give away the surprise wouldn't it?
MCRGirl - I'm not in the mood for games whoever you are.
MCRBoy - I'm sure you're not. Then be at home around 3PM tommorow and then there'll be no problems, will there?
MCRGirl - Why? What are you going to do to me?
MCRBoy - Just wait.
-MCRBoy is offline-

FOBGeek - Hallo MCRNerd ;D
MCRGirl - Hey FOBGeek ;D
FOBGeek - Something is wrong, I can already tell.
MCRGirl - Well...

I told him about Frank Iero and MCRBoy and Shakeaway and well, everything!

FOBGeek - You've had a pretty epic day, huh?
MCRGirl - Well who is it?
FOBGeek - Well, if Frank was on the chatroom around the same time as you then it's most likely that the whole band is playing a prank on you.
MCRGirl - They wouldn't, they know how scared I am on the internet.
FOBGeek - Well, it must be someone who works closely with the band.
MCRGirl - But I don't know WHO.
FOBGeek - Go back to the tourbus at 3PM then and ask the band who's missing. And it's probably them.
MCRGirl - It's late and I've had a long day. I'm going to bed.
FOBGeek - You should. Night xx
MCRGirl - Night night xx

I woke up late the next day, not til 2.50PM "FUCK!" I cried, leaping out of bed. I ran downstairs to quickly grab some toast. Mum had left a note - Gone to gym, be back at 5 I'm going shopping after xx
I quickly made the toast and ran back upstairs. Pulled on some clothes and was ready to run out the house. I ran down the stairs, then heard a bang from the living room. I tried opening the door but it was locked... And my key was hung up on the key rack... Which is kept in the living room.

Fuck, fuck, fuck...
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