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Part 2

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Part 2/2

When they arrived near Nemo’s house Marlin rushed towards Nemo with Dory and Crush close behind.

“What were you thinking? Leaving the group! You could have gotten caught again!” Marlin said frantically.

“And this is my dad.” Nemo said with a sigh.

“Squirt, next time you’re gonna go out of the reef, take me!” Crush said high-flippering his son.

“Yeah Dad. It was awesome! And get this: Theirs this thing called dentists, and they get to poke around your teeth and stuff.” Squirt said. The conversation continued, but Nemo blocked it out.

“You and I are going to have a long talk young man!” Marlin told his son.

“I’ll be right back.” Nemo told his friends. The small fish swam alongside his father until they reached a spot Marlin found appropriate.

“First of all, who are those fish?”

“They’re my friends Dad. From the dentist.”

“Fine, just stay away from that scarred fish. I don’t like the way he looks. Now, more important, why did you leave the group?”

“When I saw them I got excited. I thought I’d never see them again, and seeing them there was just too much. I was so close to them I was willing to risk it that. And his name is Gill.” he conveniently left out the part where he fell in love with the bad boy of the group.

“It was stupid and you could have gotten killed!”

“Dad, stop worrying about me! In case you forgot, I have survived more than two seconds without you! I’m growing up Dad! Just accept it!”

“Don’t talk to me in that tone, young man! Now go home and think about what you’ve done!”

The young fish swan away angrily. He was burrowed in a small hole in the reef, sulking and deciding what he would do about this.

“Dude! Get out! I don’t fit and your friend and I wanna talk to you, man!” A familiar voice of a young turtle shouted outside.

“What do you want?” Nemo asked once he went outside.

“Nothing. But Scar Dude wanted to try to convince you to come back.”

“What do you want Gill?”

“To convince you to come back. Or at least let me stay with you until you get over this. It’s way too dangerous out here for a kid like you.” Gill complained.

“I don’t want you to stay with me and I don’t want to go with you, so tough.” Nemo said.

“Okay dudes, I decided that right now, is like, a great time for me to go breathe. So later, be back soon.” Squirt said, rushing up to the surface.

“Okay, that was weird, but that’s not the point here. I don’t really care what you think right now, I just care what’s safe for you right now.”

“Fine I’ll go back. But just this time. If not, I’m staying wherever I was.” The two fish swam the way home, Gill trying to distract Nemo from what was coming.

When they arrived to the spot where Dory, Marlin, Crush, Squirt, and the rest of the aquarium gang were Marlin was furious at his son.

“Duuude, what took you so long? Your dad was all “where’s Nemo?”, and I was like “I dunno, maybe a dentist took him” then your dad was all “What? No way, that only happens once.”” Squirt said, paddling around the new arrivals.

“Nemo, what were you thinking? You could have been killed!” Marlin went on to explain the dangers of the ocean, when he saw how Gill was looking at his son. At that moment he realized what triggered Nemo’s anger.

“But, before I ground you for life, I have to apologize. I should start to accept that you are growing up and have changed. And I’m sorry.”

Nemo gaped at his father. “Dad, you feeling okay? You’re acting kind of weird.”

“I’m fine. Now go play with your friends.” Nemo didn’t need to be told twice.

“Come on, you’ve got to meet Bruce and the gang!” the small fish said, pulling Gill by the fin.

Not my best work, but I hope it's bearable. It's been months since I last saw the movie so I apologize for characters that are out of character.
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