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Aliens on my planet

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Aliens invade

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The two incandescent rays played merrily on the purple ocean as children raced on the beach. Mothers feed the birds as they watched over their little ones with amorous love. Vendors cried out names of exotic delicacies to the happy vacationers. This idyllic paradise was perfect for creatures of all ages and types. Everywhere you looked happiness reigned. Looking at such a place, you could never imagine anything happening to upset the decorous picture. I will now corroborate with you the truth, and tell you how my perfect life was ruined. I was swimming with my family when the sky went black and the screams of children riddled the sky. Then as if the hand of God had grabbed me, I was pulled up from the water. Looking up, I saw the hull of a ship with juxtaposed faces starring giddily at me. Sirens sounded in the distance and one of the strange round heads shouted something to expedite my accent into their ship. Exasperated, an old man pulled me in. Ever since that day, I have been their pet to torture. Aliens, man I wish they'd die.
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