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Day 1

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Addies Pov.

It had been late last night when we got in, so everyone had agreed that the “get to know you” stuff should happen tomorrow. I slept in the back of the bus, in a bunk on top of Morgan’s and across from Gerard’s. The bed was already made with black flannel sheets and a black and white blanket. The curtain covering the bunks entry was a deep heavy red and it made me feel secure in my own little cocoon. I had texted the parents (telling them I had arrived safely), changed into my pjs in the bunk (that was very awkward experience, me being so tall and all) and fell asleep to the sound of blue October, thanks to my ipod.

I woke up the next morning with a beam of light coming in through the window on the other side of the bunk opening. It had a shade, but it didn’t cover all the little slits of light that could come in. I rubbed my eyes and moved the head phones away from my head. I didn’t know what time it was, or where we were. We had started driving once Morgan and I had boarded.

I pushed the curtain away and hopped down. I couldn’t see if Gerard was awake, his curtain was shut. Morgan on the other hand had half her body outside the curtain. I left her to her snoring and I walked into the mini kitchen/living room area.

“Hey Ray, you’re not the only one who has a fro now.” Bob chuckled and I knew what he was talking about. I always have really bad bed head, and I mean like sticking straight up from my head. Like I had been electrocuted.

“Um do ya all have a coffee pot?” I asked. Bob, Ray and Frank were seated in the living room watching Adventure Time on the small television.

“Yup, it’s under the counter in that cabinet.” Frank directed, but not taking his eyes off the screen. I made some coffee and asked if anybody wanted any. I got multiple “Oh yes Please!”s out of the group and one yawn. Gerard woke up and walked into the kitchen. His eyes brightened once he saw the coffee and smiled.

“Now I know we shall get along.” He joked as he poured himself a cup. I gave each of the boys their own and we quietly sat, drinking coffee and discussing the absurdity that is Adventure Time.

“Those planets just shat out a star!” Bob pointed out and Frank countered that comment with “It’s their baby Bob!”

“So they just shat out a baby. No difference.” Bob stated. Frank looked at Bob, Then at me. I shrugged my shoulders and nodded. Frank frowned at this and came to sit beside me.

Frank was a shorty.Around 4’11 or something. He had pitch black hair and multiple tattoos that covered his arms. He looked at me and I noticed he had really green eyes.

“You need to talk more. Tell us about yourself.” Frank asked as he watched.

“Um Im 17. I like art. I listen to a ton of music. Um. ... I like coffee. I really don’t know what to say.” I said shrugging. He smiled and said “That’s okay” and gave me a hug.

Frank seemed nice. So did the other guys. Gerard was their lead singer. He was taller than me, had dark black hair and really pale skin. He liked Misfits and Iron maiden and smoked. He was a comic book artist (which I thought was awesome!) and he showed me some of his drawings. They were so good and thought I was gonna faint.

Ray was a quiet genius. He was the bands lead guitarist and resident fro man. He had a huge head of curly brown hair. He showed me his guitars and taught me how to play the beginning of disenchanted. He seemed really nice and was as shy as I felt.

Bob was a slightly chubby, blonde haired drummer. He had bright blue eyes and really muscular arms. I sat with him and watched TV .Listening to all his rants about how superman was the best super hero. Contrary to what Frank thinks. Superheroes were a big deal with these guys.

Mikey was Gerard’s younger brother. He was skinnier than Gerard and had mousy brown hair and glasses. He had similar responses to superheroes that his brother and Frank had stated. I quietly sat back and sipped my coffee as I watched Frank and Bob wrestle over if the hulk is wimpy. To which Bob (the hulk) is not.

I have not seen Morgan this morning but we agreed that if she isn’t awake by the time the guys need to start their show, we will spray her with the water guns that the guys have for such a purpose (?).

This is a really interesting group of guys that I think I can be more myself around. Right now im just kind of shy, because Dude! It’s a bunch of hot 20 something year old guys that im gonna be living with! Its gonna be awkward at first. But at least they are making me feel at home.
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