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Sure As Hell Ant Normal But We Deal, We Deal

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Just when thing couldn't get creepier, Thing get creepier.

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“Taylor!!! Wake up!!! Time for school!” My brother Brendon Urie yelled as he passed my door. Ugh... School I thought. I got up and changed into my favorite shirt that said Three Days Grace on it and skinny black jeans I fixed my dark black hair that goes over one eye. I walked down stairs to see my mom talking to Brendon about something. “And that’s why you dot stick that in it” my dad said “Or else it’ll die?!!” Brendon said. Wow what a baby. Even though he’s 18 dad still treats him like a little kid. “Tay (yep that’s my nickname everyone calls me) If you and Brendon don’t leave now you’re going to be late to school!” my dad yelled even though I was 20 feet away from him. “Ok C’mon Bren.” I said. As we walked out the door and started to walk to school “Ryan is coming over later don’t bother us.” Brendon said with a stern look on his face. Ryan Ross I’ve had a crush on him since i first saw him last year, he has light brow hair that covers one eye. “Ok…” I said as we walked in the school.

“Hey Taylor!” said my friend Joanna. She’s 3 inches shorter than me and I’m not even tall. Joanna has the brightest blond hair that reached her shoulders. We talked all the way to homeroom. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Ryan was looking at me. We sat down next to Brendon’s and Ryan’s table. “I think Ryan likes you.” Joanna whispered to me. “In my dreams…” I whisper. When I said that Ryan looked at Brendon and they both laughed. He has the cutest laugh.

First block is the only block I don’t have with Ryan. I just talked to Joanna the whole time in math class. Second block couldn’t have come faster. “Pst! Taylor” Brendon said in History class when Mr. Strode left the room. And yes Ryan and Brendon sit behind me and Joanna. I turn around “What?” I asked. “Hi!” He said back to me. I rolled my eyes. I looked over at Ryan and he gave me a weak smile I love the way he smiles. I gave a quick nod and faced the front. Wow me only a nod? Am I stupid? The teacher walked in.

As Brendon, Ryan, and I walked home they walked in front of me and I was a good 15 feet away from them. We entered the door and I headed straight to my room closing my door along the way. I lay on my bed and check my yahoo mail. Wow 2 new messages one stupid advertisement the others from Ryan Ross? Whoa now whoa I opened it. ‘Meet me in your tree house today @ 4:30.’ What the…? My old tree house? I haven’t been in that thing in god knows when. I looked at my clock 4:26pm I better go now. I wonder what he wants. I told my mom I was going outside for a few minuets to see if the tree house was still sturdy enough to hold me. I walked over to my tree house. Should I go up? I started to climb up I saw Ryan as I climbed in and sat in front of him. The only light was an old light bulb that hung on the ceiling that gave off plenty of light. “Why do you want me to see you?” I asked. “Tay, I have something to tell you.” He said and sat next to me. My heart felt like it would explode.

“I’m not who you think I am.” He whispered in my ear. I felt his cold breath on my neck. “Are you gay?’ I whispered. “What? No no..” he said. “I think i should be going” I said. As I was about to get out he grabbed my hand and placed something in it. “Don’t look at it until you’re in your room.” He said he watched me leave. When I got to my room I shut my door. What could this be? I asked myself. I opened my hand and saw the most beautiful necklace I’ve seen when i was in my room. It has a ice blue crystal on it with a silver chain. I looked at my yahoo to see if he has said anything else. Two new messages all from my other friend Alex. She didn’t come to school today because she had to go with her family to a ‘royal meeting’ it’s for the people that have enough money they can buy the hole world if they want to and that’s only 2 families. She had the prettiest black hair I’ve ever seen and it has red tips at the bottom. She also has two piercing at her bottom lip and one on her noise and another on her eyebrow. She always wears a Akatsuki cloak and a head band. Everyone except me and Joanna call her ‘that weird cosplay freak’ and she’s a total anime freak. ‘It read can I go 2 ur house 2day?’ I sent back ‘yes u can’ my dad don’t care.

“Hey!” I said as Alex walked through my front door.”Hey!” she said “Wow what’s up with all the bruises on your arms?” I asked her. “I fell down my stairs again.” She said and we sat down on the couch. “Wow 3rd time this week.” I said. We turned the T.V on and started to watch Family Guy. After 2 episodes we heard Brendon blasting music. We never heard that type of music and it was getting annoying. “Follow me.” I said as I got up. Alex followed. I opened my brother’s door and saw Brendon and Ryan playing guitars and Brendon was singing. “Oops…” I said. ‘What do you want Tay?”Brendon said. “We just came up here to tell you to turn down your music…” I said. “Sorry” Ryan said. I looked at him and I noticed he saw my necklace. And he smiled. “C’mon Tay lets get our own chocolate.” Alex said. “Chocolate?”I asked her and closed the door. “Yeah! Didn’t you see the chocolate on Brendon’s bed?” she said.
We walked to my room that’s right besides Brendon’s and sat on my bed. “I have to tell you something.” She said. “Spill” I said. “You know Axel Steal?” She said. “Yeah he’s in like 2 of our classes.” I said. Axel has dark black har that covers one eye. Hes pretty shy and has a nose ring. “Well… he asked me out!” she said. “What did you say?” I asked her “Yes!” She said almost yelling. “Oh my god! That’s cool! When did he ask you?” I asked her. “Yesterday!” she said I hugged her “Wow he’s cute!” I said.

We went down stairs to watch a movie 2 hours later. “Sweetie, I rented a movie for You, Alex, Brendon, and Ryan to watch.” My dad said. “Ooh, What movie?” I said as me and Alex walk into the living room. “The Grudge” my dad said. My dad has short red hair. It looks good on him though. We sat on the couch and my dad left after he put the movie in and called for Brendon and Ryan. We sat Alex on the left then me then Brendon then Ryan. The whole time I was holding onto Alex’s arm. Then the movie was over. “I can’t feel my arm.” She said. “Oops. Sorry” I said and let go. ‘Maybe I’ll be able to feel it soon.” She said. Then the power went off. “Of course!” I said. “I’ll get the flash lights.” I said and got some.”Bren where did dad go I can’t find him?” I asked and handed a flash light to everyone. “What do you mean you can’t find him?” Brendon said. “Maybe he’s outside.” Alex said. ‘Brendon go look.” I said and sat back down. “Fine.” He said and got up to look.

“Well what could we do..?” Alex said. “I have no clue...” I said. Then the front door comes flying open minets later. “Guys!!’ Brendon yells and run over to the couch. We all look at him. “I just saw something! It looked like a human but it wasn’t it was sitting in that old bush outside!” He said. We could tell he wasn’t pulling another prank on us. Brendon then ran to the front door to lock it. Ryan gave me a nod that said I need to talk to you alone. “I’ll go help Brendon lock the doors and windows.” Alex said and with that she left the room with Brendon following. Ryan scooted closer to me. “Do you trust me?” he whispered. “Yes” I said. “That thing out there is a witch. It’s here to get you. That necklace is there to protect you when I’m not with you. I want you to never take it off. “he whispered and kissed my lips. His lips are ice cold. “Then what are you..? Some kind of superman?” I whispered. “No… I’m the bad guy.” He said.
My eyes got wide. Is he going to rape me..? “No I’m not going to rape you or hurt you.” He said. “How...” I said but he interrupted me. ”I can read minds only when I want to I don’t do it much because it invades people’s privacy.” He whispered. “You never answered my question what are you?” I said wanting the truth. “I’m a vampire.” He said and showed me his long sharp and very white fangs. “I can control my fangs to come out when i want to and Axel is a shape shifter. Even though my kind hates his kind we have to be nice to him. He’s an O.K guy at times…” Ryan said. “Does Alex know?” I asked. “Do I know what?” she said as she walked back into the living room. “Oh nothing...” I said. Ryan never moved his eyes from mine. I just realized at that moment that me and Ryan are really close to each other. “What’s going on here?” Alex said in a teasing tone. “Nothing” I said and scooted away from Ryan.

Brendon came running in the living room “GUYS!! I SAW IT AGAIN!! It was at Taylor’s bedroom window you know beside your bed.” Brendon said. I looked at Ryan. Then I got up to go into the dark hallway. Ryan followed but made it look like he was going into a different room. “Ryan...” I said as we got to the end of the hall. He put his arm around my waist protectively. “Yes my love” he said. “I saw it” I said. “When?”He asked “When we were walking down the hall.” I said I felt his grip on my waist get tighter. “Don’t worry love. Axel is going to be here soon.” He said and kissed the side of my head. I guess were a couple now. We walked back into the living room-not together I came back first then Ryan did soon after that. “Hey guys!” Axel said and he barged into my hose. “I came here to help you guys with the power. The whole neighbor hoods power is out.” Axel said.

Axel then kissed Alex’s lips and went to help Brendon. “Aww!” I said not meaning to say it out loud. Alex blushed and sat next to me. “You want to know what’s weird” I said to Alex. “What?” she asked. “Yours and Axels name have the same letters in it but its spelled different. “ I said. “Yeah that’s cool.” She said and laughed. Then we all heard someone or something banging at the window closest to the couch. Alex screamed and ran into another room. ‘Wow.” I said and hugged Ryan. “Follow me.” He said and we got up then he put his arm around my waist again holding it tight. We walked into the room Brendon and Axel are in. “No she doesn’t know. And I don’t want you to tell her.” Ryan whispered in my ear. “I won’t.” I said. Brendon looked at me and Ryan. “Ryan! You and my sis are a thing? Whoa didn’t see that coming!” Brendon said. “Taylor, Why do Alex’s eyes turn different colors every day? I didn’t want to ask her because I thought she might get affined…” Axel said. “She’s born like that like when I get mad my eyes get blood red and when I’m sad they turn the brightest blue also when I’m scared they turn black” I said. Then the thing bangs on the window I’m standing beside of.
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