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Watch My Skin Crawl

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Julie and her first interview (aw)

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I woke to the sound of furious banging.

I groaned and sat up a little more properly before realizing that I was sitting at the table in the kitchen with charcoal smudges up and down my arms.

I thought back to the last memory I had- which was exhausting my focus skills to see if Frankie could draw anything that I thought of (which he could).

“Come on! The interview starts in 2 hours! Everyone in that damned trailer- get a move on!” she screamed through the door.

Uh oh.

"Lacey is that you?" I called while approaching the door.

"Finally a response! yeah it's Me, let Me in!" She exclaimed.

I unlocked the door and only caught a glimpse of Her- mostly because she flew right past Me.

I turned and closed the door to the sound of bitch slapping and swearing.

By the time I had walked back to My room I saw the guys standing in a straight line. I looked closer and saw that each of them had an identical hand print on the right side of their faces and grinned.

"Now boys I need you to look out for Julie on this talk show- I hate to say it but She will be a shiny new toy and those interviewers will be like babies- they won't hesitate to break Her because it would be a waste not to. Protect Her at all costs do you understand?"

After the boys nodded and started to get dressed Lacey came over to Me.

"I took the liberty of picking a great outfit for your debut, hope you don't mind?"

"No not at all. I'm still trying to get used to the whole dressing for certain events kind of thing" I smiled back at Her.

"Here, change into this in your room" She held out the garment bag to me.

I took it from her and walked into my room, noticing that she was following me.

She sat down on my bed so I decided to use the bathroom to change.

"You know, if you want to talk about anything at all just get one of the boys to call me- I know how hard it must be for a girl fresh out of a no boy environment to be placed in this kind of situation"

"You do?" I asked as I opened the garment bag, not really taking notice of the top and skirt I was holding.

"I grew up on an army base with nothing but brothers to keep me company. When I went to college I was terrified. It took me along time to be comfortable with who I am, and I can understand what you are going through right now- well not all of it. How are you and Frankie bonding?"

"Really well I guess. there is a neat bond that we have" I replied as I stepped out of the bathroom.

"Oh my! I knew that outfit was perfect for You" Lacey smiled.

I turned and looked in the mirror.

The shirt was a black sleeveless silk top that tucked into the skirt. It had a maroon tie that was about three inches long which was also made of silk. The skirt was black and torn and hung just above my knees.

I smiled- I looked great for a change.

"Okay, makeup will do your face so let's go" Lacey smiled, took my hand and together we walked out of the bus where the guys were already waiting for us in the van that Lacey had obviously hired.

"Julie, you look amazing!" Mikey exclaimed.

"Thanks Mikey" I mumbled as I got into the van.


It was after My hair and makeup was done that I started to panic.

"She is pacing again- should we bet how many times she will pace before the show?" Ray asked loud enough so that I could hear.

His tactic didn't work- I didn't get bad, I just kept pacing.

"I need some air" I whispered and stepped out into the hallway.

It didn't help I was still pacing and on the verge of hyperventilating.

I could screw up on television. I could screw every chance that My brother has at a successful career if I say the wrong thing.

That thought kept screaming inside My head so much so that I didn't notice Gerard place His hands gently on My arms.

"It's okay, everything will be fine, You just need to focus on something else" Gerard whispered as He pulled Me close.

I couldn't speak, only to breathe rapidly, I stared into His eyes- could He see the anxious look I was giving Him.

"May I distract you Julie?"

I shivered as He whispered My name and nodded- at this point any distraction would be a good one.

He smiled briefly, then softened his lips and started to lean down.

I had no idea what He was doing until I felt His lips upon Mine.

He slowly moved His mouth against mine, and I quickly shaped My mouth around his movement.

I closed my eyes and moaned slightly at his touch.

All to soon I could feel Him pull away from Me.

I touch my lips and opened My eyes to see a smirking Gerard looking at me intently.

He smiled and tucked a piece of my hair behind My ear, then walked casually back into the waiting room with the others.

I stayed out in the hall, replaying my first kiss and trying to figure out why Gerard kissed Me in the first place.
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