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Graft Me A New One Doc

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Julie is sick and Frankie is freaking out.

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"Frankie come quickly!" Gerard huffed as He raced through the door and than back out again when He had finished talking.

I got up as quickly as I could (stubbing my toe on the table as I went) and stood at the door.

Gerard was on the ground holding a woman to Him and shaking Her to wake up.

Oh god.

With all My strength I raced to where Gerard was holding the woman.

"Julie?" Gerard asked, shaking Her slightly.

"Quick bring Her inside" I huffed as I reached out to pick Julie up.

"I have Her!" He spat at Me, lifting Her up bridal style and carrying Her back to the bus.

"What happened?" I asked as He tucked Her into bed.

"We were talking about some things and She just vomited and fainted- I don't know what's wrong" Gerard panicked, softly brushing Her hair back from Her face.

I could hear the others walk slowly into the room.

"I'm calling Lacey" Mikey stated and left the room.

"Get Her to bring a doc as well" I called out, hoping He heard Me.

Ray and Bob sat at either edge of the bed- Julie's feet between them.

I walked around to the side that didn't have a stressed out Gerard on and sat gently on the bed.

"Gerard, go clean up the vomit on Your shirt" I whispered, hoping that Julie was just sleeping.

Gerard hesitated, not wanting to leave Her.

"When She wakes up the last thing She is going to want to smell is Her own vomit" Ray whispered.

Gerard nodded and left the room.

"I haven't seen Gee like that for a long time" Bob mused.

"Not since Mikey jumped out that window and had to go to hospital. I still can't believe He missed the mat that We had laid out for Him"

"Oh come on Ray that thing was so far away from the window that there was no way in hell I was going to make it" Mikey grumbled as He came back in the room.

"Lacey is on Her way, and the doc is coming too. Any change?"

"None. But it looks like She is sleeping so that is a plus" Bob replied.

"If She were sleeping She would have woken up by now. I have tried to tip toe past this room early in the morning and She has jumped five feet in the air before She remembers who I am" Ray stated.

"Yeah well You tip toeing is more like a reenactment of Godzilla" Mikey teased.

I sat patiently watching Julie, hoping She would wake up.

I heard car doors and furious banging.

"I got it!" Gerard yelled and opened the door.

"Here is the doctor- where's Julie?" Lacey asked.

"In here!" I yelled.

Lacey and a red nosed fossil of a doctor walked in.

"Guys give the doctor room to work with" Lacey instructed as She pulled Ray and Bob by the hand out of the room.

I walked out to but paused at the door and turned around.

"Doc? this is My Sister, please make Her better" I pleaded.

The doctor didn't look up, He checked Her neck and Her wrist and laughed.

I saw red.

I took two big steps towards the doctor and grabbed His shirt, lifting Him slightly in the air and slamming His back against the wall in one quick move.

"What's so funny Dick" I growled.


"I ask this bastard to please make Julie better and He laughed" I growled over My shoulder.

The doctor started to wheeze something that I couldn't understand.

"Can You at least let Him down long enough so that He can tell Us what is wrong with Her?" Mikey pleaded.

I sighed and let the doctor down.

"As I was going to say before I was rudely interrupted- All She has is a minor food allergy- which would explain the vomiting and the fainting"

"Will She need a needle?" Ray asked.

"No I should think not. Let Me run a skin test and I will let You know the type of food She should stay away from"

"Is She going to be alright?" Gerard asked, concern dancing in His eyes.

"She will wake up in the morning, now please leave Me to My work" The doctor finished as He turned His back on Us and pulled out a few instruments.

I breathed a sigh of relief. She was going to be just fine.

But I noticed I wasn't the only one sighing relief- it was everyone.

I guess My Sister wasn't just mine anymore, and with that thought, I smiled.


I woke up feeling Really warm.

No not warm. Hot.

I opened My eyes slightly to look around- and was shocked at what I saw.

Ray and Bob were camped out on the floor of My room snoring their heads off.

Gerard was on My right side with His hand in My hair (I know this because it hurt to turn away from His sleeping face).

I noticed an arm across My waist and followed it to find a sleeping Mikey on My left side- glasses half on His face and half up in the air.

"You have been out of it for a while" I heard and looked around- but I couldn't see anyone.

"This is your pillow talking- bow down and obey!" a stupid voice said from behind Me.

I painfully twisted My head to see that I was using Frankie's stomach as a pillow.

"Never" I replied as I grinned at Him.

"So what happened?" I asked.

"Apparently You have a food allergy to mushrooms so lay off the vegetarian pizza from now on okay? Bob loves His mushrooms and I am not exactly sure if He would pick You over them"

"But what will I share with Bob from now on?" I asked dismayed.

"Probably cookies" Frankie whispered.

I heard Bob snore the word cookies and giggled. He must be awake.

I turned to see Ray and Bob sit upright and look towards the bed.

As soon as they realized I was up they grinned.

"Why am I a Way sandwich?" I asked blushing like mad.

"Because they want to spit roast You" Bob laughed and then screamed as a looming Frankie launched Himself off the bed and tackled Bob and poor Ray as He was sitting too close.

"I'm up" Mikey snorted.

"Morning sunshine" I replied as I turned to look at Him.

He snuggled into Me a little more, gripping My waist a little tighter.

"It is isn't it?" He mused and then froze.

"No Mikey You aren't dreaming, Yes that is My waist You are holding and Yes I am awake"

Mikey stayed frozen.

"What's that about sunshine" Gerard yawned and froze, obviously wondering why His hand had a hunk of hair in it.

"I'm pretty sure it's up. It is morning" I giggled.

"Just Like another thing in the mor-" Ray tried to speed talk but ended the sentence with a grunt- Frankie's fist had connected with His face.

Gerard cuddled closer to Me as well.

I shivered at His touch, but at the same time that I shivered both guys cuddled closer.

Oh crap.

They both liked Me!?!?!?

How did that happen?

"Okay guys out! Julie needs to get up and get dressed- You all do in fact" Lacey demanded as She walked into the room.

"Why?" Frankie asked sa He sat on Ray and Bob.

"You have a show today- just because Julie is a shiny new toy doesn't mean You guys can shirk Your duty" Lacey stated and stepped out of the doorway- as five guys at once tried to charge the door.

"You okay honey?" Lacey asked as She sat down on My bed.

"Mikey...and and Gerard.....they both like Me" I whispered as I blushed.

"So who do You want?"

I looked up at Lacey confused.

"You don't know who You want. Oh dear" Lacey sighed.

"It will all work out. Now get dressed, I am sure Frankie wants You backstage to cheer Them on" Lacey patted My hand and stood up.

I nodded, stretching and climbing out of bed, looking forward to the concert.
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