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Dragon ball z ultimate

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One goku was training for the world tournament when goku saw something flying in the air and when he looked again it was gohan with pan and Videl. Hey gohan down here said goku, Gohan saw his dad and landed, hey dad how's it going said gohan good just training for the tournament are you going to be in the tournament gohan? yeah that's why you haven't seen me in a while said gohan. well i'm sure that the world tournament will start soon so lets get going ok gohan sure dad said gohan.
(later at the world tournament)
hey gohan have you seen yamcha,Tien or Vegeta no i have not said gohan Hey Goku! Krillin whats up said goku nothing just here to see the tournament hey have you seen master roshi? said goku yeah i'm here with him and.... where did he go? there he is said videl,master roshi.......MASTER ROSHI !!!!!! what! remenber it's goku,gohan,krillin,videl,and pan.oh it's you guys so goku how have you been? good said goku wait! what dad vegeta is here where said gohan? right there oh i see him. Hey vegeta, oh it's you kakarot i didn't see you there so vegeta are you going to fight in the tournament no kakarot i just love to come and watch people fight oh yeah sorry it's been awhile what ever you say said vegeta. hey lets get going guy where not going to make it in if we are just talking ok gohan said goku ( goku and friends went to go sign in and they went to go get ready) ( in part 2 the tournament will start and goku and gohan get a surprise)
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