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Typical story, girl meets boy, they fall love and live happily ever after right? But what happens when a lie is revealed and suddenly nothing makes sense anymore??

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December 1998

It's the middle of winter in New Jersey, the snow is falling thick and fast and everything is white, like in a movie. The usually grey, dirty streets are covered in a glittering blanket, and everything looks....strangely beautiful. A figure hunched over in black hurries through the snow, arms wrapped around her, long black hair flowing out behind her in the biting wind.
The girl carries on, head down against the wind. From far off, you'd think she was hurrying to get out of the cold, frowning at the way it chilled her blood and made her bones feel like creaky icicles.
But in actual fact, on a closer look you'd see a giant smile plastered on her pale lips. She looks up to view her surroundings and notices she's only a few metres away from the glowing light that is the coffee shop up ahead of her. She blinks snowflakes out of her eyelashes and happily kicks up a pile of snow with her black knee high boots, sending a mini snow storm over the ground around her.
I wonder if he's there today She thinks happily to herself.
This was her favourite coffee shop in the whole of Jersey and for one reason only.
She reaches the door, white clouds appearing from her cold, chapped lips. She glimpses her reflection in the glass door for a second, and quickly smooths down her wind-whipped hair before pulling the door open. The blast of warm air and roasting coffee beans hits her, making her feel at home. Her aching, frost-bitten bones sigh and relax as she steps inside. She shakes the snow off the long black sleeves of her trench coat and stomps her feet to rid herself of the majority of snow caked to them. She looks up to see her 2 best friends Lisa and Marie waving at her from across the room. She waves back quickly but her face lights up into a grin again when her eyes meet with those familiar green ones across the room.
He's there, in his usual spot. He gives her an illuminating smile and she shyly smiles back as she walks past him.
Her 2 friends sigh and roll their eyes and shake their heads but they're smiling as Lisa pushes a cup of coffee across the table towards her.
"Jesus, Rose he's staring again!!" Marie whispers excitedly.
Rose feels her cheeks turn pink and hides behind her long ebony fringe. She sips the scorching coffee and quickly looks up to confirm Marie's observation.
He's still watching her.
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