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Drunken Miracles-2-

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Mikey loves his brother and would never hurt him. Frank loves his lover and wishes for nothing more than his happiness.So, what happens when the two most important people in Gerard's life stab him ...

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Gerard woke with a horrible taste in his mouth and a pounding in his head. He sat up slowly, rubbing the sleep from his bloodshot eyes. His stomach lurched and he ran for the bathroom where he spewed the entire contents of his stomach. Once his stomach was empty he sank to the floor with cool tiles against his skin and fell back asleep.

Mikey woke with a violent jerk and sprinted for the bathroom barely making it before he was expelling his guts into the toilet.

Mikey's Thoughts

Fuck. This morning sickness shit sucks balls but no worries there because after today I'll no longer have to worry about it. And neither will Gee. Or Frank. Frank. I have to tell him before I go not that I think he will care but I still have to tell him. It would be wrong if I didn't.

Mikey cleaned himself up before dressing and left for Frank's apartment.

Frank startled awake upon hearing a knock on the door. He pulled himself up and trudged toward the door. Standing on the other side was Mikey. Frank frowned.

"What are you doing here?"

"Don't worry, I am not staying long. I just came to let you know I am going to have an a-abortion. I think it's" Frank cut him off.

"What?! You can't! That is my baby too Mikey Way and you can not kill it!" Frank shouted, his face flushing with fury.

"B-but I-I, why do you want to keep it?"

"It's a child Mikey, my child, our child and if you don't want it than I do. This child doesn't deserve to die because of our mistakes."

"NO! I will not hurt Gerard anymore than I already have dammit! This baby would be nothing but a reminder of the mistakes we made and I can't live with myself knowing how much that would hurt Gee"

"Fuck Mikey, fuck!"

Mikey stormed out of the apartment leaving Frank to stew in his anger.

Frank's Thoughts

Fucking hell! I knew Mikey didn't want this baby I mean fuck I didn't either but killing it would be wrong. How can he even think about that? Shit,what the fuck am I supposed to do? There has to be something, Fuck!

Realization hit Frank like a ton of bricks. He had to tell Gerard. There is no way he would let this happen. Frank rushed to Gerard's house, running traffic lights and stop signs in an attempt to get there faster.

Once he arrived he knocked on the door only to have it slammed in his face. Frank leaned against the door with his head resting on the frame and hands splayed on either side, pleading with Gerard who stood on the other side.

"Gee, I know you are pissed but"

"Pissed? Damn straight I'm pissed. I fucking HATE you Frank Iero!"

Those words were like a knife that pierced Frank straight through the heart. A single tear slipped down his cheek causing his chest to ache and his throat to constrict.

"I k-know you h-hate me Gee and I am s-sorry but this isn't about us. It's about Mikey"

"Mikey? Don't even get me fucking start"

"He's going to have an abortion"

The front door swung open causing Frank to stumble. Gerard stood there with wide eyes and his jaw hanging to the floor.

"W-what? But he can't, I-I no he can't, it's a baby"

"I know. I tried to tell him but he wouldn't listen"

"But why? Why would he do that?"

"He said it would hurt you and he couldn't live with himself if he hurt you like that"

"But I, he c-can't. Frank we have to stop him"

Frank and Gerard sped off in a hurry to stop Mikey.

Mikey's Thoughts

Fuck. This is harder than I thought. Please forgive me baby. I do want to keep you, really I do but I just can't do this. This would hurt so many people. I am so sorry baby.

Mikey sat there in the abortion clinic rubbing his stomach and thinking about the baby and how it had all happened to begin with.

Three months earlier -Flashback-

"Yo, Frank this is a sick party" Mikey yelled above the music.

"I know dude and I am so fucking wasted right now"

"I am getting there. So, where's Gee?"

"He went home early, said he had stuff to do in the morning"

"Sucks for him"

"Yeah, but you know Gee. Now, come on let's dance"

Frank pulled Mikey to the middle of the room where they danced until they thought they would collapse.

The rest of the night was a blur and the next thing Mikey knew he was waking to the sound of Frank cursing. His head hurt and he couldn't figure out what the hell Frank was doing in his bed. Then, reality came crashing down over him and he realized Frank wasn't in his bed. He was in Frank's bed. He jumped up and was shocked to find not only had he woken up in Frank's bed but he was also completely naked.

"What the fuck, Frank? What the hell happened?"

"I-I-I don't fucking know. I woke up and you were in my bed and we were both fucking naked"

"Oh shit, do you think we um...did we?"

"Yeah dude, I think so. Shit, what the fuck are we going to do?"

"We can not tell Gerard. He would freak out and it would kill him. Please, do not tell him" Mikey pleaded.

Frank thought about it for a minute before he realized Mikey was right.

"But I-I, okay, you are right. We can't tell him"
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