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Chapter 2

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Livvy’s POV

After what seemed like forever, the front door opened and in came Lilly and Jeph, with big smiles spread across their faces.
‘I’m hungry.’ Bert complained loudly, ‘someone go get food. Pronto.’
‘Any volunteers?’ Branden asked, obviously not considering himself. ‘How about you, you, and you?’ He pointed to Lilly, Jeph, and I. And after 10 minutes of fighting over which fast food place to go to, we found ourselves in the car and down the road with Lilly driving and Jeph in the passenger seat. He stole the seat from me while we fought over it. So there I sat facing the window in the back seat.
‘Hey, Livvy. I saw you eyeing up Bert earlier.’ Lilly laughed. I saw Jeph get wide eyed.
‘Umm, I was gonna ask him something? Then I forgot.’ I tried to cover.
‘Uh huh, I’m sure. With the way you were looking at him it looks like you like him.’ She laughed a bit more. I didn’t really know what to say at first.
‘Umm…’I twiddled my fingers.
‘Oh, look MCDONALDS!’ Jeph exclaimed before I had the chance to say anything, which was good in my case.
‘I thought we were going to Arby’s and Taco Bell?’ I asked.
‘Yeah, but look at it! It looks so, so pretty and delicious.’ He laughed.
‘Fattie.’ Is all I said as we pulled up to Arby’s. After we ordered everyone’s food we were back to the studio within 5 minutes.
‘FOOD.’ Bert exclaimed when we walked in and jumped at us. I jumped back a little not really expecting him to do that, but then again… it is Bert. After we had all finished eating everyone was tired out, well all except Bert, hyper bastard.
‘You guys can all stay at my place tonight, that is if you want?’ Lilly offered. I knew all the guys would take that offer. With that, we all piled into a car and drove off to her house. Super crowding happened during that short car ride, butts in the face if you know what I’m saying. But, finally we were there. Just after Lilly had unlocked the door to her place, everyone rushed inside. I was moved along with the tiny crowd.
‘There are 2 extra rooms upstairs you guys!’ She called after us, then turned to talk to Bert.
We made our way up the stairs and checked out the rooms. I claimed my room right away, which had the biggest bed of course. I suddenly had to go to the bathroom. So I made my way back downstairs to look for Lilly. I turned the corner and was met with Lilly and Bert kissing. The tears welled up in my eyes as I watched them. I found the front door, and walked right past them and down the road. Not caring where I was going.

Lilly’s POV

I hadn’t really realized what I was doing, until I saw Livvy out of the corner of my eye walking out of the door. I wanted her to become a friend, but now… I don’t think that will be happening. I could have stopped Bert and lied to him, but I didn’t for some reason. It was he who stopped.
‘This, for some weird reason, doesn’t feel right at all.’ I had said after a bit of silence.
‘Yeah, but it was fun.’ He smiled. I guess he hadn’t noticed Livvy walk out of the house.
‘Yeah, I guess… but…’ I started to say as Jeph and Quinn walked into the room.
‘Where is Livvy?’ Jeph asked instantly.
‘She… took off out of the house.’ I said feeling guilty. Jeph took off after her.
‘Maybe we should all go?’ Quinn suggested. I didn’t want to, but it would be nicer if I did. I knew she liked Bert. I could apologize, but would she forgive me?
‘You can go Quinn, but I don’t know. This seems like something just for Jeph to investigate.’ Bert smiled.
‘Eh, you’re right.’ Quinn agreed and sat at the nearby kitchen table.
‘So, what were you saying.. Something then but?’ Bert laughed.
‘…nothing…’ I should stick to liking one guy. No more than that. ‘..but Quinn is quite the sexy one…’ I said, not meaning to say it out loud.
‘What?’ Quinn half freaked whipping his head in my direction. Bert looked up at me.
‘Uh, wow. This is a little weird. Umm, you didn’t hear that, did you Quinn?’ I asked him.
‘Not really, just some about you thinking that I’m sexy.’ He said touching himself. Well, this can’t be too good for me. I cannot like these two guys. No. They are in the same band. No. My thoughts were interrupted by Jeph walking back inside with the very upset Livvy. I hoped she hadn’t told him, but I kind of figured she had. Jeph had looked at me and turned away. Ugh.
‘Something’s wrong here!’ Bert said, ‘what is it?’ He looked around. I found my shoes to be very interesting at this moment.
‘Please explain Lilly.’ Jeph said. I sighed. This was one thing I was never good at. Whenever I screwed something up, I ran away from it.
‘Livvy, I’m sorry. This was a bad way to start things off. Bert, she likes you. A lot. I don’t know her very well, but I can tell. Umm, yeah.. She got upset, I guess when she saw us kissing… I’m sorry Jeph.’ I looked away from all of them. I couldn’t bear this. It just plain sucked. And when I did look up, I saw Livvy looking at me.
‘It’s fine. I’m used to let downs.’ She muttered.
Jeph looked over at her, then back at me. He looked a bit upset. ‘You shouldn’t be use to them.’ He told her.
‘I’m sorry to the both of you. I feel like, maybe I lead you on Jeph. And now you don’t think I like you at all.’ I told them. I wanted to get out of the house very badly. This was weird for me. I felt a lump in my throat. I wasn’t going to cry, I never cried over something like this. Even though it doesn’t happen too often.
‘Wait. What’s going on?’ Bert interrupted.
‘What the fuck do you mean ‘What’s going on?’ I asked him.
‘I heard everything you said, but I don’t believe it.’
‘Well, you better. I need to go. I’ll be at the bar down the road. I need to uh, get away for a little bit…’s the only place I can think to go.’ I told them. Jeph looked at me.
‘You need a bar to make you feel better?’ He asked.
‘That’s all I ever had.. Ok… I never had anyone to talk to other than my brother, and some things got weird to talk to him about. He was always too busy anyway. I never really had ‘real’ friends, except my brothers band…’ I explained.
‘Well I can’t exactly stop you from going. And I’m sure you want to get away from all of this.’ Jeph said turning around.
‘…I wish someone would stop me…’ I whispered, hoping that no one heard. I secretly wanted someone to hear me just to stop me. But, why would they?
‘Lilly, plain and simple, you shouldn’t go. You should stay here and make pancakes for me!’ Quinn exclaimed pointing at himself while pulling me in the kitchen. I decided to let him pull me.

Livvy’s POV

Quinn and Lilly had left the room when I looked up at everyone. Mainly at Bert. He’s never known that I like him. I’ve always had the rest of the guys keep it secret. He looked up at me, and I could tell that he finally knew. And I finally knew I’m not good enough for him.
‘Livvy, I never knew… Why didn’t you tell me?’ Bert questioned.
‘Because I was always just Jeph’s sister.’ I told him.
‘But that doesn’t matter, well, it does, but not in this way. I have liked you for a while, but I thought you didn’t like me at all.’ He said, and I was shocked.
‘…Really? Then why would you kiss Lilly?’ I asked.
‘I don’t know… I’ve been really lonely. And, I didn’t think you liked me, so I was trying to find someone else.’ He told me.
‘You could have asked.’ I said.
‘Yeah, but I didn’t…’ He looked away from me.
‘So now what…’ I asked ending in a mumble.
‘Well, how does dinner sound?’
‘Great.’ I smiled.
‘Yey! Let’s go!!’ He exclaimed. ‘Wait we just ate, oh well. More food!!!’
‘I’ll see you guys later.’ I laughed walking out of the house with Bert by my side.
We both climbed into the rent-a-car and drove off to who knows where. I knew we weren’t really going to get anything to eat. It was dark outside by the time we actually stopped somewhere. We were sitting in the parking lot of a park quite a ways away from Lilly’s house. There was an awkward silence for a while before either of us spoke.
‘So, I, uh-’ Was all Bert managed to say.
‘It’s alright Bert. I should of told you how I felt about you. I was just scared.’ I smiled a fake type of smile.
‘No, it’s not exactly alright. I mean you saw me kissing one of your friends. I guess she knew you liked me too. I’m so sorry. I don’t ever want to hurt you. I just want-’ Before he could say anymore I cut him off with a kiss. He was a little taken back by it, but gave in. After we finished a little make out session I decided to have some fun at the park.
‘I’ll race you to the slides.’ I laughed.
‘Oh, you’re going down now!’ He exclaimed and started running. He was fast too, but I was a little bit faster.
‘Oh! Ha, I beat you. Woot woot the winner!’ I laughed while watching him make silly faces. I climbed up the steps to go down the slide when I felt Bert behind me. As I sat down to slide down the slide, I felt him sit down and wrap his legs around my waist and his arms around my shoulders. We sat there for a moment. I just wanted to take it all in. It just seemed perfect to me.
‘Will you be my girlfriend? And can we slide now?’ He hugged me.
‘Yes and yeah.’ I smiled keeping my excitement to myself. With that, we slid down. As we got to the bottom it started to rain.
‘Ahh, I have an idea. Let’s dance in the RAIN!’ Bert exclaimed. He is going to be the greatest boyfriend ever. I know it. We waited for it to really start pouring when we walked to the empty streets. He took my hand and we started dancing. We were both laughing at each other. He was trying to cha cha with me. Hehe, he doesn’t know how to do that. It was funny still. I was having such a great time. In the middle of all this my phone rang.
'Livvy.' Lilly said.
'Mhmm, that's who you've reached.'
'WE HAVE EXTRA PANCAKES!' Quinn yelled with a mouthful.
'You got pancake on the phone.' Lilly said in somewhat disgust. 'Anyways, are you coming back anytime soon or what?'
'Probably not.'
'Oh-ohhhh I mhmm yep. I see what you're planning.' She laughed.
'SHUT UP!' I yelled and hung up on her. Within a few minutes Lilly was calling me back. 'Yes?'
'I need to ask you something.' Lilly was saying.
'Go on..' I said.
'What would you do if you thought you liked more than one person? I'm being completely serious here too.' She asked me. What a strange question to ask.
'Uh, well...' I honestly didn't know what to say. 'I'm guessing this scenario is true for you?'
'Ok I would probably spend time with them each, and think of who makes me happiest.' Was my honest reply. 'Who are they anyways?'
'Well...Quinn and Jeph.'
I burst into hysterical fits of laughter causing Bert to stop howling at the moon, which he should have done anyways, oddball.
'I'm uhh...being serious.' She said with I'm guessing the straightest face you could possibly have.
'Oh you were.' I laughed once more. 'So how's that working out for you?'
'It's not. Which is why I called you, but I can tell you're having too much fun--and is that Bert HOWLING at the moon?'
'Long story, we'll talk later. Bye!' With that I hung up the phone.

Lilly's POV

As I was talking to Livvy, I somehow managed to get outside. After she had hung up though, I wasn't sure if I should go in or not. So, I just sat on the front steps. There was a chill in the air, it might have been due to the rain. I knew I would have to try what Livvy suggested, but it was hard to do because both of them made me happy when I was around them.
'Lilly, what are you doing out here?' Jeph asked peeking his head out of the front door.
'Eh, nothing really. I was talking to Livvy.' I told him.
'...Livvy isn't here.' He stared at me.
'ON THE PHONE.' I laughed.
'Uh-huh, I'm sure.' He laughed with me.
'I'm being serious. Have a seat.'
'Nah, I'm not much for the rain.' He said.
'Too bad. The rain is nice, and fun.' I smiled. I don't think he's the one I want, but I'm so unsure.
'Do you want to go out with me?' He asked me. I was shocked.
'Uh, I don't really know. Honestly, this is not the time. I can't figure things out right now.' I told him.
'Oh, I see. It's ok..' He said and walked back into the house. Maybe I should've just went out with him. Why am I so confusing?
As I was standing up to go inside of the house, I notice my brother walking over to me with a few kegs and a bunch of people. When I say bunch, I mean ALOT. 'Sonny, what are you doing, rather what do you think you're doing?'
'What does it look like? I'm having a P-A-R-T-Y, PARTY.' He smiled and rolled his eyes as he walked in the house past me. As he and I walked in, there was Quinn standing there offering anyone a pancake.
'Pancake? No, oh. PANCAKE! TAKE IT! NOW! Pancake? GOD DAMNIT. PANCAKES, GET YOUR PANCAKES. Don't you touch that pancake, that ones mine. Here's this old one. I buttered it myself.' No one seemed to care about the pancakes. I couldn't help but laugh at the effort he was putting into getting people to take the damn pancakes.
'QUINN, I'm going to take those pancakes away from you!' I heard Branden yell. Quinn protected the pancakes with everything he had.
Sonny was walking around the house handing everyone a beer. 'Here you go sis.' I knew I shouldn't have taken the drink, but it was tempting. The only people who didn't take any drinks were Jeph and Branden. Everyone else was getting so drunk. By the time Livvy and Bert came back, everyone was completely wasted. They had no idea what was going to happen when they walked through that front door. I noticed Livvy walk in the door and give Bert a weird look.
'Oh my god, it's Lurvvy and Bert! You want a drink? LURVVY DID YOU HABE SEX WIT BERT OR SOMETING it toooook youuu a uh long really long time to uh come get here.' I told Livvy, well, asked. I saw a smile play across Bert’s lips. 'OH YOU DID! WOW GROSS.'
'Shut up you douche.' Livvy laughed. 'Just be quiet Lilly, we didn't have sex.'
'Uh-huh, sex is bab, you know. You shoulbn't be habing--BERT HAS AIDS!' I yelled.
'Oh my, QUINN! Why did yo- Oh, Sonny. Hi.' I saw Livvy walk to my brother and didn't bother her.
'Hey, hey, HEY! Jeph.. Did you hear the bad stuff thing, BERT HAS A SEX-SEXMIT THINGY.'
'What, a dildo?' He laughed.
'No, a-a-a-AIDS!' I laughed and kissed him.

Livvy's POV

So I think 99% of the house was drunk. And here I was talking to Sonny, and Bert was nowhere to be seen. He's probably hit the keg.
'Hey, how do you like my par-tay?' Sonny asked.
'Well, it's quite nice Sonny. As long as you're enjoying yourself.' I laughed.
'As a matter of fact I am.' He smiled and then turned around to walk away and fell on the floor.
'Oh my--are you ok?' I asked between laughter while helping him up.
'I will be much better if you kiss me.' He smiled an evil smile.
'Well you'll have to settle with not so good then, I'm dating Bert now.'
'FINE, I'M LA-EVING YOU, I DON'T WANT TO BE WITH YOU.' He started crying, I realized that the crying was really laughter.
'Wow Sonny, ok you're drunk. I think you would slap yourself right about now if you weren't.' After I finished he walked away, leaving me in a crowd of unknown people not knowing what to do. I decided to explore the premises a bit, anything was better than standing next to a guy puking and a girl stripping. I passed through many crowds and had about 3 drinks spilled on me in the process. Now I smell like beer. I came up to the slider and looked out the window and noticed Bert standing there so I opened the door to go out there. When I got out there I saw the other half of the picture, Bert and Lilly making out. At first I wasn't sure what to do. Should I accidentally run into them? Or maybe walk through them?
'Ahem!' I said as I walked closer to them.
'Livvy, umm.' Bert started.
'What the hell are you doing? Wait, why are you kissing her again?' I asked, well pretty much yelled at him.
'Uh, I actually don't know.' He said looking away.
'You know she's drunk right? Are you drunk or something?' I asked him. I had a feeling he wasn't.
'Well, not exactly. I guess I knew she is drunk, but-'
'But, nothing. My god Bert why are you doing this?' He was really starting to upset me. Maybe I shouldn't have started dating him. I wouldn't be upset right now.
'I don't know. She asked me if I wanted to make out I guess.' He told me.
'And you said yes? Oh my god, nice way to start off our relationship Bert.'
'Livvy, it's a party. I didn't know she was serious until she kissed me, I'm sorry.' He explained.
'So that makes it alright? You're saying, you wouldn't mind if I went and kissed some other guy?' I asked.
'Well, I wouldn't like it very much, but I-'
'You don't fucking CARE?!' I started to yell, causing attention.
'I do care, I really do. I didn't mean to kiss her. It just happened, and I said I'm sorry, I don't know what else to say. Go ahead, kiss another guy, if it'll make you feel better, do it.'
'Bert, I don't WANT to kiss another guy. You could show me that you care. It's not that hard.'
'Ok, I will but I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. I've had a couple of drinks too. Are you mad at Lilly at all?'
'Lilly's drunk. I'm pretty sure she doesn't even know what she's doing.'
'Some drunk people do know what they're doing, and you don't know her that well, do you? Can we talk about this later on, I kind of want to enjoy the party.'
'Fine Bert, find me later.' I walked away. As I was walking away, I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Jeph.
'Are you alright Livvy?' He asked me.
'' I sighed.
'What happened? I heard you yelling.'
'Bert happened. He was..umm being stupid.'
'Well, spit it out. What did he do?' Jeph pushed.
'He kissed Lilly again.'
'Was he drunk?'
'No, but Lilly was, and he knew that too.' I tried not to cry. I looked around, anywhere but at Jeph. I didn't want him to be mad at Bert for some reason. I'm pretty sure he was going to be either way. Jeph was about to say something to me when Sonny walked up to us.
'Heyyy. Aww, Livvy what's the matter? You look so sad.' Sonny said sincerely.
'Well, I am sad I guess. Why?' I wondered.
'I was just curious.' He smiled. When he did that I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I couldn't think of anything to say at all.
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