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Chapter 33

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Livvy’s POV

Watching Lilly and Bert dirty dance was a bit intriguing. I looked over at Quinn and laughed a little.
‘Jealous?’ I wondered aloud as ‘Don’t Cha’ by PCD came on.
‘A bit.’ Quinn replied watching Lilly sing the song to Bert.
‘Of Bert or Lilly?’ I asked, watching them as well.
‘I don’t know, I’m just jealous, what about you?’ He asked.
‘Oh they’re having fun, lighten up. Unless you mean, you’d like to be dancing too?’ I laughed.
‘I kind of would.’ He said.
‘Aw, go break ‘em up Quinn. I’m no good dirty dancer.’ I smirked. After the song ended, they came over to us.
‘I’m thirsty.’ Lilly said grabbing her beer.
‘Me too.’ Bert said.
‘Have fun?’ I asked watching Lilly down her beer like it was nothing.
‘Yeah, I did.’ She replied.
‘Sure did.’ Bert smirked.
‘Quinn, are you going to dance with me now?’ Lilly asked him.
‘Oh I don’t know if I should now.’ He teased.
‘Oh come on.’ Lilly pleaded pulling him up off his seat.
‘Aw, babe, I was actually gonna go dance with Livvy.’ He told her as ‘Candy Shop’ by 50 Cent came on.
‘Fine. Come on Bert.’ She grabbed him by his shirt collar and brought him out onto the dance floor once again.
‘You’re not serious are you?’ I asked him grinning.
‘Yeah, I am.’ He smirked.
‘Oh my, I cannot dance Quinn.’ I started laughing as I stood up.
‘Let’s go.’ He laughed pulling me onto the dance floor next to Lilly and Bert. Quinn and I did our best at dirty dancing, and I wasn’t half bad. I watched Lilly grind up against Bert on the dance floor like she wanted to fuck him right there. I was about to do the same to Quinn, but that made me think of when I actually fucked him. A few seconds later the song ended and Quinn and I made our way back to the table when ‘Cyclone’ by Baby Bash started playing. Lilly and Bert were lost in the crowd. But, before I knew it, Lilly was next to me with a drink in her hand.
‘You have to try this, it’s so good.’ She said putting the drink in front of me.
‘Nah that’s cool Lilly.’ I declined as Bert sat next to Quinn.
‘Please, it cost me six bucks. You’ll love it. I promise.’ She inched the drink closer to me.
‘Damn Lilly, I’ll take a drink.’ I sighed picking up the glass and trying some.
‘You love it right? I know you do.’ She smiled at me.
‘It’s…alright I suppose.’ I decided.
‘Score for me bitch. Told you I could!’ Lilly exclaimed to Bert.
‘Could what?’ I asked her.
‘Nothing babe, have fun. Drink some more.’ Lilly told me.
‘No Lilly. You’re not getting me drunk.’ I laughed at the thought.
‘Uh-huh. We’ll see about that.’ She laughed at me. I looked at Bert for help.
‘Don’t look at me like that. I can’t do anything.’ He said laughing at me. I didn’t know why they were laughing until I set the glass down.
‘Damn it.’ I muttered. Lilly sipped some more of her beer before standing up.
‘Well, I’m going to dance some more. Who’s going to join me?’ She asked looking at Quinn.
‘I’m drinking babe!’ He protested.
‘Fine, I’ll dance with someone else!’ She exclaimed walking off to the dance floor.
‘Aw, you should’ve danced with her!’ I told him taking another drink.

An hour or so later.

We hadn’t really seen Lilly anywhere. I had an occasional chat with Quinn, but that was it. I could really feel the buzz from the alcohol.
‘Oh, Quinn! This is a good song, let’s dance!’ I said jumping up when ‘Magic Stick’ by Lil’ Kim came on.
‘Alright.’ He smirked pulling me on the dance floor a bit eagerly. It was a bit easier to dance dirty now that I was becoming drunk. I really did want to dance with Bert though, but I had no idea where he went. I thought for sure that Quinn was already drunk. I was grinding on Quinn pretty hard when I noticed Bert and Lilly doing the same a few feet away. I slowed my pace a bit when I realized Bert wasn’t wearing a shirt. I hadn’t consumed so much alcohol to where I couldn’t be jealous, because a part of me was. I hadn’t realized it, but I’d stopped dancing and was staring at Lilly and Bert.
‘You ok?’ Quinn yelled over the music.
‘Uhh, yeah I’m fine.’ I lied.
‘Ok, you wanna go sit?’ He asked.
‘Yeah that sounds good.’ I smiled and walked off the dance floor to our table with him. Quinn sat down and took a sip of my drink.
‘That is good.’ He said.
‘I know right!’ I agreed taking it from him and gulping some of it down. After a while, Lilly and Bert appeared at the table. ‘Long time no see!’
‘Guess so.’ Bert mumbled.
‘Seems like it’s been like, five minutes.’ Lilly laughed.
‘No Lilly.’ I laughed slightly, taking another drink.
‘Oh.’ She pondered.
‘I’m almost out.’ I burped, and looked into the empty cup. ‘I am out.’ I looked at Lilly, and she was whispering to Bert. I saw him hand her something then walk away.
‘What the hell was that about?’ I questioned pointing from where Bert was sitting to Lilly a few times.
‘I can’t tell you. It’s a secret.’ She put a finger to her mouth and made a shh noise. ‘He’s getting you another one.’
‘Oh ok.’ I smiled, satisfied with that answer.
‘So, you’re pretty much getting drunk then, huh?’ Lilly asked pointing her finger at me.
‘Am I? I guess.’ I replied looking at the drink Bert sat in front of me before taking a drink.
‘Lilly.’ Quinn started.
‘You’re mean, don’t talk.’ She said putting her hand up to his face.
‘Why am I mean?’ He asked.
‘You WOULDN’T dance with me.’ She whined.
‘You danced with Bert.’ I pointed out. ‘Looked like you were having a fun time.’ A part of me was mad about the two of them spending so much time together tonight but the alcohol was taking over.
‘Quinn could have gladly butted in. I would have grinded him all night.’ Lilly said looking at Quinn with a smirk.
‘I didn’t think you would have wanted me to interrupt. You looked pretty satisfied with Bert.’ Quinn told her.
‘What the fuck ever Quinn. I’m fucking leaving. You guys seem to be making a big deal out of this shit.’ Lilly said getting up and walking toward the door.
‘LILLY!’ I shouted, trying my best to run up to her. ‘Get your ass back here.’
‘No, fuck you all.’ She said and walked outside of the club.
‘Rude ass drunk…’ I mumbled shoving the door open and walking outside. ‘Lilly. What’s the big deal?’
She was finishing puking when I came out and asked her that, ‘I’m just pissed ok, and ready to leave. So, I’m out.’ She started wobbling down the street.
‘HEY!’ I ran after her. ‘I don’t think you have anything to mad about be. Lets go back to the club and get the guys. You can dance with Quinn then.’
‘You go in. I’m staying out here.’ She was set on staying outside, so I went back in. I made it back to our table to find both Quinn and Bert sitting there.
‘We gotta go. She’s mad, and puking.’ I explained slowly.
‘Livvy, she’ll be fine. I know.’ Quinn said.
‘No, no she won’t! Or at least the baby won’t!’ I accidentally let slip.
‘What baby? There is no babies.’ Quinn mumbled.
‘I didn’t say anything!’ I quickly said.
‘Yes, you did. I feel like dancing now though… Tell me on the dance floor.’ Quinn said slurring a few of his words.
‘B-but Bert. I wanted to dance with him.’ I murmured.
‘Don’t worry about it, we’ll have plenty of chances to dance. Have fun baby.’ Bert smiled at me.
‘Fine.’ I groaned. I felt obligated to dance with Quinn, so I followed him to the dance floor.
‘The way you were dancing earlier reminded me of something.’ Quinn said when we were dancing.
‘Uh…like?’ I asked him, really not remembering. Only a little.
‘You were trying to grind like what Lilly was doing to Bert, and it made me think of that night.’ Quinn mumbled.
‘Oh, now I remember. Why would you think of that?’ I asked him as we continued dancing.
‘I don’t know.’ He said.
‘You should really go see what’s wrong with her.’ I said like it was one word.
‘I know.’ He said leaving the dance floor to go see Lilly.

Quinn’s POV

‘Lilly?’ I asked a girl crouching by the side of the club.
‘What do you want?’ She asked.
‘Are you ok?’ I asked her while bending down to stand her up.
‘I’m going home.’ She told me after I stood her up. She started walking, but tripped on a crack in the sidewalk.
‘Lilly, let me at least get you a taxi.’ I told her while one stopped in front of us. She got in and slammed the door before I could say anything else. I decided to go back into the club and dance some more. When I was back in, I looked around for Livvy and found her sitting at the table alone.
‘Where’s Bert?’ I asked.
‘I dunno.’ She replied scanning the dance floor. ‘He might of left or maybe he’s in the bathroom.’ She shrugged.
‘I see, well, do you wanna dance some more?’ I wondered. She shook her head no. ‘Ok, you wanna leave?’
‘Yeah, lets catch a taxi and take the long way home.’ She winked. I laughed and felt something sexual coming. We walked out of the club and got in the next taxi home. As soon as we were in the taxi, she started taking off my clothes, and then hers.
‘Don’t make a mess in my cab.’ The taxi driver told us and continued driving.

Lilly’s POV

I woke up with a pounding headache, and Bert next to me in Quinn‘s room, ‘Why are you here?’ I asked him.
‘I don’t know.’ He said and stood up. I was afraid he was going to be naked, but surprisingly, he wasn’t. And neither was I. So that means we didn’t do anything. I was beyond happy about that. Now I needed to find Quinn, and get rid of this headache. I walked upstairs with Bert slowly following me, and went into the kitchen. Livvy was sleeping on the table, and Quinn was on the floor. I wondered what happened with them last night.
‘Quinn.’ I heard Bert say as he kicked him.
‘Mmm, huh?’ Quinn mumbled.
‘Get up! You’re in my walking space.’ Bert yelled kicking him again.
‘Nuhuh. Shut up.’ Quinn said waking up a bit more this time. I heard Hayden running into the room yelling for me.
‘What is it?’ I asked her quietly.
‘Daddy was with Aunt Livvy last night, they scared me, and I thought it was you.’ She cried as I picked her up.
‘What was daddy doing with Livvy?’ I asked her.
‘Kissing, that’s why I thought it was you mommy.’ She said through sobs.
‘Aw, it’s ok. You’re alright now, see.’ I smiled at her while hugging her. I looked down at Quinn and just kicked him. ‘Asshole.’ I muttered.
‘What did I do?’ He asked finally getting up off the floor.
‘Haha, what didn’t you do?’ I mumbled as he followed me toward the fridge with Hayden still in my arms.
‘Daddy’s mean.’ She told me.
‘I know. But, he didn’t mean to scare you last night.’ I assured her, ‘Here, go to him.’ I set her down and she ran up to him waiting to be picked up. He picked her up and continued to press the issue more.
‘What did I do this time Lilly?’ He asked me again taking something out of his pocket and putting it into his mouth.
‘You didn’t f- screw her again, did you?’ I asked him pointing to the unconscious Livvy spread out on the table.
‘Huh? I don’t know.’ Was all he thought to say before walking away from me. I walked over to Livvy and shook her awake.
‘Dude, what the hell?’ She asked me as she woke suddenly.
‘What did you two do last night?’ I asked her not expecting her to remember.
‘I, uh, honestly don’t know.’ She told me, ‘Sorry.’
‘I hope, really hope its not what I think happened.’ I sighed.
‘What do you think happened?’ She wondered.
‘Well, Hayden told me you two were making out last night, and I’m thinking you guys did more than that.’ I told her looking down at my feet.
‘Uh, I, umm, oh my.’ She whispered.
‘Yeah. But, I woke up next to Bert so yeah.’ I mentioned hoping she wouldn’t be mad at me.
‘Wow. You guys didn’t, did you?’
‘No, I’m positive on that one.’ I smiled.
‘Dude, I’m so sorry if we did.’ Livvy apologized.
‘Don’t worry about it.’ I said walking away from her toward the living room where Quinn entered.
‘Quinn…’ I sighed sitting on the couch next to him.
‘I’m sorry ok? I’m a fucking screw up.’ He put his head in his hands and sighed.
‘It’s ok. I’m not mad at you, we were all really messed up last night, that’s all.’ I reassured him. I didn’t want to get mad at him for this, especially when I was going to have another kid. ‘There’s something I need to tell you.’
‘Can it wait, I have a major headache?’ He muttered.
‘Quinn, it’s really important.’ I pleaded.
‘God damn it Lilly, can’t you wait.’ He yelled shoving me off the couch.
‘Fuck you Quinn!’ I shouted back at him and stormed off outside. I wasn’t sure if he was still drunk or not. I sat down on the front steps and began to cry. My back was starting to hurt from where he shoved me. I heard the front door open and Quinn came up to me.
‘I just have a bad headache and I don’t want to talk right now ok?’ He told me.
‘Go away.’ I mumbled in between sobs.
‘Lilly, I’m sorry.’ He sat down next to me and put his arm around me.
‘Quinn, I said go away!’ I yelled pushing his arm away and running back into the house.
‘Mommy, why are you crying?’ Hayden asked me when I sat back on the couch.
‘Nothing, I just hurt my back, that’s all.’ I lied.
‘Ok mommy.’ She smiled and turned toward the TV to watch Spongebob.

Livvy’s POV

After being woken up by Lilly, I got up and took a much needed shower. Bert had dozed back off to sleep in our room, so I went to find Lilly again. I felt horrible for possibly having sex with Quinn again. I wasn’t sure if I did or not, but I still felt bad about it. I went into the living room and saw Lilly crying on the sofa.
‘Hey, what’s up?’ I asked her as I sat down next to her.
‘Nothing.’ She muttered.
‘I was just curious. You know, I’m your friend, and you can talk to me.’ I smiled.
‘Yeah, I know.’ She sighed, ‘I tried to tell him that I was pregnant, but he didn’t want to hear it. He just shoved me off the couch and yelled at me. It really hurt.’
‘Geez that’s rude. I think you should try again. I can hide and make sure everything goes ok.’ I assured her. I didn’t want Quinn to get violent. It sounded like he had a mean hangover that was making him extra angry or something.
‘Ok.’ She sobbed and stood up, ‘Hayden, Livvy and I are going to talk to daddy, we’ll be right back.’
‘Ok mommy.’ She said not looking away from the TV. I followed Lilly outside and quickly jumped into the bushes before Quinn could notice me.
‘Quinn, there is something really important I need to talk to you about.’ Lilly began.
‘What now Lilly?’ His tone of voice seemingly angry.
‘I just wanted to tell you that I’m pregnant.’ She finally said.
‘What?! It’s not mine.’ He instantly said through clenched teeth. ‘Jeph’s right.’
‘No, why the hell would you say something like that?!’ She yelled at him.
‘Because you want to sleep with Jeph, I know you have. You two are going behind my back, aren’t you?’ He yelled back at her.
‘No, Quinn, I’m not like you. I don’t fucking cheat!’ Lilly yelled getting up in his face, ‘This is your damn child.’
‘Fuck no.’ He said grabbing her by her wrists.
‘Quinn, that hurts.’ Lilly whispered.
‘Oh really, you know it hurts me to know that you’ve been sleeping with Jeph.’ He told her, which she wasn’t. There was something truly wrong with Quinn right now.
‘Are you on fucking drugs Quinn?’ Lilly asked him with a pained look in her eyes.
‘NO!’ Quinn yelled and pushed Lilly down to the ground. I was scared to take Quinn on when I heard the front door open. Luckily Jeph came out and saved the day, well the situation.
‘Dude, Quinn, what the hell are you doing?’ Jeph asked him shocked to see Lilly on the ground and Quinn bent over her like he was going to hit her.
‘Nothing.’ Quinn muttered, stood up, and walked away from the house. I could see Lilly crying, so I ran over to her.
‘Are you ok?’ I asked her.
‘Fuck!’ She yelled, ‘Fuck you Quinn, I hate you!’
‘Lilly…’ Jeph said walking over to her. He put his hand on her face and tilted her head up so she was looking at him, ‘Are you alright?’
‘Jeph…’ She cried and pulled him into a hug. I was unsure of what I should do so I left and went back inside. I was worried about Lilly, but I knew Jeph would take care of things. I did wonder however, if Quinn was on drugs or something. He didn’t seem like himself at all. I began to worry. Instead of really doing any thing about it now, I went to my room to spend some time with Bert.
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