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This is how I disappear

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One day while off tour, MCR decided to IM each other...

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2010-06-28 - Updated: 2010-08-19 - 325 words

Can you figure out who's who? ;)

TaTtOo_MaN: Ya, so that's why my xbox broke =(

Sailor_Bob: o.O remind me to never disturb you when you're playing my xbox.

Cupcake_fairy signed on at 2:56 PM

TaTtOo_MaN: Hey dude

Sailor_Bob: What's up?

Cupcake_fairy: HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN MIKEY!?!? I can't find him anywhere!

TaTtOo_MaN: Sorry dude, haven't seen him since yesterday.

Sailor_Bob: Same here

Afro-Man signed on at 2:58 PM

Cupcake-fairy: Ray! Have you seen Mikey!?

Afro-Man; sorry man. I was talking to him this morning, but he was at your house at the time.

Cupcake_fairy: ah shit!

TaTtOo_MaN: don't worry Gee. He can't be too far away. I mean, it's Mikey. What kind of
trouble can he get into?

Sailor_Bob: idk's Mikey. Remember that time at Disneyworld?

Afro-Man: and Sea World...

Sailor_Bob: ...and the park...

TaTtOo_MaN: oh yea...dumbass

Cupcake_fairy: guys, not helping! If I don't find him, I'm in deep shit! I'll be back, I'm gonna go look for him again.

Afro-Man: kay

Sailor_Bob: Do you think Mikey is really missing? He does know his way around Jersey. He can't get lost...

TaTtOo_MaN: He can get lost at the Mall. Imagine what can happen in a city!

Afro-Man: I hope Gerard finds him. He's really worried.

Sailor_Bob: yea, I've never seen him so worked up about anything like this before.

TaTtOo_MaN: yea.

Cupcake_fairy: GAH! I can't find him! You know what, I'm gonna go and search for him around the city!

Cupcake_fairy signed off at 3:15 PM

ILoveUnicorns! signed on at 3:16 PM

ILoveUnicorns!: Hey guys!


Sailor_Bob: MIKEY!?

Afro-Man: MIKEY!?

ILoveUnicorns!: What?

Afro-Man: Where have you been!? Gerard's looking for you!

ILoveUnicorns!: I know.

TaTtOo_MaN: What!?

ILoveUnicorns!: Gerard sucks at hide n' seek!

Afro-Man signed off at 3:20 PM

Sailor_Bob signed off at 3:20 PM

TaTtOo_MaN signed off at 3:20 PM.

ILoveUnicorns!: Guys?
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