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Movie Night

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Movie Night

“…What is it with you and these lame movies?”

Tina turned and fixed a steely gaze on her husband, as she put the DVD into the BluRay player. “I’ll have you know that Titanic is a fantastic movie, and an epic love story,” she replied.

“In short, lame,” Patrick retorted, from his spot on the sofa.

“Says the man who loved A Walk to Remember,” Tina shot back, before shoving his feet off the coffee table. “Feet off the table, Mitchell!”

Patrick rolled his eyes, but ignored her, and put his feet back in their previous position, before continuing his argument. “I distinctly remember trying in vain to get you to forget the movie and have hot steamy sex.”

“And yet you bawled like a baby when you found out Jamie died.”

“...I did no such things, my eyes were watering.”

“You’re such a bad liar.”

“Don’t make me sit through this,” Patrick whined.

“Be nice, or we sit through The Notebook.”

Patrick’s jaw dropped, and he went a shade paler than normal.

“You wouldn’t DARE.”

Tina’s eyes narrowed.

“Wouldn’t I? If you’re a good boy, we’ll watch Queen of the Damned after.”

Patrick’s eyes lit up, then his face fell.

“You get to see two movies you like.”

“I thought you liked Queen of the Damned.”

“I do! If I sit through this for you…can we watch Queen of the Damned AND Texas Chainsaw Massacre?”

Tina rolled her eyes, sighing, and smiling.

“Fine, it’s a deal.”

Patrick pulled her down onto the sofa next to him, kissing her soundly, and wrapping his arms tightly around her.

“I love a woman who can compromise.”

“Hey, I get perks out of the deal. I get to hide my face in your t-shirt when it gets too scary.”
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