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a new life

by CrimsonFlowers 1 review

I'm gonna put all the poems I write from now on together, because i've got so many already. Read, review and enjoy :]

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I don't think anymore,
the world is such a bore.
Sometimes I forget why I'm here,
Then I really wish I had something like beer.
I don't even feel my heart.
Me and the rest of the world... well were forever apart.
Maybe I'd feel better if I was fully aware,
but well, I'm hybernating like a bear.
Life is a game,
So lets roll the dice and see your new name,
I think I lost my concious,
when this world began crushing my emotions.
But you know what?
It's cool because I live off revenge,
So just like how you fucked me over,
I'm gonna crush you too.

(it makes sense to me, so if it doesn't to you, then I'm sorry that kinda sucks.)
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