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In Love With All Of These Vampires

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"Are you guys SURE you have to leave now??" I whined making my best puppy dog eyes at them.
"Im sorry Rose but I have to. My sister only has a birthday once a year!!" Marie said gathering her handbag.
"Yeah and I really really need this job Rose. This is my last chance I have to take this audition!!" Lisa mumbled wrapping her scarf around her neck.
"And anyway don't you WANT to be alone with Mr.Stary over there?" She added winking at me. I tried fixing her with one of my award-winning death glares but I just started cracking up at the corny nickname.
"Well, good luck baby" Marie said getting up and kissing me on the cheek.
"Don't do anything wouldn't do kiddo" Lisa giggled ruffling my hair as she followed. I growled and smoothed it back down quickly. I got up and took my coffee cup back to the counter for a refill, struggling to keep my eyes from wandering over to the pale figure in the corner.
"Same again?" The coffee girl Becky asked me. I nodded. I was a regular here. Someone came up behind me and coughed lightly. My eyes widened and my heart started pounding. I turned quickly and one look at those brilliant green eyes knocked the breath outta me.
"Ummm..hi" He said in a whisper-like voice.
"H...hi" I replied in an equally quiet tone.
"Im Frank" He said holding out a snowy hand. I swallowed.
"Rose" I replied shaking it. His hands felt as cold as they looked and I flinched at the feel of them..
"Sorry" He said, pale pink circles appearing on his cheeks. I felt my own cheeks darken in return.
" don't be I.." I trailed off and felt my cheeks turn positively scarlet. He giggled nervously and flicked his long hair out of his face.
"Your coffee's ready" Becky said behind me. "That'll be $3.50"
"Oh..."I fumbled in my purse for the money. Frank covered my hand with his.
"No..let me get it" He said kindly, his eyes looking into mine.
"Oh no really you don't have to!!" I cried but he shook his head.
"I want to" He insisted and handed the money to Becky behind me. Becky smiled and winked at me when Frank looked down. I giggled and she handed him back his change.
Frank walked me back to my table but when I sat down he stood there hovering awkwardly next to me.
"Sit down" I said gesturing to the seat opposite me. He slid down and rested his elbows on the table, his chin on his hands and proceeded to sit there silently and watch me with a small grin on his lips. I don't need to tell you how weird I felt.
"What?" I asked shifting uncomfortably. Frank's smile widened.
"Nothing. I just like watching you. You're..interesting" He said softly. I frowned.
"Interesting? Is that a bad thing?" I asked unsurely. His eyes widened.
"Oh no it's not!! You're different from other girls. You..move differently. You're like your own person. All the other girls round here are all the same usual skanky type. But you're not...And you're also beautiful" He said. I blushed so hard I swore my head was about to explode. I tried to get out the words to compliment him back, his glittery green eyes, his soft pale lips, his long black, shaggy hair, his tall physique, his pale skin, ANYTHING! But the words wouldnt come so I sat there opening and shutting my mouth like a goldfish. He didnt laugh or give me any weird looks, he just flashed me another smile. My brain finally came out of a daze.
"Umm..tell me about yourself Frank" I said.
Basically, our conversation when on from that. The dreamy way his lips moved when he talked looked, and sounded like he was singing the lyrics to a song, or reciting some poetry. His eyes lit up when he talked in his descriptive way and he told the most amazing stories. He was funny, charming, kind, friendly..just completely amazing.
I knew I'd never felt this way about someone before.
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