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Knifes make me happy

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set durind the day of black sun, Mai's veiw of events. 100% Maiko

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Mai rushed along the corridor of the underground bunker on the tail of the Avatar, the blind girl and the warrior with the ponytail and boomerang. How often she had done this made her sigh.
What was the point?
That earth bending blind girl was annoying her now. The blind girl was sending shards of metal at her. That was enough to slow Mai down. But only a little bit.
Metal bending? How does she do that?
A hint of a smile played at her lips. She liked the earth bender.
"Kill them Mai! But not the Avatar! KILL THEM!"
Azula's deranged shriek echoed off the walls.
Azula is acting stranger than normal. Well it is the day of black sun after all.
Mai sighed, she was very good at this, and raised her hand to show that she got the message.
I don’t want to kill them. I don’t kill.
Azula shrieked again.
Sometimes I hate being faster then Ty Lee and Azula I have to do all the dirty work because I’ll always be there first.
A stiletto knife slid into Mai’s right hand. She had perfected this skill at thirteen out of sheer boredom by throwing her knives at the wall.
Why should I throw it?
The water warrior then turned and threw his boomerang at Mai. She expertly ducked and dodged as the boomerang flew back.
How DARE he try to beat me at my own game.
Anger flared up inside her but she managed to hide it behind her normally expressionless face. Mai threw her knife. The knife would have made it’s mark had it not been stopped by the wall of earth that rose up. Mai swiftly vaulted over and continued the chase.
I will just take out ponytail warrior, he can go to prison with his girlfriend. I’ll let the blind girl escape. I have no quarrel with her. The Avatar is Azula’s.
Mai sighed and veered off to a different passage to reach the exit faster while Azula and Ty Lee kept following the Avatar.
Down the corridor Mai ran faster and faster.
I wish I could runaway from everything. Expecially Azula. She's changed.
Then Mai was tumbling over and over. She landed with Zuko's face inches from her own.
"Zuko," she said warmly, "get off me!"
Zuko lept up off her.
"So..sorry Mai."
Mai smiled.
"It's okay."
Zuko held his hand out to help her up. Mai took it.
Zuko is disstracted there is something on his mind.
Mai leaned in and kissed him lightly. Zuko kissed her back at first but then stopped.
" I can't." Zuko paused. "I have to go."
Zuko turned and continued his sprint down the corridor.
"Bye Zuko, I love you."
The last bit was spoken in an unintelligable whisper.
What's going on with us?
Mai began running again quickly picking up speed.Only one thing was going through her head.


Mai finaly reached the exit, just in time to see the earthbending blind girl seal the exit.
Crapp! Azula's going to kill me.
Mai sat down against the wall and began thinking about what Azula would do to her.
She will burn me. Possibly. Or she will forgive me. Unlikely.
After what seemed like an age, Ty Lee finally rounded the corner.
"Mai! You didn't get them did you?"
Ty Lee's big brown eyes were filled with concern.
"Azula's going to kill you! I don't want you to die!"
"I am going to kill who?"
Azula's cold voice echoed around the corridor.
Mai and Ty Lee remained silent.
"I asked you a question. Are you going to answer me?"
"You are going to kill me because the Avatar escaped."
Mai whispered in her flat monotone voice.
"No I'm not. I'm not going to kill you because you are a valuble pawn in the game I'm playing."
Azula responded in her cold calculating voice.
This is a game to her?
"But there is still a question of you're lateness. Why weren't you here sooner? I did the math you should have been here before THEM!"
Azula screeched.
"I ran into Zuko."
Mai confessed.
"Is Zuko more importent then catching the Avatar?"
Azula questioned, a cold look in her eyes.
"No, the Avatar is more importent."
Mai lied.
"Good both of you are dissmissed."
Azula said a frown still evident on her lips.
Mai and Ty lee bowed and left.


After about five minuetes Ty Lee couldn't contain herself anymore.
"So what did you and Zuko talk about that took soooo long?"
"Is it really any of your buisness?"
Mai asked in response.
"C'mon we used to tell eachother everything!"
"Yes. When we were twelve."
"Please Mai!"
"I fell down, he helped me up simple as."
Mai confessed.
"Zuko really makes you happy, doesn't he?"
Ty Lee asked.
"Yes he does."
"Does anything else make you really happy?"
Ty Lee pressed.
"Well........ knives make me happy I suppose."
Mai answered.
Ty Lee dissolved in a fit of giggles and Mai induldged in a rare smile.
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