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Chapter 3: The takeover begins!

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Chapter 3 : The takeover begins !

Luke is in his room . He takes his shirt off . There is tremendous amounts of scars all over his chest and back . Some scars extend from one side of his body to the other , so go from left arm to right arm , and some go from his neck to his legs .
Luke runs a finger down one of the scars . It begins burn . Luke begins to cry and hangs his head low . "Why did you do it dad ? Why ? " Luke mumbles to himself . Aaron walks into Luke's room . Luke wipes the tears off and pulls his shirt back over the scars . " It's been over a year since you checked how many soldiers you got sir ! " Aaron announced to Luke . "Oh that's right ! Can you tell me how many do i have now ? " Luke asked . Aaron nods and walks away .
Luke walks to the bathroom and looks in the mirror . He takes out a black comb full of hair and begins to comb his hair . Then he takes out a rubber band and makes a ponytail from his hair . Aaron comes back with a list in his hand .
"Well , how many soldiers do we have ? " Luke asked. "Sir we got half a million soldiers ! " Aaron replies back . "That's good ! Hope that's enough for a defensive army ! " Luke said .

In hell : Devil and marik are in a middle of a conversation . "...Get yourself prepared ! I will prepare the army for you ! " devil finishes . Marik nods , then he bows , turns around and walks away closing the door behind him . Devil turns around in his chair and stares down the window : There are demons in all colors with horns and long tongues with dark hair and red bodies , getting their body and head armor , getting weapons , and entering these twice as huge as traveling planes , but looked like it was alive . Inside the plane the demons were taking some long wires and the wires seemed to give them food into their stomachs . Devil stands up .
The demon army becomes still and looks up where the devil is . " My dear demons , you were created from my body to serve me and die . Now it's our turn to control earth and make these puny humans our slaves ! Nobody will stop us ! Their army and weapons are puny to our superior cannons and live demon-planes your entering in ! Let the takeover begin ! " devil shouts. The demons let out these sounds so horrible that it would make humans immune to it , die .
As the devil was doing that , marik was walking in the dark hallway that was leading from the devils room , when he stops . "So, the big five don't trust me anymore , right Krum ? " marik asked . A shadow pops out of the ground and krum appears .
"Your actions are weird these days ! I have a few questions to ask you before you leave ! " krum said . " Better ask quick ! " marik said impatiently. "Why are you acting like this ? What is wrong ? Is your blood doing this to you ? Is it revenge or is it greed ? " krum asked . Marik laughs evily . Krum begins to get mad . "Krum krum krum all of the questions you asked me is yes ! But this is not the time to begin ! I'll see you later ! " marik replies . He opens the door to the outside and closes the door on krum . Krum goes back into the shadows and disappears.
Devil laughs in his room when krum appears in front of devils desk . "What's up ? " devil asked . "Sir , I've just learned a horrible truth about marik ! " krum replies back . "What is it ? " devil asks . "He wants his revenge for what you did and it's his blood that is doing it to him ! " krum replies back fast . "Don't worry krum , we'll keep an eye up on him . " devil replies calmly . He turns around and he looks at the 5 demon-planes flying away with a million demons .
In earth : Luke is sitting in his living room in a comfy couch . He yawns as he flips through channels on the television . "Boring , boring , boring , rerun , rerun , boring ...hey the news ! " Luke says it excitingly . There is a huge flash of light outside of lukes house . Then huge shadows suddenly appear . "Damn another storm ! " Luke yells . Then a deafening sound reaches Luke ears from the outside . "What the fuck is that ? " he shouts over the noise as he tries to run to the nearest window .
The earth begins to shake . Luke slams the door open and runs outside . "Oh my fucking god ! We are being attacked by aliens ! " Luke shouts . He runs back inside . " Aaron ! " Luke shouts. Aaron runs into the living room. "What is it sir ? " Aaron shouts back . "Get the soldiers ready ! The aliens came for a visit ! " Luke shouts . The deafening sound stops and Luke takes a long breath .
He runs to the TV. And watches the news . "Aliens have arrived ! " the reporter said shakily . "Do you know why they are here ? " The newswoman asked . "I don't know ! Oh my god , they are coming out of their ships ! It looks like - " the reporter stops as he and the camera man get shot on live TV . then the camera goes off . "Ladies and gentleman that are watching this , we are being under attack by aliens ! We advise you to stay inside ! " the newswoman ordered .
Luke turns the television off . He puts on a blue looking armor and he takes out a huge box . In it is a shotgun and AK47 and a heavy looking kodachi swords . He takes them all out and takes every bullet he found in the box . Then he opens up a drawer and takes out a weird looking black remote controller with a antenna . He runs to the back door of his house . There is a burned down house in the back yard but there is a one acre space full of grass . He presses the button of the controller and the grass opens up . Then he runs back inside . Aaron is awaiting him . "They are all ready sir ! " he reports to Luke . "That's great ! Are they getting ready to fly ? " Luke asked . "Yes sir , They are ready to deport sir ! " Aaron replies back . "Excellent ! Let the battle begin ! " Luke shouts .
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