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2nd Last Chapter :(

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OMFG Last chapter. Might be in 2 parts. We'll see how it goes. xD

Lilli-anna's P.O.V

I started getting ready to go out. If I am now officially evil I may as well look bad-ass. I looked through the now put back together wardrobe, knowing exactly what to look for. I pulled out my tightest pair of pure black skinny jeans. I had to breathe in to get them done up. Next was something I'd had for years. It was a black corset with long lace sleeves and a spiky black lace collar. Very vampire's bride, which I used to be. I slid a silver dagger into my knee-high calf tight boots. Just in-case. A pistol strapped to my thigh and I was ready to go. Not that I would actually need any of these...

Frank's P.O.V

I peered in Lilli's room to see her pulling off her top and begin lacing up her corset. My eyes bugged slightly before I slammed the door shut.
"Sorry Gerard" I whispered looking up worridly at the flaking ceiling. A cold wind blew down the corridor.
"Oh come on, it was an accident. You know I have Rachel" I gave my best glare now. It was so creepy though, I felt like someone was watching me. My eyes flickered downwards to straight in-front of me and there was Lilli-anna. She shook her head and gave a small sad smile before side-stepping around me.
I ran after her, trying to catch up. She was sitting at the bar knocking back shots of pure virgin blood, its supposidly better for you but I think it's all the same really. She licked the remainders off her fangs before getting up to leave. I knew her dark side had taken over. Gerard told me about it but I'm sorry to say I never believed him.
"They're coming Frankie" a twisted smirk came over her lips. "It can't be here...too many people" She sighed before getting up.
"See ya around Frankie." A manic laugh escaped her lips. "If I ever survive" I grabbed her shoulder stopping her from moving.
"I'm coming with with you" Lilli didn't turn around.
"The hell you are" her voice came out as a hiss but she never turned around.
"I am not letting you do this yourself" I replied as calmly as I could not wanting to get drawn into her anger.
"It's suicidal and you have Rachel. Hell-No"
"I'm not asking" The anger was slowly beginning to rise inside me.
"Neither am I" I could practically see the smirk twist her lips again.
"We're coming too" pipped up a small voice from behind us. I spun around to see Mikey and Rachel.
"What?! No! This is getting fucking ridiculous" Lilli gave a snort from behind me.
"Why not?" pouted Mikey. He was so like his brother sometimes it was scary.
"Because first Rachel is pregnant! and secondly you're not strong enough Mikey. They will snap you in half. I promised I'd look after you" Mikey nodded sadly and hugged Rachel.
"What the fuck Frank?! You think I'm going to let you go get yourself killed?! You are fucking insane! I love you and I am going with you. And that is fucking that"
"Well you're all wrong because I am going by myself" Lilli-anna was facing us all now, she looked completely bored with our argument.
"Fuck no, have you lost your mar-"
"-Don't shout at her just becau-"
"-I want to go too, ple-"
"-No Mikey you aren't going an-"
"-Oh come on like I need any-"
"-Don't take that tone wi-"
"Would everyone just please SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!"

Georgia had now entered our argument. For a small vampire she was pretty fucking scary. She smiled sweetly before jumping up to sit on the bar. Ray was watching with intrest. This place was shut, did he ever go home?
"Lilli and I will go ourseleves. Frankie you have to stay here and look after Rachel. I know this kid has got you fucked up" Rachel froze behind me, I could hear her breathing change, she was going to cry. "But it is still the woman you love. You put everyone in danger when you stalked her for like a whole year. You even killed off some people because they...what was it...bumped into her?...Now stop being a dick and hurry up and realise that your gonna be there no matter what. Rach is going through a lot right now, she'll tell you in her own time" Before Rach could even burst into the tears I knew were coming, I tunred around and scouped her up. Her arms locked around me neck from the sudden movement.
"I'm sorry" I whispered. I couldn't look at her, I was soashamed of my behaviour towards her.
"Don't be" She unhooked one of her arms to wipe away the tears before locking it around my neck again.

Lilli-anna's P.O.V

"I am going myself" My voice was quavering, fighting off a growl. Georgia sighed and turned around to face me. Her eyes shifted from amber to feline and then back again.
"As if...besides maybe it'd be better if everyone went. Oh oh oh like in 'Lilo and Stitch'. 'Ohana means family. Family means-"
"-No-one gets left behind" Mikey finsihed, grinning happily for knowing the rest of it.
"You mean to say we're family?" Rachel looked about at everyone in slight disbelief.
"You're with Frankie. That makes you family cupcake"
"I do so love it when a plan comes together" Frank fake gushed.

Eugh, I've had enough of all this smooshy crap.
"Enough!" I snapped. "You can all bloody come and get yourselves killed if you stop the smooshy crap. Mikey, you look after Rachel as though...she was yourself got it?! Nothing touches her" Mikey nodded before pulling the scariest face he could. If I wasn't evil I would have almost laughedat that, almost.
"Can we um...not leave her with Mikey?" Frank looked at no-one in particular when he asked.
"What does it matter, we're all going to die anyway?"
"Hey! I'll take good care of her, you won't even know there was a fight or anything" Mikey looked at me pleadingly.
"I'll do it" Everyone looked at Ray, who had suddenly decided to join in our conversation. He looked aort of embarassed.
"Fine" I agreed. "Anything happens to her I will rip you to bits, slowly. Got it?" Ray nodded slowly.
"Wait a minute! Does no-one care why he wants to come with us?" Everyone shrugged and Frank backed down, still carrying Rachel. He huffed slightly.
"Fine but I swear if anything happens to her..." Frank's voice trailed off dangerously. Now this was more like it!
"I swear Master Iero, nothing will happen to her. I will guard her with my life" Frank gave a kurt nod.
"You sure you still want to come? I completely understand if you d-" Frank was cut off by Rachel pulling their lips together. Tears pricked my eyes but I quickly blinked them away. Now was not the time to be weak.

Myrnin had snuck in at some point and swore his loyalty to us, or well more Georgia. So long as he could nibble some people then he was happy.

So here we were the motley crew or 'ohana'. The nice in me was deeply touched by this but on the outside I couldfeel the grimace tugging at my lips.

A bar tender, a midget, a pregnant human, a white tiger, a physcopath, someone with the mind of a child and then me; all going to die for revenge and for Gerard.

I examined my right hand, flexing my fingers and feeling the electricity flow around them. It was like a blue aura around them that no-one else could see. Oh yes, this was certainly going to be inresting.

[*Okay, next chapter is definatly the last one :'( I've loved every moment of it and I hope you have to. Not bad for something that started as a way to pass time. Lol. I love you guys so much. Especially Gee, she is my baby! ^_^
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