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Chapter 11: 2 options

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Chapter 11 : Two options : Be a slave or die

In hell : Samantha is on her knees in front of devil . "You have failed to get the millennium chain ! I should punish you for it ! " Devil said . The door opens and Noah walks in with the masked person in his arms . "Sir , i caught him trying to free his family ! What should i do with him ? " he asked . Devil looks at Samantha then the boy in the mask . " Well , they are brother and sister , so which means he was trying to free their parents while she was here ! For their punishments , kill two of their family members . " devil orders . "NO ! Don't kill them please ! " Samantha begs . Noah disappears while he left Samantha brother on the floor . Devil takes out a shoot gun turns around to face Samantha and shoots .

At lukes house : Luke finally awakens . Hero pops out of nowhere . "I just felt something evil ! " he said . Luke stands up and stretches . Then he looks at the time . " Fuck ! I'm late for school again ! " he shouts . "Hey , are you , listening to me ! " hero shouts . "Yeah i hear you ! What you want me to do with it ! You felt evil , big deal ! Now if you excuse me I'm late for school ! " Luke said . He quickly dresses for school and runs to the door . He opens the door and sees Samantha on the floor .

"Forget school now ! " Luke said . Samantha stands up . "Please Luke ! You got to help me ! Devil has captured me and is killing off my family ! Please i beg you to come here and rescue me ! " She said and disappears in front of Luke . Luke shuts the door in his face and hangs his head low . "Now what are you going to do ? " hero asks . "It sounds like a trap ! " Aaron said . Luke jumps and turns around to see Aaron standing behind him with a wet plates in his hands . "What should i do ? " Luke asked . Aaron puts the plates on the table . "Well you do like her sir , and right now your body temperature has risen up cause i said that ! " Aaron said . Luke begins to blush .

In hell : Samantha is in a cage hanging in the air by a rope . She looks up and begins to cry . " Luke , please hurry ! " she mumbles .
Few weeks ago : Samantha is watching the first battle between lukes army and devils army . Next to her is her brother who is around her age and has the same hair and eyes as her . They are both scared . Two of the demon-soldiers run at them and grab them then disappear .
When they both woken up they were in the devils office . The two demon-soldiers were already gone . The devil stands up from his chair and walks up to them . Samantha and her brother are both shaking in fear . "Stand up ! " devil said . They both stand up still shaking . " So , you must be called Samantha and charlie ! We have captured your family ! So here are your options : Live and be my slaves or die with your family ! " He said .
Back to the present : Samantha has her head on her knees now still crying . Then she closes her eyes as she hears the demons eating two of her family members .

Inside lukes underground base : Luke unrolls maps of hell . " As you can see , we will need a lot of soldiers for this ! Hell is very huge . There is water surrounding it for some reason . There is also and entrance to hell where they have came from . Our spies indicate that devil has soldiers coming here . They also say that he took the central city that was close to hell ! Our mission is this : Try to get the central city , defeat this soldiers and rescue Samantha and her family ! " Luke orders . Captain b nods and leaves the room .
"What should i do ? " hero asked . "Go to heaven and ask god if he can make you a body so you can help me ! " Luke said . Hero disappears when Aaron just entered the room . "Sir we only have fifty thousand soldiers and killer machines ! " he said . "What about our new creations ? " Luke asked . "Well , we only made twenty thousand of them sir ! " Aaron replied . "Good we'll take them with us ! " Luke said . Aaron nods and leaves the room . Luke looks up at the ceiling . "Samantha , hang in there ! " He mumbles .
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