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Chapter 19 : End-game

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Chapter 19 : End-game
Luke's life points : twenty thousand . Jesus s life points : twenty-six thousand . Luke draws a card . "'Time wizard ' fuse together with 'Baby dragon ' to create 'Thousand dragon ' ! Then i activate a magic card called 'Pot of avarice ' ! I take five monster cards from my graveyard into my deck , shuffle it , then draw two cards . Then i activate another magic card called 'Enemy controller ' ! I can control one monster from your side for one turn ! 'Gazelle' attacks your 'Horseman' . Then my 'Winged dragon ' attacks your face-down monster ! " Luke yells . "I activate its effect ! I t destroys one monster on the field ! I destroy your 'thousand dragon ' ! "Jesus said . "My turn ends ! " Luke said . Jesus draws a card . "I activate 'Mystical space typhoon' to destroy 'mountains ' . Then i activate another magic card called fissure to destroy your 'winged dragon ' ! "Jesus said . "Activate a trap called 'Spell shield type-8 ' to destroy your fissure ."Luke said aggressively . "Then y 'gazelle ' attacks your 'dragon' ! I end my turn " Jesus said . Luke's life points : Twelve thousand . Jesus life points : Twenty-four thousand . Luke draws a card . "I play one card face-down . Then i play 'harpy lady ' in defense mode ! End turn . "Luke said . Jesus draws a card . "I play one card face down and i play 'Giant rat ' in attack mode . 'Gazelle ' attacks your 'harpy lady ' and my 'giant rat ' attacks your face-down monster ! " Jesus said . "You have just lost yourself six hundred points and a monster . "Luke said . Luke draws three cards . "I activate a trap card ' reinforcements ' to boost up my dragons attack my five hundred . Then i activate another trap card called 'Burst breath ' Which destroys all monsters with defense that is equal to or lower that my monsters attack . My turn ends "Luke said .
Jesus draws a card . "It was a good game Luke , now i activate a magic card called ' ookazi ' which you loose eight hundred points . Then my 'gazelle ' attacks your dragon . Then i play 'bladefly' in attack mode and you loose ."Jesus said . The cards and the table disappear. "Congratulations Luke , you have past the test ! "Jesus said . Luke blinks . "What?"He said . "You passed ! You will walk the road to the light side after your training and when you get back on earth ! " Jesus said .
"When does my training start ? " Luke asked . "As soon as Hero is done training and back on earth , but right now the both of us should get some rest . It's almost midnight ! " Jesus said . "Whoa , we dueled for six straight hours ? " Luke asked . Jesus laughs and says "Yeah ! Times flies when you're having fun huh ? "

Back on earth : Near the devils unfinished castle : Marik jumps up on the nearest peak of a tree . "It's time for me to settle the score with him ! " He said in his mind . He jumps down , landing on the floor , and dashes inside the castle grounds heading straight for the devils office .
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