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Maria, Count Me Out.

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Maria refused to answer the door, she was more than surprised to hear some sort of communication when it had been barely a day since he had looked less than guilty. Unfortunately she forgot she lent him the door key last week as he wanted to try “living together” for a trial period. She could hear Alex wait and count to ten before letting himself in, at least he was taking her feelings in to consideration for that long.
Footsteps could be heard clambering up the stairs, he obviously knew by heart now where she could be found at nine o’clock at night. He knocked slightly then waited for some sort of response.
“Come in” Maria said out loud, waiting for his face to appear from the door way.
The door opened and Alex shuffled in looking at anything but Maria’s face. She waited a few moments before she demanded some sort of excuse to why he was here. She wasn’t ready yet, she had taught herself the routine to take two days before she was okay with him again.

“Maria, babe I have something to say to you” he whispered.
“Why haven’t you been answering your phone?” he continued.
“Alex, why are you here? This is unlike you on so many levels, I haven’t answered my phone because I already know what your going to say, I don’t want to hear it its as if your recording the same apology over and over again” I answered him, watch him shuffle from foot to foot.

He was nervous, Maria had never seen him look this nervous in years and that was only once, when he asked her to accompany him on a date. He seemed to be arguing with himself, she didn’t like this it made her feel uncomfortable and unsure.

“Maria I have something important that could potentially affect us both” he said.
“What is it Alex? Another tour? That not really something you would bother telling me about before, but go ahead what is it?” Maria spat.

There was nothing but silence as Maria waited for him to explain.

But there came the three words that shook Maria’s world to the core.
“Maria, Stacey’s pregnant”.
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